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Cracker Barrel

We Know How the Wind Blows

Phil's Products are Back

12/22/2013 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Cracker Barrel execs have cracked after just one day ... lifting their ban on Phil Robertson's merchandise ... and it's the ultimate hypocrisy.

A CB rep now says the company had no choice but to cave after "Duck Dynasty" fans blasted them via email, phone and social media. 

Cracker Barrel decided to pull the products because it was so concerned about "equal treatment of all people" and "mutual respect."  In other words, they felt Phil was loathsome.

But so much for principles when the almighty dollar gets in the way.  Cracker Barrel now says, "You told us we made a mistake and you weren't shy about it ... you flat out told us we were wrong." 

And this is precious ... They say, "We apologize for offending you."

So here's the upshot.  On Saturday Cracker Barrel apparently felt Phil had offended gays and that's why they took a stand.  But 24 hours later they realized a bigger problem than offending gays is offending customers who pay for CB stuff.

So now the CB rep took the position the company should have taken in the first place:  "We respect all individuals' rights to express their beliefs."

How do CB execs move from office to office ... hard to do when you don't have a spine.


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BB not bb    

Croaker Barrel doesn't want to offend their whole clientele. Their high and mighty standards just flew the coop when profits flew out the door. They are just pandering for profits either way.

203 days ago


The wind blows from the front, not from the back . . .

203 days ago


TMZ stirring the pot again. GLAAD, A&E, TMZ incite hate and are bullies to anyone with differing belief system or opinion.

why don't they practice the tolerance they expect from others?
THAT is hypocrisy TMZ!

203 days ago


people can have a difference of opinion and beliefs TMZ, stop trying to dictate it otherwise.

Move on.

203 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

What the hell are you conservatives doing on this site. Go to Fox News or Stormfront.

203 days ago


TMZ throws stones all the while they practice hypocrisy ALL THE TIME on here.

Point that guilty finger TMZ. Point away because your doorstep is not clean either.

203 days ago


Somebody came to their senses. Gays don't go to cracker barrel! They like good healthy food!

203 days ago


Katie Holmes' knee has a vagina and CB has no balls.

203 days ago


So they figured out their client base is primarily Christian/conservative. Duh. Southern themed based restaurant.

203 days ago


So they figured out their client base is primarily Christian/conservative. Duh. Southern themed based restaurant.

203 days ago


It would seem they have learned nothing at all from all the discrimination lawsuits they have lost in the past.

203 days ago


I applaud Cracker Barrel. While I don't agree with what Phil said I believe he had the right to express his beliefs. we let s*** like Kanye West spout all sort of crap and nothing is every done so why single out Phil Roberston?

203 days ago

jdizzla a    

Tmz does not do a good job of hiding its biases

203 days ago


Kick Rocks GLAAD, you bullies.

203 days ago


Here we go again. Get some new material you crazy radical Christian conservatives. Borrrring

203 days ago
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