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Brooke & Charlie's Kids

Back In Brooke's Clutches

11/8/2013 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's got her hands back on her and Charlie Sheen's twins -- picking them up from school today and bringing them to her home ... for the foreseeable future.

As we reported, the judge ruled 4-year-old Bob and Max will move in with Brooke along with Brooke's brother Scott, who is now the legal guardian.

Scott became the temporary owner of the twins after Denise Richards said she could no longer care for the boys -- because they had become violent with her daughters and because she couldn't handle Brooke's craziness.

One thing's for sure ... Charlie is NOT a happy camper.


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If you ask me....the assistants face in the back (maroon pants) says it all!!!!!!!!

243 days ago


That's so sad.... the judge should be held respondable if anything happens to those boys....

243 days ago


Hey I have an idea? How about keeping young children out of the ****ing paparazzi

243 days ago


Hope the boys get the help they need. So far, doesn't look that way.

243 days ago


Way to go Charlie. Go have a night out with your hos and light up your pipe as your talking sh*t about how bad their Mother're both despicable!

243 days ago

miss e    

It's all about the $55K per month crack support money

243 days ago


don't blame charlie for being pissed... Brooke isn't supposed to have full custody of those boys yet for a reason... how is it fair or reasonable at all that her brother gets custody and moves in with her and that's ok? lol.... stupid legal system fails YET again. Its too bad that 2 little boys who obviously need psychollogical help will not get that help and god knows who they will turn out to be.. kudos to charlie for trying to help them......

243 days ago


If Charlie is so unhappy about he new custody arrangement, he's more than welcome to get clean and sober himself and take custody of the twins. Do I agree with Brooke's choices? No. Do I think she's a perfect person? No. But I do think she is trying to do right by her boys and her actions prove it. Even whenshe fall off the wagon and lapses back into addiction (which is a real disease people) she gets help for herself (whether voluntary or court ordered,) and she's cooperating with the courts and authorities, whereas Charlie believes he's above the law. Brooke is attempting to get her life back on track, which is more than anybody can say for Charlie and I'm sick and tired of Charlie's mouth and his antics! Charlie, shut up and do something to help the sitation!

243 days ago


and thus the true victims once again are the twins. for surely the judge could have said scott lived some where else not with brooke. the poor twins. they are going to need a real good shrink for years and years

243 days ago


God Bless and protect these children. I don't know. I am just going to pray, for this new guardian , who asks for 55,000 a month before he even picks the kids up from school. They are not little cash cows. The r children that need love and lots of guidance.

243 days ago


Brooke has always been a mouth breather.
Now she has passed the gene to her offspring...

243 days ago

Mandy Schneider    

EVERY child who spits time with parents always acts up when they return home...Just like when a parent returns home from work all day it does not matter if child is with another parent or day care a toddler or young child will always test and assert boundries I dont get it but that was always the case when my children were young. Further more if you dont do your homework and get to know someone before you decide to become a co-parent with them and if you did no do that SUCK it up ALL OF YOU and work together to raise these boys the boys behavior is the only one that i can excuse at this point GROW UP ADULT KIDS

243 days ago


Owner of the twins huh? I thought your website was run by a lawyer? I guess he's not as smart as he thinks he is

243 days ago


Where is Charlie's family in all this? These are Martin Sheen's grandkids....where is Emilio?

243 days ago


I remember Denise talking about Charlie abusing her animals when she got her divorce. If that's the case, then the boys are getting it from both sides. Hopefully their crazy mom hasn't put any animals in the home for such treatment! As young as those boys are, you can already see the craziness in their eyes. They look strange, and quite happy with all the excitement around them. Poor little guys have absolutely no one to help them. So sad for everyone involved. That judge better hope nothing happens. Don't blame Denise one bit. She certainly tried.

243 days ago
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