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Suge is Right About N-Word

'I Feel Like It's Love'

12/17/2013 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper YG is backing Suge Knight's controversial stand on the n-word ... telling TMZ he thinks it's a sign of respect, love, and can even be uplifting despite its ugly track record.

YG -- whose biggest hit is "My Ni**a" -- was outside AV Nightclub last night when he said he understands the n-word "got history to it" ... and that people have suffered for it ... but he says times have changed ...and now it's a sign of friendship.  

We broke the story ... Suge told us he actually prefers the word "ni**a" to African-American ... because he's not from Africa.

Check out the clip -- YG goes even further on the word, saying ... "I feel like it's love."

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No Avatar


does tmz think that because they got some ignorant rapper to say an ignorant thing, that they can get away with calling black people ******s?

310 days ago


Rappers are to black people as Linsday Lohan is to white people

310 days ago


Great more ignorance... Looks like TMZ is looking to justify racism... Who is Suge and this fool relative if the rest of the black population ... TMZ you're wrong for still talking about this story...

310 days ago


Hey, YG, smoking all that OG Kush or other marijuana, it's clouding your judgment (that's if you had any before smoking). Using the N-word, regardless who you are, is despicable and pathetic -- shame on both of you for thinking it's okay and "love" using the term.

310 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

I guess TMZ thinks it is ok to call a black person a *igga?

310 days ago


I don't know maybe it's a good thing that they flipped the word around, what was once used as an insult, they now see as endearing? Why not? I'm not defined by what others say or think

310 days ago


Y'all are ignorant. Quit entertaining this!!!

310 days ago


Why don't we just capitalize Black???

310 days ago


Really TMZ? Sug does not speak for the black population. That has been, is and always will be a derogatory way to refer to black people. Ignorance at its finest. Both of you!

310 days ago


TMZ is as racist as they come. Harvey aka I got the short man complex loves this racist crap. Knight and YG are two uneducated thugs and not the voices of African Americans. Harvey maybe you should take another poll asking if we should call Jews Jewish Americans or Kikes...where is that poll Harvey? You Jackass!!!

310 days ago


"TMZ" ur looking for a way to justify the sh!t u posted early regarding Suge Knight.... this is bullsh!t... and this so called rapper is 2... he made money of his wack @$$ song so duh he's gonna say its ok... dont call me a n!gga or African American. .. im not ignorant and I didn't come from Africa. ... TMZ STOP ur causing unnecessary problems. ..!!

310 days ago


It doesn't take any intelligence to track down black trash and bait them to prove how fvcked up they are. The Black race in America has hit the skids--I see little to no hope of them ever pulling themselves up.

310 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

I prefer person of color. Not a *****, not African American or black! I'm not from Africa and NO where near 100 percent black, which is what "black" really truly means! I'll still accept being called black over AA any day of the **** week. Leave that to the real Africans please, and self titled *****s--- GROW A BRAIN! yuck....

310 days ago

Theresa Q    

Ok....while on one hand it is a good thing to take the power/ugliness out of a word, I for one will not be using it. It is far too incendiary, unnecessary and potentially hurtful.

310 days ago


OH, OH, we go!!!! TMZ talkin' crap 'bout my n****r; Flavah can tell you who's first n' who's biggah!

310 days ago
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