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Sylvia Browne

World Famous Psychic DEAD

11/20/2013 6:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

World famous psychic Sylvia Browne -- who appeared on all sorts of TV shows including "Montel" "Larry King Live" and "Unsolved Mysteries" -- has passed away .. TMZ has learned.

Browne specialized in psychic detective work, and attempted to help on several missing person cases ... with varying results. 

Browne's son, Chris, tells TMZ ... Sylvia passed away this morning in San Jose, surrounded by family and friends.  She was 77.

Browne most recently took heat after famously announcing that Amanda Berry had died after she went missing in 2003 ... because, as we all know now, she wasn't dead.  Sylvia chalked up the misinformation as a simple mistake.

The following message was just posted on Sylvia's Facebook page, "Sylvia graduated today. She was surrounded by family and friends. What a legacy. She shared so much. We will carry on her knowledge with hypnosis and Journey of the Soul and her many books. What a great party they must be having on the Other Side. Bless everyone."


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She was a complete fraud. Google it

337 days ago


Sad, as it is when any life has ended, may she rest in peace. And while I don't believe in any of the pshyic stuff seeing her in person, there was nothing "fake" about the peace and relief she brought to people. He message didn't seem be about telling the future or talking about the dead but living life to its fullest and kindness may her family find peace with her passing as the holidays are near

337 days ago


liked to listen to her, RIP Sylvia

337 days ago


RIP Sylvia brown, I owe my life to this woman because of her I won the mega millions and I living the good life for those of you who want to talk **** GO **** YOUR SELF ...

337 days ago

deborah granger    

Ok if she was no 1 pshychic in the world lord help us all, no1, this is not the way it works with spiritual doe'snt just poof into your head like I want a hambuger.....proof in the pudding AMANDA BERRY.if you are a sensitive of any worth you neverrrrrrrrrrrrr make a statement about death that you have any doubt of, what about breaking hearts ! she broke many as she was fake as a 3 dollar bill.Also she was after 1 thing money, sad to say, but most people with gifts, are here to help people not get rich, and yeah rich she was off others pain and sorrow, sorry folks im sad for her family who love her, but I read her books and threw them awayyyyyy, as I never read so much nonsense in my life!

337 days ago


This woman lived her life on the take...scamming everyone and anyone who was foolish enough to trust her. She hurt many people with her lies. My heart goes out to those people who went to this woman for help during their times of desperation only to be victimized by her. There is no evidence or proof what so ever that her help solved a single crime or was of any use to the police, in fact her help caused problems in the investigations. I'm not at all sad she is gone.

337 days ago


I never gave a lot of credit to what she said, but she seemed nice. I think there are a lot of con-artists in the psychic industry. I don't think she was one of them. She did a lot of good for many people. She wasn't 100 percent perfect, but who is? If she claimed to be perfect, she would have been a billionaire. I don't think she ever was a billionaire though. I think she was a nice lady that did her best to help others.

337 days ago


I never cared for Sylvia Brown. For one, she didn't look healthy. Her voice sounded like she smoked 2 packs a day, and she was at least 50 pounds overweight. You can't tune into anything spiritual when your own body is in decay. I read one of her books; it as pure garbage. And I saw her many times on tv. She seemed arrogant, full of herself, and often WRONG. I don't like the comments about her burning in hell, because I don't believe in a literal hell, but I do believe that whatever happens to her soul will be humbling and will make up for the fakery she caused during her life. She did it for MONEY and FAME. True psychics 1. share their gift for free and 2. admit it when they simply DON'T KNOW. She did neither.

337 days ago

Keith Denson    

False prophets and prophetesses also kick the bucket. That is all part of life.

337 days ago


Excellent do***entary and exclusive clip about her death

337 days ago


Poor Sylvia. this do***entary explains why she really die..not fake

337 days ago



337 days ago


Sylvia Browne - Spiritual teacher, charlatan, con artist, scammer, grief vampire. Oh, and convicted felon (look that one up if you don't believe me).

337 days ago


RIP Sylvia Brown & my heart goes out to her family especially her kids:( I'm so sorry for your lose I will keep you in my prayers.

337 days ago


Why are you people so mean & cruel towards Sylvia Brown??? What did she ever do to you guys??? You don't have to like her, believe in her or agree but you don't have to be mean towards a dead woman she does have family that loves & misses her & I'm sure their going through enough pain right now so why say all these cruel things about their loved one that they are grieving for??? Put yourself in their shoes if your Mom passed away & you were sad & grieving wouldn't it devastate you to read mean things people were saying about your Mother??? I lost my Mom 2 yrs ago & I couldn't imagine reading or hearing mean things from people about her I would of snapped. It's ok to not believe in her or like her but have a heart & some respect... Instead of pointing out her flaws & times she was wrong do your homework & look & all the good she did & all the things she was right about. Like all the law enforcement agencies she worked with to help find missing people so their families could have closure. Another thing a few people was talking about a true real physic does their work for free are you ****ing serious??? I have one question WHO does it for free??? Please tell me you can't because it's a gift they have & they know people will pay for their service & if any of you had the gift you would do the same thing & if you think any different your lying to yourself. I really hope for the sake of her family that's grieving for her that they don't have to hear or read mean things from mean opinionated people. Have some respect & realize it's ****ed up to talk bad about a dead person that can't defend herself.

337 days ago
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