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Wahlberg Calls Out Cruise:

You Insulted Our Troops

11/13/2013 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The Tom Cruise backlash is at critical mass -- because Mark Wahlberg absolutely blasted his fellow action movie star for daring to compare acting to fighting wars. Is it time for Tom to issue a public apology?

Plus, bizarre case of Zac Efron's broken jaw. His people say he slipped on a puddle ... but why does that sound so far fetched?

And, Jenna Jameson joins us explain why she decided to go back to porn after swearing it off -- and to make one of our staffers feel like a major stud.



(0:00) Mark Wahlberg rips actors for claiming they're day job is like fighting in a war .
(6:00) Nicolas Cage has sex photos of himself stolen -- so how did someone get their hands on them?
(10:00) Zac Efron breaks his jaw in a weird accident -- is there something else going on here?
(14:00) Charlie Sheen is doing everything he can to get back at Brooke Mueller -- and her house is his next target.
(18:00) Jenna Jameson joins us to talk about her return to porn, her secret stash of sex tapes, and to make Gary's day.
(24:00) Chris Brown sues the clubgoer who accused him of attacking her.
(29:00) The Jonas Brothers get back together minus one member -- then a lot of crazy comparisons between the Bros, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Destiny's Child start happening.
(32:00) It's the feud that won't ever go away -- Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad's beef rises to the top again. OR DID IT???
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Cover you ears ... it's time to read some hate mail!

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tina quenette    

Harvey miley does not make a good rolemodel my daughter is fifteen id rather her think she can be successful without actin sluty

346 days ago


I am a disabled vet and what I heard Mr.Cruise(who I cant stand,never forgave him for the brooke Sheilds dig) What he was saying was that it is like being on deployment. while worded like a civillian he was talking of the months spent away from how. I can not stand him and wont watch his movies. I do get what he was saying and he was correct. People need to quit being so butt hurt nd celebrities need people behind them to explain their stupid comments better. While some actors have degrees they are usually is something simple and easy.

346 days ago

Bronco Fan    

I LOVE the military, my Dad was a Green Beret And husband retired from the Navy but I don't believe Tom really means that literally. He just got "Paula Deened".

345 days ago


Marky Mark insulted the victims who tried to stop the high jacking of united 93. Said if he were there he would have gotten the plane on the ground safely. Marky Mark and Tom Cruise spend too much time in la la land making movies.

345 days ago


Wahlberg had previously claimed that if he was on one of the 9/11 planes, he would have stopped the terrorists from taking over the plane. Imho, this is just as bad or worse. At least TC had a lawyer trick him into saying something so stupid. Wahlberg volunteered to say something so stupid on his own.

345 days ago


I can't believe that you are still going on about this -- you clearly didn't read the transcript and spreading lies -- Tom cruise never said that and also Mark was not referring to Tom's comments -- check out ET and CNN who read the deposition -- please do the same -- the apology should come from TMZ!!!!

345 days ago


Harvey- regarding your observation of Elvis swaying hips, saying People had the same reaction back then that they do to Miley today. My thought is Perhaps Elvis and the Beatles were the start of it. They were the ones who paved the way, and over the years we have obviously got worse. Decade after decade people want to push the envelope, and I think we've met the max. Kids today are spoiled asses. I mean stars are tweeting nude pics, in ten years what's left? Shock value won't exist. Nipples and the nether region will no longer be covered up.
I hope these stars look back and think. Hmm, wish I didn't do that...

345 days ago


Mark Walberg and Tom Cruise are the same height. Why does Tommy get so much flack about being tiny in stature while Mark doesn't?

345 days ago

theresa thomas    

Sounds like this Mark guy wants to be cool and ingraitiate himself with army types. He is just feathering his own nest. He is no better than Cruise. They're both worthless actors.

345 days ago


If that's what Zac says happened, then that's what happened. Home accidents are the most common kind.

I once fell over with my step ladder in front of me. I ended up with striped purple bruises spaced in 1 foot horizontal lines all down my body. Try and explain that when you get undressed.

345 days ago


Jenna is so obnoxious! Gross

288 days ago
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