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Kate Barry

Daughter of Birkin Bag Lady Dead

After Fatal Apt. Fall

12/14/2013 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1214_jane-birkin_getty_bagThe daughter of the woman who was the inspiration for the famous Birkin bag is dead, after plunging from her Paris apartment building.

Kate Barry, the daughter of Jane Birkin, fell 4 floors to her death Wednesday night.  The circumstances of the fall are unclear.

Jane Birkin is an English actress who had a scandalous affair in the 60s with a French singing dude, but her big claim to fame is the ridiculously expensive purse -- ranging in price from $7K to 150K.

Kate Barry was somewhat famous in her own right ... she was a photographer who was published in Vogue, Elle and other mags.

Kate's dad, John Barry, is a famous composer of numerous movie sound tracks, including 11 James Bond flicks.

Barry struggled with depression.  Antidepressants were found in her apartment.


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James B    

OK - several things here. 1 - Kate Barry was an amazingly TALENTED photographer with a 20 year career in fashion and celebrity portraiture. 2 - The woman pictured in the article is JANE BIRKIN her mother. 3 - Jane Birkin is a very well respected actress (watch Death On The Nile with Bette Davis and Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith, Mia Farrow, Angela Landsbury etc....) not just a handbag b*tch. 4 - Serge Gainsbourg is France's Bob Dylan so I'm guessing quite culturally iconic....... a little bit.... 5 - If you're going to write a patched together piece of garbage about someone who's just died.... maybe bother to TRY getting some facts right.... otherwise, it's PERFECT. OK, where do I apply for a job at TMZ? If even basic google skills aren't an entry level requirement, then I stand a chance EH!

229 days ago


What a crazy insensitive article. She is a world famous singer and actress both in England and France, was married to a french singer icon, Serge Gainsbourg. .They sang together the classic "Je t'aime, moi non plus" which you can hear in a number of american movies. One of her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg has been in a number of american movies. Clearly she is more than the "bag lady".

229 days ago


today is Janes bday

229 days ago


To begin with, I've never commented on this or any other celeb rag in my life, and never will again. HOWEVER, this "article" is a piece of garbage that a lazy individual slapped together. When u don't have all the facts, as a journalist/blogger/semi-intelligent person, you have a responsibility to either educate yourself or scrap the job. I mean, this "article" is shocking to me....i know TMZ sucks when it comes to grammar & fact checking but this is a whole different level. It's def teetering on the border of libelous I would think!!!???!!! Shame shame SHAME.

229 days ago


Jane Birkin's claim to fame is being a respected songwriter and actress. Her two other daughters are Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon. The 'French singing dude' happens to be Serge Gainsbourg.

What a terribly written, crude and cruel article.

229 days ago


Scandalous affair in the 60's ? you know nothing surely ! they were in love but their own way at a time when minds weren't ready for it and please pay some respect for the genius that was Serge GAINSBOURG ! and Jane is well loved and appreciated over here so don't try and ridicule her with that bag story, she has talent and she is a great singer and actress and I guess she has other worries on her mind at the moment than that bag !
sad to see that you keep on spreading dirt when people do suffer a loss or else ! honestly ?

229 days ago


Shame on you !
Google Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg, Kate Barry, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lou Doillon and try to educate yourself !!!

229 days ago


WHY is this incorrect, inappropriate, misinformed fable still up on this website? IMO, the family has every right to not only be pissed off, but to also demand an apology/retraction and seriously consider legal action. If these were my family members I would be enraged by the ignorance and lack of morality here....Take it doooown!!!

229 days ago


This post was written in such a rude ****ing way. Have some respect, TMZ. You guys are ****ing s***bags.

229 days ago


How French of her!

227 days ago


Chick look like a Brit,with those hideous teeth. So many tasteless jokes,to be made with "bag" . Of course TMZ already cleverly,threw the first punch .

227 days ago

Joan Hager    

What an insensitive article - Jane Birkin is known for more than just a handbag if the writer of this piece knew anything about the past 30-40 years or so - maybe a little time in Europe would help to expand his/her experience - The tragedy is the death of her daughter

205 days ago
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