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Jackson Family

If Murray's Allowed to Practice

He'll Kill Again

11/3/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family fears Dr. Conrad Murray will KILL someone else if he's allowed to practice medicine again ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... most of them are both offended and afraid at Murray's bid to regain his right to practice.  They can't believe Murray would have a ghost of a chance to practice after being convicted and jailed for the death of Michael.

The family scoffs at the notion that he didn't harm anyone other than MJ during his 20 years of practice.  They believe Murray acted so recklessly with Michael -- partly out of greed and partly because he was a starf**ker. 

But the family will almost certainly not appear at any medical board hearing over Murray's license.  We're told they've had more than enough of dealing with the good doc.


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Here's a solution: 1) Set him free. 2) Give him his medical licence again. 3) Make him the Kardashian Family Doctor! EVERYBODY WINS!!!

356 days ago


I'd worry more about another child molester running around in Hollywood than Conrad killing another person. It is unlikely someone would be as stupid as MJ paying $150k to inject him with Propofol as a sleeping aid. If he was doctor shopping, he would never have found out about Propofol to start with.

As for the Jackson having more important things to do, like yes, earning money to pay for child support and/or keeping an eye for the kitchen clever while pocketing $9k a month babysitting?


356 days ago


Kill who, another drug addicted freak begging for propofol and for parents to let him sleep with their little boys? #UNDISPUTEDFACT

356 days ago


It's true...he's a serial-pedophile killer...I "kid" you not!

356 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

The Jackson family is going stick to this guy forever trying to make news and get some kind of headlines. The Jackson family should just worry about the kids

356 days ago


This guy has shown himself to be a completely self-absorbed idiot. From his bungled "CPR" of Michael Jackson, to his singing during a jailhouse interview. People who hire private doctors need to consider this, "What sort of doctor or person for that matter, would be a personal doctor to one person?" History is full of botched care provided by so-called V.I.P. medicine.

M.J. probably had some sort of chronic discomfort (physical and/or psychological) that led him to take extreme measures just to get to sleep.

A good doctor doesn't wait to call 911, then feign "CPR" with Jackson on the bed, not on the floor which would be the correct procedure.

356 days ago


The pedo killed himself. Leave this brother alone.

356 days ago


In a FAMILY counselling, the brothers, including Jackie, refused to listen to Rebbie when she told the psychologist about Joe molesting her.
Stacey Brown the family acquaintance was there with the Jacksons..
I can see why MJ had NO IDEA that KIDS & ADULTS were not ALL SANE & INNOCENT.
His own psychologist & family NEVER TAUGHT HIM when to draw boundaries between healthy & dangerous actions.

Katherine was deeply EMBARRASSED when
the Jacksons found out that Katherine called
MJ a F A G in a letter (she believed no one REMEMBERED she was MAD that he had just "friendships" with "white boys" instead of black boys & girls). HER LETTER was found because she & Randy refused to pay for STORAGE of
items that she tried to hide.

Katherine lied many times about MJ just like she TESTIFIED THAT SHE WAS TOO EMBARRASSED to DISCUSS DRUG REHAB with MJ.

No surprise she LIED that Paris didn't HAVE HORRIBLE SUFFERING & cutting & suicidal behavior. Paris had big red scars in photos & Katherine says she her?
She protected MJ from Joe & the brothers' manipulation, right?
Like she bragged to him that there was nothing wrong with bringing shady people in MJ's bedroom?

How would they summon up the brains to care about a paranoid MJ, the formerly healthy & good-looking superstar.
The last 15 years of his life was about lies from Arnold Klein, Dr. Metzger, the concert "PROPOFOL ASSISTANT" & Debbie Rowe (surrogate who helped Metzger get ready to inject MJ with Propofol.

Another DOCTOR TESTIFIED in court that MJ was tested with NO SIGN OF LUPUS.

NO WONDER MJ thought he needed a bunch of medications, injections, BOTOX & surgeries to his face & scalp.
Dr. Sasaki said he changed MJ's lips 3 times in the 1990s & stretched MJ's scalp.

Klein was greedy so he ILLEGALLY gave MJ Lupus MEDS. This caused MJ to go to doctors & cover himself up with tons of make-up & Vitiligo cream & consume Lupus meds.

What a sad tragic story that no one in Hollywood could've dreamt of writing!

356 days ago


Yeah, If Michael Jackson was allowed to live again... he'd still take drugs!
It works both ways!

356 days ago


TMZ, you have misused the word "starf*cker." If anybody was a "starf*cker," it was clearly Micheal Jackson. Trent Reznor clearly defined the term in the Nine Inch Nails song "Starf*ckers, INC." It could also apply to Kanye, the Kardashians, and Lohans.

356 days ago


So Justine Bieber took off his shirt among young underage boys, well, that is nothing comparing to MJ taking off his pants and marched around naked in front of little boys (technically it is like sexual assault, and is a crime). Bieber was trying to help with erecting a wall for a school, MJ was trying to erecting little penises for the internet porn surfing. Oh well, you can argue that he was teaching them sex education - how to masturbate at the age of 7!!!

356 days ago



MJ admitted sleeping with little boys, other than Prince and Blanket.


MJ was sleeping with a little boy doll when he ran out of sleep over money and lost his sleep over NeverAgainLand!

356 days ago


Yeah, Jacko dressed up like a white teen girl and protected Joe Jackson.
He spent 2 years with Jordan Chandler and ignored the fact that Jordan Chandler slept
in his hotel room in exchange for huge money for the June Chandler. He let Jordan suffer through child abuse, money demands & drug forced down his mouth by Evan Chandler.

I guess MJ didn't mind making money with fake doctors, fake child love and the BEATLES catalog publishing rights.
Somehow he lost his money & left MJ kids to witness his dead body with eyes rolled back in the sockets.

356 days ago

What I Think    

I hope his first patients are the Jackson clan. They deserve to be wiped off of the face of the earth.

356 days ago


Leave the man alone already, he took the hit to what Jackson did to himself.

Jacksons are sore loosers. Jackson didn't leave them a penny and they lost big time with the wrongful death suit. Not a penny their either.

His kids will have a ton of money so keep trying to sponge off of them.

356 days ago
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