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Khloe Kardashian

My Dying Dad Could Barely Stand When He Married My Wicked Ex-Stepmom

11/21/2013 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
is returning fire after her ex-stepmom sued her for defamation -- claiming the woman married her dying father at his weakest moment ... when he could barely stand on his own two feet.

Khloe filed the declaration in Ellen Pearson's lawsuit, describing her experience during Ellen and Robert Kardashian's 2003 wedding ... back when Khloe was just 19.

Khloe says her dad was extremely ill at the ceremony, suffering from severe mental, emotional and physical fatigue, unaware of his surroundings. She says her dad's mental state had been "compromised" due to his stage IV esophageal cancer.

It was so bad ...  Khloe claims, "Several ceremony guests assisted my father from his bedroom to the couch and helped to sit him up straight for the ceremony, which took place at my father's couch." Khloe says her dad could only stand for a few minutes.

It's the latest shot fired in the endless legal war between Ellen and the Kardashian family, a fight that also involves Robert Kardashian's diaries ... which allegedly describe Kris Jenner as an abusive mom.

Khloe briefly addresses the diaries in her declaration -- claiming she had no idea they even existed until earlier this year ... and has good reason to believe they're not real.


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Big Momma    

I guess khloe can't stand not being in the news. Go back in your amazon cloest and get started applying your ten tons of makeup, find another pair of fug shoes that make your legs look bad, and get going on your glam-a-zon selfies you are so fond of....or maybe get some surgery like your isters and start shoving those tata's in everyones face....anything but this pathetic news of the day.

305 days ago


That's Kharma slapping her father in the face for getting a guilty man freed, after he murdered his wife and an innocent man.

305 days ago


Khloes DAD? I didn't know Alex Roldan was dead. Quit lying already. We know your Moms a whore who cheated on Robert Khardasian and got knocked up.

305 days ago


Khloe is a pathological liar when she bashed Kris Humphries and lied about him and throse people under the bus and now the woman who 'her' NOT dad loved and was with. In fact he married 2 other women sho both know Khloe is not his daughter. Khloe's dad is one of 2 men and she looks like both of them but more the hair guy. Kris was by her one words was a cheat. And some people think Khloe iis the only honest one, she is not. She is the gorilla that goes after people with the big mouth lying and living to maintain a place in the media. She lies and makes up things to make herself relevant. She isn't smart enough to know they went together for a long time and he loved her and wanted to give this wife his name. Let the diaries flow for they were left with her and the girls belong to their lousy mother so she can sell them. Khloe is such a huge friggin ugly who lied all the time about Lamar until she threw him under the same bus and now she's back to trashing Ellen,. We like Ellen and so did Kardashian, He hated Kris the skank he married .. Khloe you will only get older and uglier and while some believe you, we don't. TEAM ELLEN

305 days ago


I guess Khole was propped up when she married meth head Lamar after one month, probably propped down.

305 days ago


speak now or forever hold your peace

305 days ago


He died from knowing his daughters turned to ho's

305 days ago


Khloe's trying to revamp their Kardashian Kollection Klothing Krap was a total bomb.

Not one bit of bragging how well it didn't go. London, Amsterdam and Dubai. Nothing. Not a word.

Go post another over the top airbrushed photoshopped selfie and just shut up.

305 days ago


Sound like your cheating mother turned him off to marrying...he was with this woman for five years I read. It's not like he married his nurse whom he met while ill or something. He was an attorney and protected things as best he could when he had seen that Kris would pass off a child as his and ask for child support for her indscretion...ooops, that's Y-O-U, Klo-klo! Shut it, you have no business throwing stones at your father's wife to protect your mother's moral depravity.

305 days ago


All I can say is " those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" enough said!

305 days ago


SO WHAT!!What's your point Khloe? Your Dad still marry her which is still LEGAL AND BINDING. Any dying Persons wish is SACRED in the eyes of law especially if they are sane.

305 days ago

You Wish    

Honey, the diaries were in his handwriting! How could they NOT be real? Kris Jenner was a coke whore then, we all know that. And her hairdresser is your real father, so speaking out about your "father at his weakest moment"....please!

305 days ago


Oh Wookie, you see he CHOOSE to take her as a bride. Your WH-ORE MOTHER conceived you by another man, while still married!

You may want to remain silent.

305 days ago


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I just drove past DASH LA (on Melrose) and notice the windows were partly covered up. The signs hung up read "we're closed to remodeling but will reopen on NOV 22 at 11am"......I looked in the window - no lights on, on workers "remodeling" - NO a stitch of clothing anywhere to be seen. I have a feeling the store is CLOSED permanently.
Oh and Klooey - STFU, no on cares what you have to say about your "father" who ISN'T your BIOLOGICAL father so you and your opinion dont count.
I don't recall hearing anything about these whores trying to stop their mother from being the SLUT she was while married to Robert Sr.

305 days ago


I have to laff at everyone bitching about Robert Kardashian's getting OJ off....sorry folks but Robert WAS a DEFENSE attorney and he was doing his JOB. The prosecution obviously didn't make their case well enough to convict.

305 days ago
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