Alec Baldwin I've Loved Dudes ... But I'm Definitely Not Gay!

11/21/2013 10:53 AM PST

Alec Baldwin -- I've Loved a Buncha Dudes ... But I'm Definitely Not Gay!

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Alec Baldwin wants everyone to know ... he's been in love with several men in his life -- at least 3 or 4 -- but he's never wanted to bang them.

Baldwin was a speaker at the Dreamforce 2013 tech conference in San Francisco yesterday -- and in the wake of his homophobic slurs, the actor decided to prove that he's down with man love.

At one point during the conference, Baldwin called out his lawyer, Matt, who was sitting in the stands ... and joked, "I love you ... I love you in THAT WAY."

Baldwin then turned serious ... and went on to explain, "I've loved men in my life. There are some men I've loved in my life as much, if not more, than the women in my life."

He made it clear -- "I don't have a sexual preference for men ... but I've loved men."

"I've been in love wth about 3 or 4 men ... as much, if not more, than any woman I've loved."

Again, he reiterated ... "I don't wanna have a sexual relationship with them."

Good to know.