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Sylvia Browne

World Famous Psychic DEAD

11/20/2013 6:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

World famous psychic Sylvia Browne -- who appeared on all sorts of TV shows including "Montel" "Larry King Live" and "Unsolved Mysteries" -- has passed away .. TMZ has learned.

Browne specialized in psychic detective work, and attempted to help on several missing person cases ... with varying results. 

Browne's son, Chris, tells TMZ ... Sylvia passed away this morning in San Jose, surrounded by family and friends.  She was 77.

Browne most recently took heat after famously announcing that Amanda Berry had died after she went missing in 2003 ... because, as we all know now, she wasn't dead.  Sylvia chalked up the misinformation as a simple mistake.

The following message was just posted on Sylvia's Facebook page, "Sylvia graduated today. She was surrounded by family and friends. What a legacy. She shared so much. We will carry on her knowledge with hypnosis and Journey of the Soul and her many books. What a great party they must be having on the Other Side. Bless everyone."


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It seems that your accuracy goes down the more you charge. I've known 'psychics' who charge far less who have far greater accuracy than people like her. When she was in Seattle, it was $1800 for a half hour reading, or $900 for an hour reading with her son.

301 days ago


What ever she was, she did it well because she made a lot of money doing it, sooo...

300 days ago


It is disgusting that so many of you can't say anything but negative remarks. I believe she was a medium and saw many airings when she was absolutely on the mark.

It's your choice not to believe in psychics and mediums but you have NO right to show so much disrespect to someone who just passed away.

299 days ago


if she was so truthful in her work , why 850.00 for 20 mins, can,t belive motel fell for her, and for the rest of them can u for see that u r rippin people off, this is fraud pure & simple WAKE UP PEOPLE they are no diff. from others robbin a bank etc,

298 days ago


I knew someone who was friends with her son, Chris, in high school at Los Gatos High. They were big stoners and used to smoke weed together and his mom knew it. Now Chris is a psychic. Go figure.

298 days ago


Bitch was a total fake, and got paid and fame from it, a white ms Cleo. Neither bitch could predict the weather if they were by a open window with clear sky and a bright sun. I bet she sees dead people now!

297 days ago


The repulsive fraud is dead. I hope she suffered.

290 days ago

Paloma Martin    

How dare any of you talk about the dead so disrespectfully. Sylvia was a great woman who went through a lot on her life, from a disappearing dad to an abusive alcoholic mother. She made her living helping people. I hop all of you go to hell!

289 days ago

Paloma Martin    

How dare any of you talk about the dead so disrespectfully. Sylvia was a great woman who went through a lot on her life, from a disappearing dad to an abusive alcoholic mother. She made her living helping people. in many of her books, she admits that she makes mistakes. She wasn't perfect and at least she could admit that. She was a psychic medium. She only said what she PREDICTED. That doesn't mean it is absolutely going to happen 100%. I hope all of you go to hell! Especially TMZ for writing such a horrible article about somebody who passed away. Remember, KARMA is a bitch!

289 days ago


She many times said, she cannot forsee anything about herself

271 days ago


She said she could never predict anything about herself, so I believe she wasn't sure about the time of her death

271 days ago


I'll bet her last words were "I'll be back"!!

261 days ago


As a Leader, visionary, light-worker and way-shower, Sylvia changed my life. She was a role model to me. Never slam a profession you have not tried. I am very sad now. She added so much light to what I do. You can learn this also, so don’t slam what you are too afraid to actually question. Those of you who have not tried psychic arts, you have no opinion on the matter. I respect plumbers because I tried to do it and I see how hard it is. Anyway, she died of this I would not have said anything either. She was brave. You go one way or another.

179 days ago


I NEVER say this about anyone... but GOOD RIDDANCE! Especially for people who prey on the mourning who are often at a vulnerable state just to make a profit off of them, they deserve to die. Now about that fat bitch Teresa Caputo...

164 days ago


I was a member of her inner circle until i found out how much of a scam it was.. i lost faith in her when i learned most of her predictions were wrong. However ....unlike most "people" here , and i use the term loosely, the ones taking the time out of their boring , less than average lives just to post negative comments here.... I'm a human being....

I'm sorry to hear Sylvia's gone.. She will be sadly missed by her Children and children's children and devoted fans. Sylvia's in a better happier place now and those that love her will miss her. She will always be near them. Rest in peace Sylvia.

113 days ago
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