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Kendall Jenner

I Can Do Porn

11/3/2013 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not saying she's going to, but Kendall Jenner can totally do porn now if she wants -- because today marks the reality star's 18th birthday.

Which brings us to our list of other awesome things she can do now that she's 100% legal:

1) Buy cigarettes
2) Vote
3) Strip
4) Get a tattoo
5) Enlist in the military
6) Buy a gun
7) Get tried as an adult

Unfortunately, the one thing she still can't do is drink alcohol ... at least in the U.S. of A.



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You people are so disgusting!!! You could have name this stupid story (She's legal now) or (She can do porn if she wants to), I know that it sounds stupid but at least is not implying a lie!! I wounder if the moron that wrote this crappy **** even graduate from high school!!??

353 days ago


Another whore!

353 days ago

Jacob Yambrick    

It's sad she is so messed up that she would even say anything like this. What's more sad is her obvious anorexia nervosa. The saddest of all is that her mother's addiction to money and fame is what made her this way. This girl will grow up to make Lindsay Lohan look like Mother Teresa. As much as I blame people for their own actions. I completely blame the parenting, or lack there of. Your daughter's well being is far more important than yourself or more money that you don't need Kris!

353 days ago


POS worthless trash. Used by her mother for $ and too stupid to realize it. The most hated azzwholes in the USA, that family. And all thanks to this foken site that promotes the worst of the human race for the sake of some cash and stories about nothing. The only thing worse than TMZ is a Kowdashian. Fat, lazy slobs, ALL OF THEM.

353 days ago


You guys are disgusting so just Becuz she's 18 now you can be a perv? She's still a young girl & nothing like that why would u even post such a thing.. Too many perverts working at tmz

353 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

...The person who came up with this headline, was undoubtedly lusting over an underage girl...Staffers over at TMZ, keep a close eye on this colleague of yours...!!! TESTIFY !!!

353 days ago


Have NO fear about that!!! PMK is drawing up the contracts as we speak.

353 days ago


I prefer women with talent, personality, education.

353 days ago


Even for TMZ, this is an all time low. Why do you encourage bad behavior? You do it to get headlines. Too bad this headline isn't "I Can Do College". Now that would be something to write about with this family.

353 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Kris should just cut all the BS and just put Kendal on the auction block and sell her... I mean marry her off to the wealthiest man willing to marry into that family.

353 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I hope the dumb, vapid bitch does everything on that list, and then adds one: step in front of a speeding bus. She's a completely useless pea-brain.

353 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

All the rappers are dooling.... 18...... drooling...

353 days ago


Wow Harvey & Charles pretty bold for you two! You'll be getting a call from Kris J now! This story won't be up long! Kris has TMZ in her pocket

353 days ago


Gosh I hope she doesn't turn out like Kim

353 days ago


This time I hope Kris Jenner knows how to keep the night vision off during filming...

353 days ago
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