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Alec Baldwin

I've Loved Dudes

... But I'm Definitely Not Gay!

11/21/2013 10:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin wants everyone to know ... he's been in love with several men in his life -- at least 3 or 4 -- but he's never wanted to bang them.

Baldwin was a speaker at the Dreamforce 2013 tech conference in San Francisco yesterday -- and in the wake of his homophobic slurs, the actor decided to prove that he's down with man love.

At one point during the conference, Baldwin called out his lawyer, Matt, who was sitting in the stands ... and joked, "I love you ... I love you in THAT WAY."

Baldwin then turned serious ... and went on to explain, "I've loved men in my life. There are some men I've loved in my life as much, if not more, than the women in my life."

He made it clear -- "I don't have a sexual preference for men ... but I've loved men."

"I've been in love wth about 3 or 4 men ... as much, if not more, than any woman I've loved."

Again, he reiterated ... "I don't wanna have a sexual relationship with them."

Good to know.


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I'm so sick of tmz and the media trying to force people to LOVE the gays and if you don't, you're an automatic homophobe. Disagreement is not hate!

339 days ago


A day late & dollar short. Alec & his wife need to go away for a while.

339 days ago


Ive got it! It's Alex new haircut that has him so angry these days...give it 6 wks and a new hairdresser and he will mellow back out

339 days ago


After how many drinks, Alec?

339 days ago


Is there an anger gene?? Had a family member like Alex he was crazy angry till the day he died at the age of 72! He never hit anyone but when playing board games with family members the game ended up in the fireplace more than once!!

339 days ago

A-lick Balls-wind    

Damn, I knew it. This guy is totally in the closet. That's what some of these women haters are. They can't stand the opposite sex, and would rather be sucking off the same sex.

339 days ago


Alec- Shut up! The more you talk, the more I realize how stupid you are. You are not as important as you think you are! BTW.. Didn't you promise to leave the country in 2000 if Bush won the election? Still waiting...

338 days ago


Dear Alec, your multiple personalities do not count as loving other men, you're all one in the same.

338 days ago


I do not understand, with all the powerful gay members in the entertainment industry why is this guy still being employed? Another thing, shame on GLAD! You have shown your group has a double standard. Why have you not organized a boycott or protest against him?

338 days ago


LMAO! He's trying SO hard to come off as a champion of gay rights. He's just another Hollywood type who goes over backwards to ACT like they're open-minded and care about others.
I have more respect for that racist anti-gay actor from Waterboy (or whatever) --- who admits he said racist and anti-gay comments. At least he is being genuine and honest.
NO ONE who actually cares about gay rights would ever spout out the words that Alec spewed. I do NOT care how mad I was - it wouldn't come out of my mouth, because I do not use that word... ever.
Sadly I am sure GLAAD will fall for his shtick (AGAIN).. and welcome him back into their arms.
Imagine if a Republican said the things Alec said.. All hell would break loose.

338 days ago

Jason Gutterman    

AB has completely lost his mind. A normal person just could not make this stuff up. WOW !!!

338 days ago


PLEASE stop reporting on this jackass. He is not interesting in the slightest

338 days ago


I'm surprised he can talk with 2 nuts on his chin all the time.

338 days ago


Alec, you are what we call bi-sexual
the love for women you have no inhibitions about, you express it as heterosexuality
the love for men you do have inhibitions about, an asexual approach is what you take, no doubt because you fear homosexuality and are conditioned to believeing it is not the right thing to do, so you abstain from relations with men, eve nthough you love men and women equally, or as you say, you love men more, but non-sexually
is this confusing to you?
read more on website AVEN, how your asexual approach to men exists

338 days ago

Sheila Shigley    

This little bitch is lying to get his tv show back. We cannot believe him until he "leaks" his sex tape with men!

338 days ago
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