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George Zimmerman

Deputies Find Gun Stockpile

11/26/2013 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman was well armed last week when he was arrested for domestic violence ... according to Seminole County Sheriff's deputies who got a warrant to search the home Zimmerman shared with his girlfriend.

According to law enforcement,  Zimmerman had stockpiled five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition ... including the 12-gauge shotgun his GF, Samantha Scheibe, claims he used to threaten her ... by shoving it in her face.

The search warrant ... obtained by TMZ .. shows in addition to the Kel-Tec shotgun, Zimmerman also owned an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle and three handguns.

Deputies also confiscated a pocket knife and a religious pendant.

Zimmerman is currently free on $9,000 bail ...  his whereabouts are unknown.



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I don't think anyone has a right to say he's a 'murder' I don't think it was ok what he did or that it was wrong for what he did. I think it has been blown out of proportion. The sad thing is there are so many emotions towards this one case, but do people not realize this **** happens all the time? What about the WW2 vet that was brutally murdered by teens? Nobody cared to make that a headline when they fought for our country. Just proves how jacked up our media is.

332 days ago


TMZ- seriously a little dramatic with the stockpile statement. Ammunition can be bout at 30 rounds a box. Every gun he has takes a different type of ammunition. So if he had a box for each gun he owns, he would have had more than 100 rounds. Don't be absurd.

332 days ago


The AR-15 is nice for keeping the hood clean and white!

332 days ago


For someone who is allegedly broke, $2.5 million in debt, Zimmerman certainly has money to buy an arsenal.

332 days ago

david 183    

Religious pendant?????

332 days ago


5 guns and 100 rounds of ammo are hardly a stockpile. I may take more guns and ammo out of my closet for a day of target shooting. And FYI, I am no fan of Zimmerman..

332 days ago


IMO GZ is a LIAR! A THEIF! A CRIMINAL! A CHILD MURDERER! A RACIST EVIL MAN! A PIG! A GUN COLLECTING MANIAC who just wanted to try out his gun on an unsuspecting innocent victim walking down the street minding his own business that night, a victim who was totally unarmed, defenseless against a whacko nut job like GZ. Trayvon didn't stand a chance against that criminally insane walking dead man called GZ who imo looks like he is out to catch his next victim! Mark my words!! I just feel sorry for his next victims. I just hope it's no one I know, love, respect and care about. I hope it's none of my family members and none of yours too. Be safe and God bless us all, keep us safe from all the GZ's out there this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Holiday's.

I'm scare!

332 days ago


You know I think the people that posted out here days ago that TMZ has become obsessed with this guy were right. Seems like someone on staff either wants to be him or has a weird crush or something. What's up with that?

332 days ago


What is listed is hardly a stockpile. What is written here is little more than anti gun propaganda, or, to put it another way, it is a substance that one normally flushes down a toilet. And I am no fan of Zimmerman. Heck, I take more guns and ammo than this on an afternoon of target shooting.

332 days ago

all about the money    

3 pistols, a shotgun and a rifle and a 100 rounds of ammo hardly make a "stockpile". I have 2 pistols, a shotgun, and a rifle myself. Have a box of ammo for my 44 Mag (50 rounds), 4 boxes of .45cal ammo (50 rounds per so 200 rounds total) for my Glock, 2 boxes of shotgun shells (25 per box so 50 total), and 5 boxes of 7.62 rounds (20 per box so 100 total) for my SKS. So I have 4 guns and about 400 rounds of ammo now and compared to many others I have no where close to what one would call a "Stockpile" in America.

332 days ago

BT Richards    

5 guns? 100 rounds? Really? All legal?
This is a story?
As someone who grew up in the midwest and hunts, I would by no means call this a 'stockpile'...

332 days ago

Suzy Q     

I see all the paranoid gun nuts with their own stockpiles of weapons (available to shoot their spouses and neighbors) are saying "what stockpile"?

Well, you can be the police think it's a stockpile since Zimmerman barricaded the door for a shoot out with the police.

And it's about the same amount of ammo many of our school shooters have had on them.

It really depends on what you're going to do with those guns and ammo. And it's pretty clear what Zimmerman does with them.

Get a job, Zimmerman!

332 days ago


Trayvon Martin was a thug that got what he deserved. You shouldn't attack people, especially people with a gun. How HILARIOUS to see the ignorance about what REALLY happened displayed. Tell us some more about how he got "stalked and killed" you idiots.

332 days ago


Six guns is not a stockpile. We need a million more HEROES like Zim on the street eliminating thugs. This guy represents the best of our society. Cleaning the streets of ghetto rats is a good thing.

332 days ago


George Zimmerman, still FREE and he will remain FREE. Suck it libs.

332 days ago
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