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Chuck D

Listen Up White America ...

We Ain't 'Ni**as'

12/18/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has a message for anyone buying into Suge Knight's take on the n-word -- tossing around that epithet is vile and disrespectful to the Civil Rights movement ... no matter how much it's overused in popular music today.

As we reported, Suge proposed a controversial idea this week -- eliminating the term "African-American" ... because he feels it's inaccurate ... and instead going with "ni**a." 

Chuck D agrees "African-American" isn't a perfect term since a white person could technically be African-American too -- but insists the n-word ... with an 'a' or 'er' ... is too rooted in bloody history and oppression to be used loosely.

Put more poetically by Chuck -- "Being called Black in America is the struggle to keep us moving and breathing over bloody water. Being a Nig**r or [Ni**a] without the context of history is like drowning in bloody water, dragging down those yet knowing to swim."

Chuck D, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, added -- he thinks rappers show a lack creativity when they use the n-word "more than 3 times a song. It's lazy. Especially when out of context."

In other words ... don't believe the hype.


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I have always wanted to say *****s a lot now I can cause suge said so.

275 days ago


The "N" word shouldn't be used at all!!!

275 days ago


OHHHH, so a black person using the word toward another black, is a term of endearment, but a white person using the word is racist!!! GTFOH FOR REAL!

275 days ago


Why is white America even in this ,Suge Night said nothing about white people, Time to move on

275 days ago


Umm. Hey Chuck D. Instead of telling us white folks not to use it why don't you address your own kind. I have only heard African Americans/Blacks saying it. I hear teenagers in the streets laughing and saying the word as if it were just another daily term. I hear the black saying it at my job. I have never witnessed anyone other than the blacks saying that word. So...if you're going to call out the Whites who aren't using it. Maybe you need to educate your people first since those are the only ones I know who are throwing that terrible word around constantly. My children are young and even in their elementery school we hear the young children say it to one another. If you want to eliminate it, work with the ones using it first.

275 days ago


How about speaking to black America. Using it more than 3 times a song? tell that to eminem.

275 days ago


Why Can't there be just one Race called PEOPLE?

275 days ago


It's sad in the year 2013 soon to be 2014 we still see the world as black or white. Ever notice how it's the rappers and clowns like Rev Al and Jessie J who continue to stir up the pot with race issues . It's their way of getting attention from the media and making money.

275 days ago


The article heading is completely misleading. While Surge Knight personifies ignorance in his statement I loved reading Chuck D's response. It was articulate and well thought out. Hate words ARE hurtful no matter where they come from. I'm a middle aged white woman with friends of every race, religion or srxual orientation. I've never been given dirty looks by who show affection to. I've never been followed in a store with someone waiting for me to steal. I've never been stopped and asked to see a green card because my skin was too dark. To have true equality we can't be naive. We've made tremendous strides but content of your chacter foes not factor in for everyone.

275 days ago


So then tell black americans to quit being effin hypocrites and STOP using thwe word already!

275 days ago


Someone with sense

275 days ago



275 days ago


The fact that this has been a topic for the week should be embarrassing to black people

275 days ago


I can see both of these guys' points.

275 days ago


What the hell do they wanna be called ?! They don't want ***** or ******s, they don't want Black or African American. what the hell, then?! They have some serious identity crisis.

275 days ago
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