Joanna Krupa My Vagina Smells Like Roses ... Here's the Proof

11/27/2013 6:02 AM PST

Joanna Krupa is firing back at Brandi Glanville -- claiming her lady junk does NOT smell funky ... and she's trotted out two character witnesses to vouch for the pouch.

Krupa was leaving Mr. Chow in Bev Hills last night when we asked about her stinky feud with her "Real Housewives" rival -- which escalated earlier this month when Brandi began to compare Krupa's nether regions to a sea creature.

But Krupa didn't only defend her lady scent, she went right back after Brandi's crotch -- telling TMZ, "I understand she's bitter because her hot husband left her ... maybe hers smells and that's why he left her."

Vagina wars -- the saga continues.