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Alec Baldwin

Threatens NYC Reporter

'You're As Dumb as You Look'

11/15/2013 7:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another fun Alec Baldwin moment ... this time, the "30 Rock" star THREATENED a local news reporter ... and then called him ugly to boot.

Baldwin was walking back to his Manhattan apartment moments ago when he was approached by a reporter from FOX5 in NYC.

As the reporter tried to ask a question about the stalker case, Baldwin said, "If you're still here when my wife and kid come out, you're going to have a big problem, you know that don't ya?"

Alec turns to walk inside his building and throws out one last barb -- "You ARE as dumb as you look. You are with Fox, right?"

Charming, isn't he?


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I didn't see any problem with the video, He pretty much said F**K off without saying F**K off.

156 days ago


This guys is a loser. Who does he think he is threatening people/reporters? He is the one the needs to get knocked out!!

156 days ago


Gosh I would love to see how most of the jerkoffs on the internet would react and behave if reporters hounded them and their family 24/7. The levels of ugly and violence that would ensue would be biblical. Oh but these people who work as actors are suppose to bend over and take it in the butt from every jerk off hijacker who comes along with a camera trying to make money off of making people look badly? You guys are effin nuts.

156 days ago


If you don't like your picture being taken, you might want to consider spending some time out of Manhattan.

156 days ago


I can't stand Baldwin, but that quote "Dumb as you look......You are with Fox right?" Perfect! Good one Alec.

156 days ago

Best Mom    

Talking about how people "look" -- has Alec looked in the mirror lately??? He's pathetic!!

156 days ago


What a ****ing douche bag. Can't stand his attitude. Who the hell does he think he is. He needs to get knoced the EFF out!!! S***bag!!

156 days ago


If I was a reporter or photog - I would camp outside of his apartment building and take pictures of his family every time they walk out the door. Your wife and kid are nobody special - what gives you the right to be a dick to everyone - just because you are a grumpy old man. Get over yourself ass clown - you just make yourself look like a complete moron/old man "get off my lawn".

156 days ago


Move yourself and your family to have a quite peaceful life. It is that easy.

156 days ago


Oh come on TMZ, that wasn't a theat !!!! Bet you & you're writing staff are sue crazy for all he said was that he'd have a problem which could mean that he'd get in touch with Fox or numerous other things... At no time during this video was Alec violent or threatening..... I understand that you 'paps' have to stick together but this is over the top.... #NoThreatWasMade

156 days ago



156 days ago


What a colossal A$$hat! I hope they fire him and he can go away!

the reporters who egg him are jerks too, but him and kanye, should be best buds!

156 days ago


Ok at this point the media/paparazzi should just leave him alone. They are obviously just trying to get a reaction out of him. The public can see that he's a goddam mess, just leave him alone, I'm starting to feel bad for him.

156 days ago


He's not afraid to confront male photogs, teams of them. Yet, he wept on the stand over a woman that he was sleeping with ruining his proposal. He has got to be joking!! She rang his doorman apartment and was told that he is coming down. Isn't that collusion. The wife sent the cops, she wasn't some knife wielding attacker. Those were emails between intimates -- like he could have been writing titillating stuff back to her. He just doesn't want his now-wife to know he wasn't faithful and blames it all on the chick. Granted, she's been involved with him since Kim, so she's way invested...but he should at least be charge with perjury. WTF: lie to your fiance/wife but don't lie on the stand without repercussions.

156 days ago


He's calling someone 'else' ugly? Arf - He looks like an old hag woman here.

156 days ago
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