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Charlie Sheen

Children Services Say We'll Teach You

You Can't See Your Kids

11/2/2013 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is now on the receiving end of a very punitive LA County Department of Children and Family Services, because the department just denied him the right to spend time with his own kids.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the department contacted Denise Richards -- who has temporary guardianship over twins Bob and Max -- and they told her she was not allowed to take the kids over to Charlie's house today for a visit.

We're told department officials told Richards they were pissed off that Charlie dared to tell TMZ Bob and Max were not being protected by the department.  As you probably know, Charlie railed on DCFS Friday, telling us they care more about Brooke Mueller overcoming drug addiction than they do the safety of his kids.

DCFS' actions are curious ... because it seems the decision to deny Charlie visitation was not based on his fitness to be around his kids but rather on the embarrassment he caused the department.


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That happens more times than you would like to know. He enlisted Denise, because he was thinking of the welfare of his children, but he did not give up being their father, and has been there for the children through this whole mess. The Department has gotten their little feelings hurt, and now they will make him pay . . . just because, like any other government office, they can.

325 days ago


He's a crafty guy; this is just what he wanted. Now he isn't obligated to see the kids he didn't want in the first place. Has he been vasectomized yet? Five kids and let's hope nada mas! Denise is such a dupe. And those boys, they have zero hope of ANY kind of productive, useful, cognitively valid lives!

325 days ago

average jane    

Charlie has his share of problems, but when it comes down to it, I respect that he owns up to the fact that he can't parent these boys effectively. For the sake of his kids, he wanted them to be with Denise Richards. I say let the boys stay with her. Both he and his other ex wife should sign the giving up parental rights papers and have Denise adopt these kids for good. She is the only chance these boys will have to some stability. All this back and forth and fighting is going to ruin these kids.

325 days ago


Do you see the **** storm brewing?

325 days ago


Every morning I check this site & every time I'm shocked by someone's behavior. I'm wondering if TMZ doesn't make up most of this drama. And I'll probably keep looking at it. Sad.

325 days ago


That's obviously not why... at least on paper. If a parent shows any sings that he might violate DCFS' orders, they have to take children out of his or her hands. That's when kidnappings happen, and of course if you're dealing with someone with history of violence or irrational behavior, that can be potentially dangerous situation for everyone involved, especially the children. This is on the books, and that's probably their reasoning. If that's REALLY the reason - I don't know, because I don't know what he said about them. But if it showed that he wouldn't care to obey their orders, then this is very legitimate.

325 days ago


Everybody thinks Charlie is the Man because he can rant on TMZ or on Twitter and say stupid things, but when Charlie gets in front of the Judge who is going to decide Child Custody I Seriously doubt Charlie will Rant, He will Back Track and Apologize out of his A$$.

325 days ago


Charlie has children with Denise, and knows she will care for the twin like they are her own. DCS always wants to place children with a trusted family member. And Denise is the best one for several reasons. She didn't have take them, but she is a great mom and a great lady and it keeps the siblings together in a stable home. DCS has now shown they are not as bias as they should be and Charlie may have to good case to prove it to the state. since they haven't gone to court over this matter and are strong arming him because he has proven they are not doing right by the boys.

325 days ago


It would be nice if the Department of Children and Family Services did the right thing regarding the boys. It's too bad they have the absolute power of God without any concern for the children's welfare. How many more times will Brooke have to go through rehab before the boys are permanently placed in a stable home?.

325 days ago


I have a feeling there's more to that than meets the eyes.

325 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

†hat doesn't seem legal

325 days ago


If anyone has any experience with either the family court system in california, or the county-level CPS departments, you'd realize that Charlie is right.

What we're talking about here is a bunch of welfare-minded, lazy bureaucrats who suck up way too much money by glomming onto the public taxpayer funded tit.

CPS, the family court mediators, and the judges themselves are far too lazy, dumb, and welfare-minded to ever do the right thing. That's just too much work. It would require decisionmaking.

It's a classic example of "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?". They're not, that's the best answer. The alternate answer is that they like the taste of public milk soooo much, that - as in this case - they'd rather perpetuate the welfare mindset than make a real decision.

Don't underestimate the hold a lazy government employee will put forth with their teeth once they find the milk-producing tit that is your taxes.

325 days ago


It doesn't seem that long ago that Chuck was ranting about Denise & the things she was doing to their girls. And I'll never forget the report that Denise wanted Chuck to father another child for her. Unfortunately those 2 little boys are doomed no matter what. Unfortunately 'birds of a feather flock together'

325 days ago


Maybe they see him as a crazy douchebag who's intent on having the matter adjudicated via the media, therefore, not a responsible parental type person.

325 days ago


Thats what these agencies are good at...making sure you know who has the power and if you test them they will show you that they have the power to do what they want..not whats best for the kids!!

325 days ago
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