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Clint Eastwood Divorce

No Way I'm Paying Her Alimony

12/20/2013 8:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood thinks his soon-to-be ex-wife should fend for herself ... because he's asking a judge to DENY her any spousal support.

Clint filed legal docs in the divorce case triggered by Dina Eastwood.  He's trying early on to shut down her request for support.  We're pretty sure the reason Clint is drawing the line is because there's a prenup that lays out their rights pretty clearly.

It seems there's a fight on another front ... custody of their 16-year-old daughter Morgan.  Dina has asked for full physical custody.  Clint wants joint physical custody.

Clint says their 17-year marriage crumbled more than a year and a half ago and they actually separated in June 2012.



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Oh WOW! Give it up Clint let go of all that money honey. Sad to say but you are way older then she is and time caught up with both of you. You cannot take it with you, so give Dina enough to be comfortable. I am an old lady and you would be too old for me now. Keep on making movies and live your life and let Dina and your lovely daughter live theirs.

314 days ago


gold digging ho.

314 days ago


What a typical Repub tight ass all they care about is MONEY . Clint I used to think you were a good guy but damn did you turn out to be lame as hell. I couldn't believe how you raved about how good looking Mittens was WTF and then the chair rant ? seriously you are turning into your character on Gran Torino

314 days ago


She signed the prenup. case closed.

314 days ago


Clint's point is that they have an extensive prenup that spells out the financial terms of any divorce. Bizarrely I seem to remember he honorably split his $200 million assets straight down the middle with his first wife
without controversy. This appears to be an issue of principles not finances. (not that Clint
Eastwood gives a twit about any comments on this matter.) Honoring the rule of law is so
rare these days, I actually appreciate his

314 days ago

Es Verdad    

Ok, Dina's alittle scatter-brained nutsy & I couldn't really see Clint yukking it up with that type when I watched the "reality" show of that troop of monkeys. That being said, I really must've had a totally wrong impression of Clint now that he refuses spousal support after 17 yrs, almost vindictive of him. I've been on the other end of a vindictive man's wrath and I just never thought one of my favorite iconic actors was like that. That's pocket change to what did she do to #iss you off Josey?

314 days ago


I watched her show twice just to see what she was like.
I didn't like what I saw. She is too impressed with herself.
She is very dominating in her personately. She lives off of being his wife, she knows nothing about music.
How did he ever put up with her for so long.
He seems very laid back, she seems like a very negative type A personality. She wants to be constantely in control.
She needs therapy I think.

314 days ago


dina is a nut job. remember her reality show. her household was like a zoo full of crazies. her kids were all losers too. and besides all that dad should have joint custody & dina...get a job. the free ride is over.

313 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Why is she yelling about "raising all of his kids"? She only has one kid with him. Is she talking about Francesca? The last time I checked, that girl has her own mother. I wouldn't brag about having anything to do with raising Francesca since she just drunkenly married some sloppy looking guy while on a Vegas bender.

312 days ago


LOL some people say he's cheap and some say she took care of him for 17 years....LOL They're RICH because of HIM!!! As if she served him on her hands and knees. They'd obviously hire maids etc. This lady is a scrub and by applying for sole custody it might increase her chances of spouse support - so not only is she s*** but a pathetic and weak woman who uses her flesh and blood for political leverage .

308 days ago

Jay Love    

guess there really is no fool like an old fool is there? I love Clint's movie more than anyone else but clearly he has an issue with chasing and marrying gals half his age or less? he has been married way too many times. I am not feeling sorry for this Dina either, they have a pre-nup, she signed it and she needs to live with it, anyway we all know she will get some huge financial settlement in the end, she will NOT be going hungry? he is just putting his foot down and saying no to alimony? if she ends up getting 50 million bucks, or whatever she doesn't need alimony so he would be right?

291 days ago

Jay Love    

there will be no getting into the job market for this Dina gal? are you kidding? unless you call reality TV a job? she married into this deal because of the power, money and fame, not because she wants an old guy? sorry Clint but women want money and your an easy mark, stick with dating from now on, lest you spend all your dough on divorce? Clint has a ton of money so Dina will be getting more money than any of us will see in two lifetimes, so don't worry yourself about her future? 50 or 100 million will get you down the road pretty far?

291 days ago

Jay Love    

based on some of these comments here you would think that Clint is trying to welch out on a deal, or leave this gal high and dry? does anyone here really feel with his vast wealth that his ex-wife won't be getting a huge payout along with the divorce? Hell she is winning the lottery here! 17 years tied down with grand-pa and she is likly to get 50 to 100 million minimum. people are upset because they have a pre-nup and it limits what she will get, but that doesn't mean she walks with nothing? I have heard Clint is worth more than one billion? its a lot whatever it is. I am sure he has no problem giving her what they agreed upon, he just doesn't want to pay more and why should he?

291 days ago


there are rumours about him being abusive and cheap with former partners. Ring a bell Sondra Locke.

140 days ago
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