'Duck Dynasty' Star Miss Kay's Lookin' A-OK After Dog Bite

Kay Robertson's recovery's going so well following her recent dog attack, she might be back to her old self sooner than expected ... and without surgery.

The matriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" family tells TMZ ... she is looking and feeling much better after suffering the gnarly bite to the mouth from her own pup, Bobo, a few weeks ago.

As we told you ... Miss Kay's dog split her top lip and took a big chunk out of her bottom one when she snuck up on him for a goodnight kiss, startling him.

Her injuries required stitches and antibiotics, and Kay initially told us it would take about 4 weeks to heal ... and then she'd need plastic surgery for a full fix.

Kay tells us that's likely not the case now -- she's healing nicely and may only require some lip filler to be good as new.

We're told the only thing bothering her is having to eat differently because it's still painful to chew, but she hasn't let the injury slow her down. She went on a family vacation to the Alabama beaches shortly after she got bit.

As for Bobo ... Kay says he's been wonderful to everyone since the incident and isn't showing any aggression at all, almost like he knows he hurt her and is trying to make up for it.

That's a good boy, Bobo.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Kay Robertson Dog Bite Did Major Mouth Damage ... But She's On The Mend

The matriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" family looks like she's been in a bar brawl following her recent dog attack ... but she assures us she's doing fine and will hopefully be back to normal in a few weeks.

Kay Robertson, AKA Miss Kay, tells TMZ ... her dog, Bobo, really did a number on her mouth when he snapped and bit her last week. As you can see in the photos we got ... the pooch split her top lip and took a big chunk out of her bottom one.

Kay says it was a bloody mess when she was rushed to the hospital, and it looks even worse now!!! That's due to all the stitches and bruising ... which she says she's covering up in public with a face mask.

She adds that her mouth is full of stitches and she can't open it to eat -- she's only drinking through a straw -- and she's on antibiotics and using skin cream to heal up.

The good news, according to Miss Kay, is the hospital staff in Monroe, Louisiana did a great job fixing her up and her doctor's been very helpful. She's now back home recovering nicely, and tells us it'll take about 4 weeks for her lips and bruises to heal.

After that, she'll need some plastic surgery to fully repair her lip ... but then her doc says she'll be back to her old self.

Miss Kay also reiterates that Bobo biting her face was just as much her fault as his ... because she accidentally snuck up on him for a goodnight kiss while he was sleeping and startled him.

We're told there's no hard feelings, and Kay's family will love her no matter what her lips look like.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Kay Robertson Dog Attack Puts Her in Hospital

"Duck Dynasty" star Kay Robertson needed medical attention after being attacked by her own dog ... and the pup ripped off a piece of her lip.

Miss Kay, the family matriarch, was rushed to the hospital Tuesday after being attacked at home by her dog, Bobo ... according to Phil and Jase Robertson.

Phil shared the dog attack story on their podcast, "Unashamed" ... and he says he was awoken in the middle of the night by a bleeding Kay, who had a rag over her mouth as she told him she needed to get to a hospital STAT.

Phil says the dog split Kay's top lip in two, with the gash about a quarter-inch deep. He says she was bleeding all over the place and there was a notable chunk missing.

According to the family, Miss Kay was going in for a goodnight kiss when Bobo snapped back ... Bobo was already sleeping and she woke him up, and the pooch is not getting the blame.

The fam says Kay's lip required stitches and Bobo's already apologized.

'Duck Dynasty' Willie Robertson Drive-By Shooting Suspect Arrested ... Allegedly Drinking Vodka During Incident


10:03 AM PT -- According to a police affidavit, the officer claims King was the passenger in a white Ford F-250 and in possession of a .380 caliber. According to the docs, a juvenile witness in the car told cops King did, in fact, put the gun out the window and fired multiple rounds from the moving vehicle.


The officer claims King admitted he was the shooter and adds King said, “he was attempting to see if the gun was on safety or no." And, get this ... the officer also claims King admitted he "had been drinking Vodka during this incident.”


6:26 AM PT -- 4/27 -- Daniel Dean King has been arrested in connection with the alleged drive-by shooting and taken to Ouachita Correctional Center ... TMZ has confirmed. King was booked on 1 count of felony assault by drive-by shooting and 1 count of misdemeanor criminal neglect of family. His bond's been set at $150k.


3:35 PM PT -- TMZ has gotten a hold of a still shot from the surveillance footage that captured the suspected drive-by vehicle in action, and it looks like it's built for heavy-duty driving.


As you can see, it's one of those lifted pickups ... and you can even see it's got a license plate on the front, but it's hard to make out. The Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office tells TMZ ... it was actually two different properties at the same address that were fired upon on, not just one. Sounds like he has multiple homes on the property.


We're also told no arrests have been yet, and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with relevant information is asked to call 318-329-1200.

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson's home was the center of a massive shooting this week, where someone drove by and sprayed his home with bullets ... in broad daylight.

The drive-by took place Friday at Willie's estate in West Monroe, Louisiana -- where several of his family members are staying right now during the coronavirus, including his wife, Korie, his son, John Luke, and his wife and infant child ... as well as Willie's daughter, Sadie, and her own husband. He told local media 8 to 10 bullets hit the home.

Luckily, nobody was harmed during the shooting -- for which Willie himself says he was out at the store at the time -- but one bullet went through a window. He says witnesses told them a truck drove up to their gated property and just started shooting.

Willie says he's pretty sure whoever it was, they knew they were firing upon his place specifically, although he didn't elaborate on why beyond that. He also says his family saw the suspected vehicle drive by at least once before unloading in the middle of the day at 2:33 PM.

The truck in question is described as a white on brown Ford F-250 pickup with large aftermarket tires and rims. The driver was described as a white male in his 20s, and other passengers were said to be inside as well. The truck was reportedly caught on surveillance video. Cops are investigating, and Willie says he's in close contact with investigators.

Originally Published -- 4/26 2:39 PM PT

'Duck Dynasty' Star Jep Robertson Duck, Duck, Goose! Letting Louisiana Crib Loose

Looks like "Duck Dynasty" star Jep Robertson is gonna be crashing with family if he ever returns to Louisiana for the holidays because he's getting rid of his huge crib on famed Robertson Row.

Jep's listed his 6 bedroom, 6 bath home in West Monroe for $1.4 million. Most of the cul-de-sac is occupied by his famous family.

Jep recently relocated with his wife, Jessica, and kids to Austin, Texas to start his food truck business, which landed him the spin-off show, "Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty."

As for the 6,457 square foot pad he's leaving behind in West Monroe ... it's on a lake and comes with a fruit orchard and chicken coop, which we're guessing is duck friendly, too. The home's also got a 100-year-old fireplace, but that's not as cool as the copper tub in the master bedroom. You'll know it when you see it.

Phil Robertson Don't Be an Odd Duck, Cruz ... Get On Board with Donald!


"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson's got some advice for Ted Cruz -- get off the tracks, the Donald Trump express is coming through.

We got Phil on his way out of the RNC Wednesday night and he was fired up about "Lyin' Ted" going rogue -- refusing to endorse Trump during his speech.

Check out Phil's take -- it's interesting because he admits he was a Cruz man ... until Cruz got crushed by Trump. He's moved on, and thinks it's time for Ted to do the same.

A&E to Toy Maker Go Duck Yourself

A company that made millions of dollars off of "Duck Dynasty" kites and motion-activated toy ducks may have to shell out some serious bills to a network that feels betrayed.

A&E has sued The Wish Factory -- which sells the tchotchkes -- claiming the company made nearly $3 million in the last 3 months of 2013 and they were supposed to give A&E a cut of the profits, but the network claims it got stiffed.

So A&E wants a hair over $320K, but even worse, good luck if The Wish Factory wants to keep selling all things mallard.

They'll never eat duck confit in this town again.

'Duck Dynasty' FAMILY DIVIDED Battle Lines Drawn Over LSU vs. 'Bama

A civil war is brewing inside the "Duck Dynasty" family -- a war that threatens to tear them apart from the inside out ... and it all has to do with one of the biggest rivalries in sports ... LSU vs. Alabama.

The family lives in Louisiana ... so you'd think they'd ALL be diehard Tigers fans, especially since Bama folk are so bitterly despised in the Pelican State.

But when Korie and Sadie were leaving Craig's in West Hollywood this week -- we asked if they were all pulling for the Bayou Boys when they take on Alabama on Nov. 8th ... and were SHOCKED at what we heard.

Listen closely to Sadie's answer ... it'll make any Tiger fans' ears bleed.

And to make matters worse (or better if you're a Bama fan) ... turns out Sadie has been supporting the Crimson Tide for a while -- and even sent some "Roll Tide" love to A.J. McCarron last year.

No word on how or why she became a Bama fan ... but we put some pieces together and it seems like it might be the same reason teenage girls all over the country piss their families off ... a boy ... who happens to live in AL.

Families have been torn apart for less.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Jep Robertson Out of Hospital After Seizure

"Duck Dynasty" star Jep Robertson is back home after being laid up in a hospital for a seizure he suffered while deer hunting.

Jep was released Monday, though doctors still haven't figured out what triggered the attack last week. In the meantime, we're told they'll be keeping him on meds, and he may need further testing.

We're told Jep doesn't have much energy, but he's still feeling much better than he was over the weekend. TMZ broke the story ... Jep was hunting with his brother Willie Robertson and some friends when he collapsed.

We're told producers are gonna let him get more rest before returning to filming.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Jep Robertson SUFFERS SEIZURE During Deer Hunting Trip

"Duck Dynasty" star Jep Robertson was rushed to the hospital this week ... after he suffered a seizure during a deer hunting trip ... TMZ has learned.

Jep -- the youngest of Phil Robertson's children -- was in the stand with friends when it happened ... Willie immediately rushed to his brother's side. J.R. was taken to a local hospital

A rep for Jep says he's doing better ... but will stay hospitalized for more tests. He's being treated with antibiotics to cover possible infections doctors think may have triggered the seizure.

We're told there was no paralysis or other permanent damage ... and Jep feels extremely blessed.

Sadie Robertson Now She's Gotta Cut Loose From Anti-Dance High School Rules

Mark Ballas has a true rookie on his hands with Sadie Robertson because the "Duck Dynasty" star hails from a high school where dancing is strictly forbidden ... just like "Footloose."

Willie Robertson's 17-year-old daughter is partnered with Ballas for this season of "Dancing With the Stars" ... but she also attends Ouachita Christian School in Monroe, LA where administrators have a longstanding ban on all school dances.

We spoke to Sadie's principal Jamie Stokes, and he was unapologetic about the school's policy ... which he says includes banning all dances. Even proms. Zero tolerance dancing, y'all.

Mark and Sadie advanced last week, but judge Julianne Hough told the 'DD' heir she's gonna need to get "more down and dirty" to win it all.

Sadie's dad shot that down almost immediately -- and we're guessing it's ditto from her principal.

'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson My Plan for ISIS ... 'Convert Them Or Kill Them'

The U.S. should deal with ISIS in one of two ways, if you ask "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson ... "convert them or kill them."

Robertson was on the Fox News show "Hannity" Tuesday night, and the topic of the recent beheadings of journalists in the Middle East came up. Robertson -- whose religious beliefs have stirred several controversies in the past -- offered up this ... "In this case you have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible."

Phil added, "I'm not giving up on them, I'm just saying convert them or kill them. One or the other."

Duck diplomacy. Hardcore.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Rocking Out in Nashville With Local Band

"Duck Dynasty" star Si Robertson got real country Friday in Tennessee ... no, he didn't hook up with a family member -- the reality star rocked his ass off.

Robertson linked up with The Mauldin Brothers at Rippy's in Nashville to perform a few songs ... and for some reason Si brought a blinged out microphone along for the ride.

The 66-year old attempted to hit some difficult notes while he sang to a surprisingly packed audience.

Try, yes ... succeed, definitely not.

'Duck Dynasty' Star My Dad Is a Prophet and a Martyr!

"Duck Dynasty" star Alan Robertson is defending his dad Phil Robertson's controversial views on homosexuality ... and even thinks his pops is "a 21st Century prophet."

As we told you ... the elder Robertson doubled down last month on the homophobic remarks he made to GQ magazine ... with a new fiery sermon on Easter Sunday.

Alan -- who's also a preacher -- spoke up for his father at a religious event earlier this month in D.C. ... and likened Phil to John the Baptist. Alan said Phil "has the heart and the mindset of a prophet … long hair, long beard, naturally camouflaged, he ate off the land and he pointed people to Christ."

The clean-shaven Robertson bro also compared fans flocking to the family compound ... to a modern day religious pilgrimage.

Phil Robertson Yeah, I Meant What I Said About Gays

Phil Robertson is stronger than ever that homosexuality is an evil that deserves disdain and eternal damnation.

The "Duck Dynasty" star gave a fire-and-brimstone sermon on Easter Sunday ... way stronger than his comments to GQ last December that triggered a brief suspension from the show.

Robertson told his congregation last month, "Neither the sexually immoral, nor the idolators, nor adulterers nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

Robertson also scoffed at the media for criticizing them ... scoffing that reporters were ignorant when it comes to the bible.

'Duck Dynasty' Stars Boycotted At Alaska State Fair

Life's not always fair if you're part of the "Duck Dynasty" brood. We've learned they've been invited to the Alaska State Fair ... but there are already cries of boycott.

The Robertsons were hired to do a town hall of sorts, telling stories about their lives and their beliefs. But those beliefs include Phil's views on homosexuality ... including his observation that a man's anus is no match for a woman's vagina ... and therefore the boycott.

We're told there's a groundswell from people who want to either get the Fair to cancel the gig or -- if necessary -- disrupt the gig.

State Fair officials tell us ... they don't endorse all of Phil's views ... but they believe his core value is family ... something near and dear to Alaskans ... so the appearance WON'T be cancelled.

Phil needs to stay clear of V. Stiviano ... bad things happen.

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