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Demi Lovato

How Dare 'X Factor'

Joke About My Drinking Problem

12/20/2013 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Lovato is furious at the producers of "X Factor," grousing that she was blindsided by a skit that mocked her addiction ... TMZ has learned.

Mario Lopez introduced a skit which showed clips of Demi drinking what looked like booze, acting annoying and off center. 

Demi is extremely upset because addiction has turned her life upside down.  It got so bad, she was living in a sober house for more than a year just to avoid temptation.

You can see her reaction on the show ... at one point it appears she says "That's f**ked up."

Demi's already said she's leaving the show, but now it's pretty clear ... for her it couldn't be soon enough.

We contacted reps for the show ... so far no word back.



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That show is stupid and caters to Tweens. The performers are horrible and mediocre at beast. Simon is rude an arrogant and it's said ppl like him become successful and can reproduce. Good luck Demi... Sometimes it's better to just move on and never look back. PS Demi you have a pretty face so stop hiding it under that hideous hair. Work on your image.. Screw the X factor and move to The Voice where there is real talent and they seem to have a gray time. I only watched X factor last night and it was so obvious that everyone looked miserable, even the audience and family members of the performers. Only Carlito smiled. Everyone looked like they couldn't wait to go home

277 days ago


My bad on the typos.. Freaking apple auto spell

277 days ago


People make fun of it necause she can't stop f***ing talking about it. I've never known ANY recovering addict to talk about their past addictions like she does. Its like she wants people to continuously feel bad for her. We get it Demi. You used to enjoy getting f***ed up. Welcome to the world of high school students.

277 days ago

billy pootons    

what's the problem here... they weren't insuating another about her drinking problem... they made a not funny pun about "annoying juice"... what does that have to do with er drinking problem.... i dont get what is wrong with it... well besides not being funny at all.... why it is offensive??

277 days ago


That was in bad taste. Did anyone stop and think that that was super rude?

277 days ago


Is it ok to talk about her cake addiction or is that off limits too?

277 days ago

Wow ...    

Team Demi. I like her and appreciate she got help, without declaring "But I'm young and all kids do it". The producers making jokes about it, was uncalled for and should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to make fun of a girl who DID get sober and is trying to turn her life around. Unlike so many other Hollywood people.

277 days ago


In other words, when she uses her "inspirational" story of getting over addiction to her benefit that is fine, but if you make fun of the fact that she used to be a drunk that is terrible.

277 days ago


I do not know why anyone is really surprised. X FACTOR needs Ratings and, they have to Mock her Addictions, that is Pretty Low.

277 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Simon must have a real hardon for getting back at her for some reason. They didn't do any skits of Britney beating cars with umbrellas, holding her child hostage or shaving her head. They also haven't done any skits of Simon being a little light in the loafers or paying that bitch to get knocked up to cement the beard thing. That girl fights a battle every day, so why humiliate her like that. Prick.

277 days ago


OMG that has nothing to do with her drinking problem. They even showed a clip of her talking about her green juice. It was whatever she drinks on the show that they were making fun of, not her past. Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

277 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Simon is a goof, no doubt about it.

277 days ago


Saw it last night. She did not look impressed or happy for the matter.

277 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...def was crappy what they did and I felt bad for her at that very moment...idiots

277 days ago


I refuse to watch X-Factor as long as that Lopez is the Host. I just can't watch him.

277 days ago
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