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Bill Maher

Catholics Demand Boycott

One Priest Joke Too Many

11/25/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1125_bill-maher_catholic_league_TMZ The leading Catholic rights group in America wants to organize their own hate campaign -- because they hate the anti-religious hatred they claim Bill Maher spews on his show ... and now it's calling for network execs to kill Bill's show for good. 

The Catholic League -- which has had issues with Maher for years -- now say "Real Time with Bill Maher" finally crossed the line after a recent guest went nuts bashing Catholicism.

The guest -- author Dan Savage -- was ragging against a bishop who claimed kids adopted by gay parents have a higher chance of suicide.  Savage's retort: "He's confusing children of gay parents with children who are raped by Catholic priests." Dan referred to them as "kiddie-f***ing Catholic priests."

Savage's remarks incensed the org ... so they sent a list of every "anti-Catholic" statement ever mentioned on the show -- going as far back as '98 -- asking every bishop to write Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, urging him to give the show the ax.


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Bill maher is so funny and honest. I love that he is true to his convictions and have watched him since politically correct. The Catholics need to lighten up and realize why many are leaving that branch of Christianity. I was baptized catholic but will never affiliate myself with that branch and now consider myself a non denominational Christian. It is far more accepting of people who are imperfect and don't have to put on a facade every Sunday just to "be accepted" by a higher being. Catholics need to do some self reflecting and stop fighting with a comedian.

297 days ago

tom p    

WAIT...they are not JOKES...they are TRUTHS.
Dan Savage has it's not the TV show that needs to be cancelled, it's the CATHOLIC ****lNG PRIESTS.

297 days ago

The Zombie    

If they'd quit molesting children and brainwashing them into believing there's an invisible boogieman in the sky, there'd be a lot less to make fun of. Problem solved.

297 days ago


Can you imagine if someone said these things about the Jews or Muslims? Oh, my...there would be boycotts, people losing jobs. Maher is a disgrace. Why people go to him for political news is beyond my comprehension.

296 days ago


All the hateful christians are out criticizing jews. When they don't realize jesus was a jew. The stupid burns with religious people.

296 days ago


Just crazy....people jokes are a Catholic I dont find his show the least bit offensive ; personally I find him and his guests highly entertaining and watch every week. Everyone just needs to get a grip and a life.

296 days ago

bernard law    

The Catholic Church Of Organized Child Rape is mad because someone made fun of their religion of organized child rape.

We should have put them all in jail instead of making fun of them.

296 days ago


Guess they don't like it when the truth is told about them. I love Bill Maher, and watch his show "religiously" >_< He is brilliant, insightful, and has a razor-sharp, quick wit. Bill Maher for prez!

295 days ago


If the catholic league is getting all hot and bothered, you just know that Maher and Savage are doing something right. They've surely hit a major nerve. For centuries, Catholics have persecuted others. Now that the world is slowly but surely seeing what they're truly made of, they're in panic mode as their existence as an organized religion becomes less and less influential.

294 days ago

Ryan Craft    

God doesn't exist anyway. Catholic priests only use there position as a way to have the power/control/influence to manipulate children into being involved in sex acts. Disgusting people. It isn't enough that religion causes and fuels war they are also responsible for over 10,000 child sexual abuse cases.

293 days ago
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