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'Fast and Furious 7' Director

We Will Finish Making the Movie

12/7/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

120713_james_wan_launchPaul Walker's death may have put a halt to production on "Fast and Furious 7" ... but last night the movie's director told us there are absolutely no plans to abandon the flick.

A somber James Wan was leaving LAX when he told us how the cast and crew are holding up after Paul's death a week ago ... and assured us 'F&F 7' is still a go.

Wan didn't offer details on how he'll complete the movie, but there would seem to be only two options:

1) Keep the footage they've already shot of Paul, and write out his character, Brian O'Conner.
2) Rewrite the whole thing without Brian O'Conner and shoot the movie from scratch.

Got another idea?  Write it in the comments.

Clearly, any option will require extensive script changes, so ... it remains unclear how long Universal will have to postpone production.


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Keep the parts with Paul Walker and make a scene where Paul dies (the same accident like in Real world),and on the end something like in memory of Paul Walker... Mayber Burnouts of his name :)

Race in paradise my hero..

327 days ago

Nico Ga-ang    

Why not make it as a tribute to Paul? Make some scene that he is leaving or something that he might look like a hero for the other cast. Please don't cut the scenes or trash the scenes that Paul have done.

327 days ago


i found this on twitter and i think it would be perfect...

I think it would be more respectful if they wrote his death in and had his funeral. like maybe he dies in the middle of the movie. Life lost in a fiery car crash. Vin Diesel tries to get him but the car explodes. There is slow motion running and crying. Dom holds Mia back from trying to get to the burning car. Theres no time to mourn. They must turn their sadness into anger and get revenge on the people who did this. They must finish the mission to honor his memory. Action and racing ensue. a short moment when Tyrese is chasing Jason Statham. He says ' this is for you Brian" and rams his car into Jason Statham. His car flips and in midair there is a flashback to the lunch in Fast 6. Tyrese says the prayer. End flashback. Tyrese awakes to what sounds like Brians voice calling his name. He pulls himself out of the car. Mission accomplished. Final scene. Cemetery. Closed casket. Silent. Each person places a rose on top of the casket except for Dom. He walks up to the casket. Flashback of "You owe me a ten second car." scene plays. Dom places the keys on top of the casket and walks away. The team is seen walking away from the scene is classic action slow motion movie style. A series of brightly colored race cars line the street. Each memeber gets in and drives off. One car is left sitting there. Flashback to the car that Paul first drives in Fast 1. The scene shows the car driving off into a beautiful sunset. The screen fades to black. "In loving memory of Paul Walker" shows on screen.

327 days ago


Write him out. Make it to where his character dies or something like that

327 days ago

John Doom    

Keep him in it but hire Steve and his friends from "American Dad" to rewrite and polish the script.

327 days ago


I think they should do a scene where brian dies and end his character because you can't have someone else play his part. that will upset his fans. I couldn't see someone else playing his part i wouldn't be able to watch the movies then. do a scene where he is killed and just end his character

327 days ago


Killed him in the movie and have dominic torreto get revenge

327 days ago


Keep the seances rewrite the ending

327 days ago



327 days ago


As sad as it sounds and in order to continue the franchise Paul's character would have to be killed off somehow something that in the next installment avenges his death or something?

327 days ago


This would amazing if they could find a way to film tthe rest like this. I think the family, friend, & fans would love it .

326 days ago


Keep the scenes Paul Walker has already done and put a twist on it where he is kidnapped. There would be a lot of different ways for them to go from there. 1) they can have the bad guys be the ones to kill his character as Vin Diesel and Co. try to save him. 2) paul walker's character get so severely beaten that once Vin Diesel and Co. save him, his character needs plastic surgery…(enter actor of their choice to replace Paul Walker as Brian O'connor).

326 days ago


Get a look a like to help them fish it off

326 days ago


Finish it

326 days ago


They should keep what they have and call Lucas Black from Tokyo Drift. He could come in and help the team. He's not Paul Walker but I think it would help. RIP Paul.

326 days ago
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