TMZ Live Wahlberg Calls Out Cruise: You Insulted Our Troops

11/13/2013 9:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Mark Wahlberg -- Calls Out Tom Cruise for Comparing Actors & Soldiers

TMZ Live

The Tom Cruise backlash is at critical mass -- because Mark Wahlberg absolutely blasted his fellow action movie star for daring to compare acting to fighting wars. Is it time for Tom to issue a public apology?

Plus, bizarre case of Zac Efron's broken jaw. His people say he slipped on a puddle ... but why does that sound so far fetched?

And, Jenna Jameson joins us explain why she decided to go back to porn after swearing it off -- and to make one of our staffers feel like a major stud.

(0:00) Mark Wahlberg rips actors for claiming they're day job is like fighting in a war .
(6:00) Nicolas Cage has sex photos of himself stolen -- so how did someone get their hands on them?
(10:00) Zac Efron breaks his jaw in a weird accident -- is there something else going on here?
(14:00) Charlie Sheen is doing everything he can to get back at Brooke Mueller -- and her house is his next target.
(18:00) Jenna Jameson joins us to talk about her return to porn, her secret stash of sex tapes, and to make Gary's day.
(24:00) Chris Brown sues the clubgoer who accused him of attacking her.
(29:00) The Jonas Brothers get back together minus one member -- then a lot of crazy comparisons between the Bros, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Destiny's Child start happening.
(32:00) It's the feud that won't ever go away -- Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad's beef rises to the top again. OR DID IT???
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Cover you ears ... it's time to read some hate mail!