George Zimmerman Ordered to Give Up Guns And Stay Away from GF

11/19/2013 11:45 AM PST

George Zimmerman -- Ordered to Give Up Guns ... And Stay Away from GF

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1:30 PM PT -- Zimmerman has just been released from jail after bonding out for $9,000.

George Zimmerman has just been ordered to stay the hell away from his GF after their domestic violence dispute yesterday -- during which he allegedly pointed a shotgun at her face -- and he's also required to give up his firearms ... shotgun included.

Zimmerman just faced a judge in Florida for the first time since his arrest. During the hearing, the judge granted him $9,000 bond ... but on a few conditions.

1) Zimmerman must stay 1,500 feet away from his GF at all times, and have ZERO contact with her.
2) He must relinquish possession of his firearms (including the shotgun he allegedly pointed at her)
3) He can't leave the State of Florida
4) He must wear a monitoring device to track his location

Normally, a defendant is required to purchase his own monitoring device -- which can be pretty expensive -- but Zimmerman's lawyer said he's too poor ... so the judge waived the cost.

During the hearing, the prosecutor also recounted an additional domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred last week, during which Zimmerman allegedly choked his GF and then threatened to commit suicide. The incident was not reported to police.