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'Fast and Furious' Star Tyrese

Breaks Down at Paul Walker Crash Site

12/1/2013 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Tyrese Gibson was overcome with grief Sunday afternoon when he showed up to the crash site where his "Fast and Furious" co-star Paul Walker died less than 24 hours before.

Tyrese paid tribute to Walker during a quick stop at the Santa Clarita crash spot moments ago ... the same place fans are leaving tons of flowers and various tokens in honor of Walker.

Gibson is clearly falling apart while visiting the death site ... and everyone around him is completely silent while he mourns.


3:00 PM PST -- Tyrese took a piece of the crash wreckage home with him and posted a pic of it online afterward.



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What a way to grieve. Let me draw attention to myself with an artsy photo of me holding some wreckage and some empty sentiments for everyone to see.

I can't be the only one who got that from this.

303 days ago


I couldn't even watch the whole thing! The way people were crowding around Tyrese made it seem like the whole thing was for show. Goodness! I'm sure Tyrese was in such a state of shock that he didn't even notice all those people around him. When something traumatic happens it's like a cloud in your head and you have tunnel vision. It must be gut wrenching to see the actual accident in person when you were probably just laughing it up with your buddy just days ago. I feel for Tyrese. All those people around him though? Just goes to remind all of us the time we live in. People don't have any sense of right or wrong anymore. Someone is clearly grieving and all you can do is stare all up in this mans face because he is a celebrity. It is sickening.

303 days ago

Donna Burke    

OK, so I have been just heartbroken over the senseless loss of these 2 men. I regret watching this video. However, I also feel disgusted by the people standing their watching Tyrese morn his friend. It was bad enough the camera crews were taping him but those A&*HOLES following him with their phones and freaking Ipads was absolutely revolting!!! They should be ashamed of themselves. How would they feel if on the day after they lose a friend in a car accident someone tapes their suffering!! Whether people believe this was staged or not the behavior of the gawkers sickened me. May Paul and Roger rest in peace and I can only hope people will respect their families while they grieve. They are all in my thoughts and prayer's!

303 days ago


Im so very sorry to his family and friend's! You can tell his heart is broken! Losing some one you love is the worst pain you can ever feel!

303 days ago


WHY is he THERE? Drawing attention to himself... Taking a 'souvenir' of the crash and INSTAGRAMING it... Standing there in front of cameras and everyone else all alone? ... just looks like he's making it all about him. It's disgusting.

303 days ago


Why are all those people even there? They seem more interested in Tyrese shedding a tear than this man's death

303 days ago


for once tmz should have turned off the camera just while Tyrese was grieving . he did not have to have the camera s on filming him mourn.

303 days ago


So reckless -.-' They have to get the guy grieve in peace ! Just for a few Minutes .( ..would have been no problem.)
Can't unterstand why they all standing there with there phones and cams ,while he mourns the loss of his disrespectful :( Can't really believe how people can be so awful .

303 days ago


You guys at TMZ are so disgraceful and disrespectful. How would you like it if you were being recorded while you were emotionally mourning the death of somebody you cared about? Let the man mourn in peace and privacy. It's unbelievable how little regard you guys have for the privacy of others. And you wonder why people view you so low. How about you guys get a real job that carries respect and credibility with it? I bet you guys were happy he died because it's an opportunity for you guys to profit off of the loss of others. Get a life you worthless parasites.

303 days ago

spreading truth    

I've yet to hear him complain about cameras being there. he's a pretty smart guy. he knew there'd be news cameras there. he knows how people are with cell phones. people grieve in different ways. maybe it was important to him to be there, to be around others that felt the same way. yeah, the cell phone thing seems creepy, but thats the world we live in now. you don't see the other cast members there because maybe the public display thing isn't for them. and thats ok too.

303 days ago


He's seems to be taking it pretty hard. I could NEVER judge someone for how he's handling it. It didn't feel real to him, so he had to see the site himself.

303 days ago


TMZ you are suck ***** for posting video and photos of this.

303 days ago


so he mourns before the camera then posts pics of what he took...mourning in hollywood

303 days ago


omg this is so heartbreaking...

303 days ago


If he wants to grieve in peace, he shouldn't go out in front of cameras to do it. Simple. Don't turn a tragedy into a photo op and it won't be one.

302 days ago
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