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Paul Walker

Dispatch Recording ...

'Dead on Arrival'

12/6/2013 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


First responders to the Paul Walker crash declared the actor dead almost immediately after arriving on the scene ... and TMZ has obtained audio of the call to dispatch.  

According to the recording ...  the first firefighters arrived less than 3 minutes after a 911 call alerted them to the crash -- and one of their first communications from the scene is "two fatalities" ... and "DOA."

The man on-scene also informs dispatch it's a "Code N" incident ... which means it's a newsworthy event that should be handled with care.

As we previously reported ... several of Paul's friends were on-scene and most likely told firefighters the actor was in the vehicle.

Listen to the audio ... it's clear firefighters had no doubt Paul and Roger Rodas died instantly.



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Oh come on, let the poor man rest in peace. Enough already.

285 days ago


Why is it, 911 operators always sound irritated, bored and snotty...?

285 days ago


What is wrong with you people? This man had a family, and a daughter, and people who loved him. Do you really think they want to see this and read this? Gawd- I am seriously considering deleting you from my list.

285 days ago


Terrible. K tmz, you've posted pretty much all you can about this story. Now it's like you're pulling things out of your ass for views. Did you guys ever stop to think how the deceased would feel about this? Have some respect. These were people! They wouldn't want their deaths to be sensationalized in this way. It's one thing to report the basic story and another to become sick and wrong.

285 days ago


sick of these jerks who get all high and mighty with their feigned outrage. guess what dip****s, if this stuff bothers you- DON'T EFFIN LISTEN!!!

285 days ago


Stop complaining about what stories tmz posts. If you don't like it, go read something else for entertainment.

285 days ago


I love Paul Walker but the fact that he was 33 dating a 16 year old girl is making me think what a f*****?????? What was wrong with him???? And Don't say it's just numbers !! It's not normal what they were doing homework??????

284 days ago


I didn't read the article. I just wanted to say that I really wish TMZ would let this man rest in peace. A story every 23 minutes on him is a bit much; not because of disinterest. Just let him rest please.

284 days ago


Oh, FFS. Let's move on already. It's a shame he died, but it was an accident. Let the family grieve in peace.

284 days ago


so sad

284 days ago


Let's be real. Yes it is sad but you have to be pretty damn reckless to lose control of a high end Porsche which has extremely good handling. And for it to catch fire after hitting a relatively small tree tells me that even more so. The saddest part is the disregard for the safety of the passenger who's family will also be forever affected. This is about as ironic as it gets. Die doing what the subject of the movies are all about - stupid street racing. People have been dying via street racing by trying to mimic all the Fast and Furious movies for years. Now that one of the main stars of the movie has been killed doing it, maybe Hollywood and the fans will finally say enough is enough. with the Fast and Furious sequels and men in their 40's trying to act like they still in their 20's.

284 days ago


let them rest in peace. have respect for the familys. Isnt there enough to gossip about ?

284 days ago

Julia Stiltner    

It seems that the saying only the good die young was correct this time. I wonder if he had not been so cute and nice to people would people care so much, this time, I think yes. Lets say a certain singer, who just had a baby with kim who seems to think they are as important as God had died, would he be as news worthy, I don't think so. I thinks it is important to let Paul and his family have some silence, leave them alone. I think that for you who type negative things you are jealous, and that is a shame. I don't think Paul woul like all the attention that he is receiving and if he was a CHRISTIAN, he is in HEAVEN. For his family and friends I am truly sorry for your loss.

284 days ago


Who cares,tell us more of the 16 year old .

284 days ago


Seriously??? How sick is this too his friends family and fans? It's enough!!! I couldn't imagine them reading this. It's enough! Whatever new story or "ghost conspiracies" you guys master up is extremely disrespectful and repaling. He is gone let him be nothing is going to bring him back. I'm losing tons of respect for tmx

284 days ago
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