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Kim, Kanye SUE

How DARE You Leak Our Proposal Video!

10/31/2013 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West think private events at major baseball stadiums should stay private ... and that's why they're suing the guy who allegedly leaked Kanye's precious, private proposal to a video-sharing site.

In the lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... their lawyer, Eric George, trashes Chad Hurley, the guy who co-founded YouTube and sold it to Google for $1.65 billion.   Kim and Kanye claim Hurley is the one who schemed to post the video on his new Internet venture, MixBit.

K & K go for the jugular, saying Hurley was desperate to find a "second act," after 2 flops following his YouTube sale.  In the lawsuit, Kim and Kanye claim Hurley wasn't even invited to AT&T Park in San Fran but manipulated his way in. 

Kim and Kanye say they let him stay, but only after he signed a confidentiality agreement.  And get this ... they even got him to take a pic holding the signed confidentiality agreement, which is attached to the lawsuit (below).

The couple say, "Hurley proceeded to try to turn the event into one starring himself, broadcasting the images he knew were the exclusive property rights of someone else."

Specifically, Kim and Kanye say he posted Kanye's engagement proposal on MixBit and tweeted it to nearly a million followers.  He then had the audacity to issue a press release, touting his video trophy.

Kim and Kanye are suing for unspecified damages ... including punitives.  Even though Kim and Kanye don't say how much the video was worth, they mention it was destined for MC Cable Television, which is an arm of Bunim/Murray and E!, which produces and broadcasts "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."



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Seriously? When the two of you are done crying about your first world problems you should remember to send a shout out to all those people who were unlucky enough to be born in Somalia....

264 days ago


I really really hope they lose that court case

264 days ago


She is such a f*ckin b*tch honestly, she is just looking for them to settle for a dollar. She is just mad she didn't get to show it first on her dumba*ss lying sh*t show. All of them knew about this sh*t before hand, it was all planned and she is full of sh*t in my opinion. She deserves to rot in hell for the way she f**ckin treats people.

264 days ago


You just knew that this whole thing was staged for the Reality Show...They should film AT&T Park being fumigated...

264 days ago


i didnt watch the video,and wont watch it on their show. i have seen so much of the whole family, to last a lifetime. they are not interesting people, just cant help but see them on tmz. they would both lose money if they depended on me being interested, in their show or products. just cant fight the urge to comment, on some of their stories.

264 days ago


Do they really expect anyone to believe they want what they do to remain private? Thank god the clock is counting down on their 15 minutes of fame. These people need to fade into the woodwork.

264 days ago


I would take this one to a Jury Kim and Kayne might be as hated as the Jackson family and walk out with nothing.

264 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...who the heck would EVER think a stadium would be secure from all this bull****......gez.....Lmao.....just another way for the gypsies too make money...BArf...good luck with this one..dummies

264 days ago


Kim do us all a favor and go away. This was not about privacy but about you losing dollars. Get real we're on to you and your scandalous money grubbing ways. Kanye you better run you see how greasy they are with Lamar.

264 days ago


She's a fat ass...

264 days ago


And you're going to tell me Kim didn't know all about the setup proposal? LOL Pulease!!! Even Kanye finally admitted on a radio show last week when asked "Did Kim know anything about it?" His response "Kim knows everything" It was a total setup!

264 days ago


Didn't they have the baby - outta wedlock - why now that they are engaged does this matter? Thwy're trash.

264 days ago


Whatever. I'm kind of glad he ruined it lol.

264 days ago


Please enough of these useless, egotistical people!!!!!

264 days ago


"Hurley proceeded to try to turn the event into one starring himself, broadcasting the images he knew were the exclusive property rights of someone else."

seems like it wasnt some sort of surprise after all.i mean they contacted people.signed deals to give exclusive rights to the event and so on.just kardashians being fake as usual

264 days ago
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