YG Suge is Right About N-Word 'I Feel Like It's Love'

12/17/2013 10:20 AM PST

Rapper YG is backing Suge Knight's controversial stand on the n-word ... telling TMZ he thinks it's a sign of respect, love, and can even be uplifting despite its ugly track record.

YG -- whose biggest hit is "My Ni**a" -- was outside AV Nightclub last night when he said he understands the n-word "got history to it" ... and that people have suffered for it ... but he says times have changed ...and now it's a sign of friendship.  

We broke the story ... Suge told us he actually prefers the word "ni**a" to African-American ... because he's not from Africa.

Check out the clip -- YG goes even further on the word, saying ... "I feel like it's love."

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