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Alec Baldwin

Threatens NYC Reporter

'You're As Dumb as You Look'

11/15/2013 7:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another fun Alec Baldwin moment ... this time, the "30 Rock" star THREATENED a local news reporter ... and then called him ugly to boot.

Baldwin was walking back to his Manhattan apartment moments ago when he was approached by a reporter from FOX5 in NYC.

As the reporter tried to ask a question about the stalker case, Baldwin said, "If you're still here when my wife and kid come out, you're going to have a big problem, you know that don't ya?"

Alec turns to walk inside his building and throws out one last barb -- "You ARE as dumb as you look. You are with Fox, right?"

Charming, isn't he?


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Baldwin better get 24 /7 security when that crazy bitch gets out of jail. Nothing like a woman scorned? Nothing like a woman who's done prison time for being scorned. She has lots of opportunity to plan, nothing else to do in jail but decide her next big and probably fatal move. This family should move while she's locked up, go into hiding to avoid a nasty ending. Don't think a restraining order will stop her ..... only incarceration can do that!

344 days ago


I don't know how you all do things in New York and LA but I can tell you down her in Carolina if he comes up aggressive like that in our faces he'll get a Carolina Ass Whooping. I wouldn't stand for him getting in my face for a second. Be glad your in New York Alec and you might want to avoid Carolina with that piss poor attitude.

344 days ago


It is amazing to me that people do not see that reporters and gossip culture is the problem, not these people who are hijacked on the street and mercilessly prodded for reactions. I also do not understand how a group of wealthy people in the spotlight do not launch a class action lawsuit against TMZ and bankrupt this poisonous entity and put this s***bag creep lowlife loser cretin parasite LEVIN out of work. So what is Baldwin is an -ssh-le, so are most of the people on the internet.

344 days ago


What a cantankerous old goat!

He is always just being rude, I think he does it on purpose to make a headline to feel relevant.

Makes himself just look like an ignorant schmuck. Bitter old man.

344 days ago

Just My Opinion    

In My Way? How does he handle people when he is in NY City? Those people there won't move out of the way for no one, even if Jesus was walking down the sidewalk.
AND I HATE TO TELL THE DUDE, HE'S NOT BETTER THAN JESUS IS. Isn't Fox more of a Republican station? If so, it makes this guy a Demonbrat that does act just as he looks..REALLY DUMB !!

Someone needs to get this dude a tee shirt for
Christmas that says..


344 days ago


But Alex looks like a drunk homeless guy ! ! !

344 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

That reporter should just wait there that tool Alec Baldwin is not doing crap. He's a buffoon.

344 days ago


I would have punch the reporter in the face,mainly because he was from Fox News. Alex,your my man.

344 days ago


I saw this earlier on the news and Alec was being a jerk. The reporter wasn't being obnoxious or getting in his face at all. I get the paparazzi (usually the freelance ones) can go way too far at times and get too close but this was just a reporter working for Fox 5. It's not like the reporter gets to choose where the network wants him to go that morning. The most of us, I'm sure he could give a flying **** about Alec either.

344 days ago


How is he homophobic? He's walking two tiny dogs. That's what gay people do.

344 days ago


Wow....he's pathetic. Has his career plummeted so bad that he thinks the only way to be noticed is this? Clearly, this is not the way to go if he thinks this is the best way to be noticed in the media. He will noticed for all the wrong reason and quickly forgotten. His wife should run for this hills NOW!

344 days ago


Buy an island...leave US alone A Bald

344 days ago


UM Alec, you don't OWN NY Streets! Why Don't You Move and do us all a favor from seeing you and your hate on the news constantly!

344 days ago

Jason Gutterman    

This guy is absolutely delusional ! He needs to be locked up so he can have some time to think about what he does and learn to appreciate what he has. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's only a matter of time before he blows his lid...

344 days ago

Maria ramos    

Someone should grab this low life s***bag and beat the living day lights out of him. Maybe a taste of his own medicine would make him act like a decent human being. He is a dispicable piece of crap

344 days ago
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