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Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh

Impromptu Jam Session in Central Park

11/9/2013 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Founding Grateful Dead member Phil Lesh whipped out his boomstick in Central Park today ... but don't worry he wasn't arrested ... he was just laying down some sick grooves.

Lesh pulled off the surprise gig during the NYC Jazz & Colors event in the Park ... when he randomly started performing with some friends in front of around 30 people.

The 73-year old bassist played for about 30 minutes and even jammed out on the Beatles classic "Get Back" in between impromptu jazz sessions.

Far out.


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tippy katz    

puke, hate that sh#t

297 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Some things make life still worth living. Thank you Phil.

297 days ago


Thats it? More!

297 days ago


Oh come on I go to CP all the time and I miss this. Of course!

297 days ago


"Impromptu jazz sessions" = still can't play even after 50 years of stoned noodling.

297 days ago


man, it's nice to know that people can still play musical instruments well! thanks phil! miles and miles above the "music" being created by image conscious fools today!

297 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I wish I was there.

296 days ago


well, here's the deal stupid. miles davis encompasses the majority of my vinyl (encyclopedic knowledge you addressed didn't you?) lots of herbie han**** (they're both jazz musicians - dumb kids like yourself aren't familiar with people who play instruments generally- they like fools wearing blue wigs and weird costumes...this to nitwits like yourself somehow translates into musical perspicacity. I like musicians who play instruments. idiots like yourself are clearly more wrapped up in image and gimmicks and shtick. like the nonsense you see from minaj and no doubt your fav. - Justin beiber. so keep on thinking you've got great taste, while I sit back, shaking my head thinking, "god almighty there are some people out there who are obviously too dumb to live". stop being proud to be stupid. learn about what constitutes musical talent.

296 days ago


uh huh. well aside from a massive appreciation for the dead due to their ability to improvise and being remarkably perspicacious with their respective instruments, miles davis's harder period during the early 70's when he experimented with fusion really impresses me. bitches brew and that sort. herbie han****. mainly jazz. but you go on loving idiots who're all about image and gimmicks like the mentally stunted nitwit you are. sad. but understandable in this day and age with so many idiots so concerned with how they look to others. not sad actually; rather desperately unfortunate. go bust some def rhymes gangsta! make us all say, "uhhh". jackass. you know what, give it a whirl!! let's see who's musical knowledge fells deeper yeah? (and we'll see who is more literate at the same time, tiplet!)

296 days ago


sounds like, "fire on the mountain" to me. at least the intro to it.

296 days ago

The Zombie    

This may be the coolest thing I've ever seen on TMZ.

296 days ago

Gairy Garcia    

Here is video of the entire set

295 days ago

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