Botched Botox Patient I'm Droopy and Irregular ... But I'll Do it Again, Beats Wrinkles!!!

Whitney Buha's recent cosmetic procedure was an eyebrow-raising failure, but she's not scared to try again ... because she says the pros of youthfulness outweigh the cons.

The life and style blogger from Chicago's still dealing with the effects of botched Botox injections from a month ago, which resulted in a droopy left eye and a wide-open right peeper.


ICYMI ... Whitney details in the vid what went down, and how the Botox clinic made her appearance far worse than before she came in.

Buha says on top of everything else ... she suffers from dryness in her right eye because it's open wider to compensate for her left eye, blurred vision and headaches.

The good news -- as you can see -- her eyes are returning to normal, and she says doctors have assured her this is all just temporary. Still, it's a pretty scary experience, so it begs the question ... will Whitney get Botox again???

She tells us it's very likely she will and offers a sensible explanation. One thing's for certain ... she won't be going back to the same clinic.

Whitney also says offers have been rolling in for free Botox from all over the country in wake of her ordeal.

The eyes have it.

Dana White Stoked for Miesha Tate Comeback But It Was Mistake to Fix Your Nose!


Dana White tells TMZ Sports he's fired up for the return of Miesha Tate -- but there's an "I Told You So" moment in this clip he's been waiting to drop for years!

Long story short ... Tate got her nose surgically repaired after her 2016 brawl with Amanda Nunes.

White says he strongly urged her to NOT go under the knife until after her MMA career was seriously over ... because when you're a pro fighter, there's a good chance it could get broken again!

Tate ignored White's advice and got the surgery anyway -- and now that she's returning in July to take on Marion Reneau after a 4-year layoff, Dana's dropping the ol' "I Told You So!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

"I told her don't do it, I'll fix your nose when you're done," White says ... "[but] she did it."

"Her and I haven't talked about this but big mistake and over the last five years obviously she's given her nose plenty of time to heal."

But, Reneau -- the #12 ranked bantamweight -- is a legit striker who will likely take some shots at Tate's sniffer!

White says Tate's a grown-ass woman and she knows what she's getting herself into -- and he's happy to have her back in the fold.

He also dropped some news about Amanda Nunes -- saying Julianna Peña has been "driving me f**king bananas" trying to get a fight with the champ ... and he's leaning towards making it happen.

"[She] will not stop terrorizing me that she deserves this fight. Amanda Nunes this, Amanda Nunes that, Amanda is ducking her, Amanda doesn't want her because the style doesn't match up well for Amanda ... so I'm thinking bout doing a Peña and Nunes."

There's more ... White also talked about this weekend's main event -- Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 -- and explained why Stipe could be the most disrespected fighter in MMA history.


"I think he's starting to wear that underdog role and own it," White said.

"I think there's a lot less pressure on him going in there being the underdog. The disrespect continues for the champ."

As we previously reported, the winner will get to face Jon Jones ... White says he'd love to make that fight happen in the Fall.

Big fights ahead!!

Gorilla Glue Woman Discovers Lump in Each Breast ... During Boob Job Consult

Tessica Brown's joy after getting Gorilla Glue removed from her hair ... is giving way to a serious scare -- doctors found lumps in her breasts.

Tessica's manager, Gina Rodriguez, tells TMZ ... Tessica's getting a mommy makeover, which includes a boob lift/implants and some abdominal lipo.

As part of a pre-surgery consultation, Dr. Michael Obeng -- the doc who defeated the Gorilla Glue -- examined her breasts earlier this week, and unfortunately discovered a lump in each of Tessica's breasts.

We're told Tessica subsequently had a mammogram which confirmed the presence of masses. She's already had surgery to remove them, and they're now being tested for cancer.


While it's frightening news ... Tessica sees the silver lining.

She feels everything that happened with the Gorilla Glue incident was supposed to lead her to this very moment -- and she's grateful Dr. Obeng found the lumps now, and not further down the road when it might have been too late.

Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue Saga's Over ... Time for a Sip & Paint Night!!!


Tessica Brown finally washed that Gorilla Glue right out of her hair -- thanks to a surgeon -- but the painful drama means her Valentine's Day's gonna be more low key than she hoped.

We got Tessica at LAX Friday after her month-long, rock-hard hairdo saga came to a happy ending, and she tells us it's time to unwind this weekend in Louisiana with her sister ... and a little sippin' and paintin'.

Tessica says she and her sis are going to have a nice steak dinner too, while she enjoys the sweet relief. You'll recall, moments after the procedure ended Wednesday night, she mentioned having big Valentine's plans -- but sounds like she's decided to take time to recover instead.


We broke the story ... Bev Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng performed a $12,500 procedure for free to help Tessica out of her jam. The whole visit took nearly 4 hours, but when it was all said and done ... she was finally able to run her fingers through her hair again.


As for the recovery ... Tessica says she's gotta leave her 'do alone for 6 weeks, but then she can really wig out.

She also suggests she's no longer considering getting litigious about what happened to her, though there doesn't seem to be any love lost with Gorilla Glue either.

Finally, Tessica wants her ordeal to be a very painful and cautionary tale for anyone thinking about getting creative with Gorilla Glue.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

Sadly, that should-be-obvious advice comes too late for Len Martin ... a fellow Louisianan who apparently didn't believe Tessica's situation was as dire as she claimed. He paid the price with half of his lip.

Please, everyone ... listen to Tessica.

Gorilla Glue Hairdo She's Finally Unstuck ... See Video of Miracle Surgery!!!

Exclusive 2/11/21

7:15 AM PT -- A rep for Gorilla Glue tells us, "We are glad that Miss Brown was able to be treated and we hope that she is doing well."

Tessica Brown, the woman whose hair's been Gorilla Glued for more than a month, finally has sweet relief -- and we have video of the surgery that saved the day.

As we first reported, Tessica took up Bev Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng on his offer to perform the $12,500 procedure for free, and it was a pretty grueling process. ... about 4 hours long!

We shot the whole thing, from start to finish, and it's wild to see it play out -- and to see the relief on Tessica's face when it was all said and done.


Tessica was under a light anesthesia during the procedure, you've gotta see her reaction as she came out of it, and immediately reached for her hair. She got pretty choked up once she realized she could once again run her fingers through it.

We asked if she's done with home styling after the Gorilla Glue nightmare, and let's just say she's got big plans for this weekend.

@im_d_ollady/Tik Tok

As we reported ... Tessica had flown into L.A. from Louisiana Wednesday morning hoping Dr. Obeng could do what she'd tried, unsuccessfully, to do for more than a month now.

Remember ... in a pinch, she had swapped out her normal hair spray for Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive, thinking she'd be able to wash it out a few hours later. Since then she's been through the wringer ... suffering severe headaches, trying at-home remedies and even went to the ER, but everything just made her scalp burn intensely.


Dr. Obeng broke down his secret recipe for us, explaining it was all just basic chemistry. We're no scientists, so watch the video for his explanation -- but in a nutshell, he combined medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and a dash of acetone.

He said that's all it took to break down the polyurethane -- the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue. BTW, he didn't go in cold. You gotta see the dummy scalp Dr. Obeng used to test his solvent.


The only small relief Tessica had gotten before her Bev Hills visit, came last weekend when she and her sister used superglue remover to chop off her ponytail.

Speaking of that ponytail ... she says she can't wait to get her hair back to that length, and it is pretty amazing how much of her hair Dr. Obeng was able to save.

Tessica had told us she was prepared to wear wigs for the rest of her life -- but after this procedure, she won't need them for too long.

Gorilla Glue Hairdo Plastic Surgeon To The Rescue?!? Special Procedure On Deck

The TikToker who put Gorilla Glue in her hair is trying her luck in Bev Hills ... a plastic surgeon says he can remove the adhesive spray product from her rock-hard hair.

We've learned Tessica Brown's got an offer from Dr. Michael Obeng, who says he can fix her problems with a lengthy procedure.

We're told Tessica is flying Wednesday from Louisiana to Los Angeles to have the procedure done, and the good doc estimates it will take 2 or 3 days to completely rid her hair of Gorilla Glue.

@im_d_ollady/Tik Tok

Remember ... Tessica says her hair's been stuck in place for about a month, ever since substituting Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive for her normal hair spray. She says home remedies and a trip to the ER yielded no results.

Our sources say Dr. Obeng feels so bad for Tessica, he's performing the procedure for free. It's no small gesture, we're told the estimated cost is $12,500.

Rubbing alcohol hasn't worked on Tessica's Gorilla Glue hairdo, but we're told Dr. Obeng is confident he can remove the product using medical-grade glue remover.

Salt-N-Pepa Pepa Sues Doctor ... You Botched My Butt!!!

Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa can't shake her thang without pain and discomfort, because she claims a doctor pressured her into multiples butt surgeries and botched them.

Sandra Denton, better known as Pep, is suing Dr. David Sayah for negligence, claiming he talked her into 3 separate procedures to repair damage she suffered in a July 2018 car accident.

In legal docs, she says the wreck made the biopolymer injections she previously had in her butt and hips shift, leaving her in extreme discomfort. Pep says she was referred to Dr. Sayah in Sept. 2019 to help her out, and the plan was to remove the biopolymer material and butt implants to relieve her pain.

According to the suit, the doctor initially convinced Pep to simply replace her butt implants with smaller ones ... because she claims he told her she'd be distraught if she went back to her au natural derriere.

Instead, Pep alleges Sayah performed an unsuccessful liposuction, which required yet another corrective surgery.

Before that one went down ... she claims Dr. Sayah pressured her into a different procedure which caused her buttocks to harden and knot up -- making it difficult and stressful for her to perform on stage.

She claims the third and final surgery was in Feb. 2020 when Sayah finally removed the biopolymer material ... or so she thought.

Pep says she went to another doctor because her butt was still hurting and, after an MRI, discovered a "large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue remaining."

Pepa's suing Dr. Sayah for allegedly disfiguring her and says she'll likely suffer from the injuries for the rest of her life. She also says she's gonna need even more surgery.

'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina $20k for Butt Lift Sessions ... All Signs Point to Single?!?

If you thought "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick was single again, you may be right ... because we got the price tag for her new booty, and it screams READY TO MINGLE!

TMZ has learned Angelina dropped $21,600 on a series of butt lift procedures from a go-to doc she and some of the other 'JS' cast members have used in recent years -- one Dr. Tutela, who tells us he's administered three "Bandaid" sessions thus far. That's a helluva lot of dough to spend sprucing up one's caboose, FWIW.

As you can see ... the treatments are working for Angie -- her rear is, indeed, shaping up quite nicely. BTW, Dr. Tutela says the vials he's been shooting her up with are pricey -- about $600-$700 each -- and Angelina has gotten 12 vials per session! Something's definitely afoot ... no ifs, ands or butts about it.

Well, there's a few butts actually.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Here's the deal ... Angelina's been looking very much so like a non-married woman lately on social media -- even though she's hitched to Chris Larangeira and has been since November 2019. There's lots of pics of her and her girlfriends lately, but not so many with her hubby in frame. That's led folks to speculate they've already split up.

Based on how much she's spent on this new look of hers, that might be the case.

Oh, and we should mention ... Angelina is NOT shy about the fact she's gotten these butt procedures done. In fact, she's documented a lot of it -- and it sounds like it'll be a major topic of discussion on the new season that's debuting this fall.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Anyway, if it is true that she's unattached ... we're sure that new ass is gonna help a ton. Good luck!

'Botched' Star Terry Dubrow I'm No Lousy Doc ... Sues Patient's Lawyer for Defamation

'Botched' Doc Terry Dubrow is sick and tired of a former patient's attorney running his medical name through the mud ... so he's suing for defamation.

Dubrow just filed the docs against Texas lawyer Stephen Le Brocq who's representing Sandy Scoggins, a patient of Dubrow's back in 2019. Le Brocq sued Dubrow on behalf of Scoggins earlier this week, claiming she almost died after her butt lift procedure.

In the defamation suit, Dubrow's attorney, Larry Stein, says Scoggins kept in touch with Dubrow after her surgery and he claims she even admitted in writing that her "complications resulted from 'nothing ... anyone did wrong.'"

Stein says those communications are a far cry from what Le Brocq then did ... filing a lawsuit and making statements against Terry. Stein says Le Brocq accused Terry of leaving "medical equipment" inside Scoggins, which she claimed was a piece of mesh. Stein says Dubrow doesn't even use mesh in cosmetic procedures on the "abdomen, back or trunk."

The defamation docs also say Le Brocq included graphic images of Scoggins' "early stage post-operative wounds" in his legal filing for shock value.

TMZ broke the story ... in previous legal docs, Dubrow claims Le Brocq extorted him ... threatening him with a federal lawsuit and reporting him to the medical board if he didn't settle up with Scoggins for $5M.

'90 DAY FIANCE' STAR Larissa Lima It Pays Big to Look Like Kylie Jenner!!!

"90 Day Fiance" star Larissa Lima spent a fortune to look like Kylie Jenner ... but her expensive makeover is already paying huge dividends.

Larissa showed off her new look, inspired by Kylie, last week with a one-hour lingerie show on the webcam app, CamSoda ... and we've learned those 60 little minutes hauled in more than $100,000 for the site.

Our sources tell us Larissa's show hit the six-figure mark thanks to people paying to view the sultry show and tipping ... and we're told she had 10 times the number of viewers CamSoda usually sees for the biggest XXX stars and Instagram hotties who host.

It's pretty impressive ... we're told Larissa's show had so much interest, it now ranks in the Top 5 all-time on CamSoda. Hat tip to Kylie!

As we first told you ... Larissa dropped a cool $72,000 for a bunch of cosmetic surgeries, going under the knife with Dr. Lane Smith in Sin City to try and come out looking like Kylie.

Larissa got a boob job, liposuction on her abs and waist and a fat transfer to her bottom ... plus botox, fillers and laser facials. The whole shebang, ya might say.

The people have spoken ... and it definitely pays to be a Kylie lookalike.

'90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Lima Expen$ive Makeover To Look Like Kylie!!!

"90 Day Fiance" star Larissa Lima spent a ton of money on a makeover ... going under the knife to try and look just like Kylie Jenner!!!

Our sources tell us Larissa dropped a cool $72,000 for a number of cosmetic surgeries, hitting up Dr. Lane Smith in Vegas to try and come out looking like Kylie.

Larissa got a boob job ... and we're told her silicone breast implants took her from a 34A to a 34DD. Larissa went big, as in getting double the size of an average breast implant. Larissa also got a nose job. Both surgeries were performed in February, but she went back for more in August as an early birthday present.

For the second round of surgeries, Larissa underwent liposuction on her abs and waist, with Dr. Smith removing nearly 3 pounds of fat from her hips and a couple more pounds from her waist.

Some of the fat ended up in her butt ... Larissa had a fat transfer to her bottom, with over one pound going into each cheek.

When all was said and done, we're told the surgeries took 7 hours ... oh, and she also had botox, fillers and laser facials at Center For Aesthetic Medicine.

Looking like Kylie takes some serious dedication.

Larissa's already looking for a return on her investment ... she's got a big CamSoda performance Monday night -- a one-hour oil show in sexy lingerie and a one-piece g-string bikini.

If you got it, flaunt it ... even if it's not from momma.

'License to Kill' Host Terry Dubrow Beware Some Doctors ... Smart Ones Know How to Hide Crimes


Dr. Terry Dubrow says a truly brilliant doctor isn't always a good thing, because some of them use that genius for evil ... something he's learned in his new TV side gig.

The "Botched" star also hosts "License to Kill," and joined us on "TMZ Live" to issue a sober warning about how some physicians are able to pull off the perfect crime ... going completely undetected.

In fact, the famed plastic surgeon told us about an oncologist who put patients' lives at risk -- all so he could make major bank and live in the lap of luxury. Watch the video, it's a devious plot, to say the least.

Terry says the second season of "License to Kill" is gonna uncover plenty of horrifying cases like that. For instance, this Saturday's premiere on Oxygen follows a NY-based plastic surgeon who falsified his credentials and harmed patients in what should have been routine cosmetic surgeries.

He says the scariest part is oftentimes patients never even know they're being victimized -- which is what makes his medical true crime show not just entertaining, but educational for the public.

WWE's Charlotte Flair Reveals Awful Silicon Poisoning in 2018 ... from Leaky Implant

WWE superstar Charlotte Flair is opening up about a horrible bout with silicon poisoning in 2018 ... after she discovered one of her breast implants had leaked.

"Picture it. Charlotte, North Carolina, 2018. A young queen, shortly after a career-defining WrestleMania victory, finds herself sicker than sick at her brother's house," Charlotte says.

"A trip to the doctor tells us the likely culprit is silicone poisoning, and that my implant had been leaking for quite some time. It was one of the worse cases the doctor had seen."

Flair says she consulted with doctors about her options but ultimately decided to go with the choice that "allowed me to return [to pro wrestling] the soonest. That was the choice I made."

The 34-year-old pro wrestler says things appeared to be resolved for a while ... until a few months ago when "something felt off."

She returned to the doctor and found out the new issue was NOT related to silicon poisoning ... but she still needs another operation to fix the problem.

"The surgery is cosmetic to fix an issue from a prior surgery," Charlotte explained.

"This time, I'm going with an option that I believe will solve the issue long time, even though the recovery period is a little longer than I would like."

Now, Charlotte says she'll be taking some time off from WWE to fix the issue -- and she'll return "when I'm ready."

"The body will be rested, and the mind still focused on legacy. Focused on this job. Focused on being better. Always being better."

Flair later said she refuses to feel ashamed over the medical issue -- and seemingly wants to put a spotlight on it to let other women suffering from a similar condition to know they're not alone.

Get well soon!

Mia Khalifa Here's My New Nose

Mia Khalifa is looking different these days ... the ex-porn star turned sports blogger just dropped around $15,000 on a nose job, and TMZ has the first look!!!

We're told Mia went under the knife a week ago, getting a Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty courtesy of celeb Bev Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar.

The bandages have finally come off, and as you can see ... Mia's new nose is a lot smaller, and pretty darn cute. Nice work, doc!

Our sources say Mia's nose job is a long time coming ... we're told she's wanted one since she was 14, because her schnoz was one of her biggest insecurities. Yes, people who bare all for the camera can still be insecure.

Of course, Mia's signature look became her nose, eyebrows and glasses, so she was hesitant in recent years to make a change ... but she finally decided to go for it.

She wins this one by a nose.

Hailey & Justin Bieber Ticked at Doctor's TikTok ... Threaten to Sue Over Plastic Surgery Claims

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's blowing up on TikTok after posting a video suggesting Hailey Bieber's had some work done on her face, but now it's got him in legal hot water with Hailey and Justin.

Dr. Daniel Barrett's been hit with a cease-and-desist letter by the couple's lawyers, who claim he's using Hailey's name, image and likeness in his video without permission to advertise his practice and "spread false, uncorroborated claims that Mrs. Bieber has undergone plastic surgery."


On top of that, Barrett's being accused of copyright infringement for his use of lyrics from Justin's song, "Sorry," in the TikTok caption.

In the vid, which was posted over the weekend, the plastic surgeon compares a 2011 photo of Hailey to a more recent one and one from 2016. He says he thinks the physical changes are impossible without some cosmetic procedures ... specifically to her nose.

Barrett also speculates Hailey's undergone genioplasty and has lip fillers.

Hailey and Justin's legal team say the TikTok includes a number of violations, including "misrepresentation, defamation, slander, false light, violation of rights of publicity, copyright infringement, trademark and service mark infringement" and more.

They're demanding Barrett take down the video and issue a public retraction in the next 24 hours ... or else the legal fury is coming.

Dr. Barrett tells TMZ ... he doesn't believe his comments in the video are disparaging, and he finds it "crazy" that the Beibers want to chase him down for something like this.

He says his video is intended to educate about plastic surgery, and he does not plan to remove it and will deal with the legal ramifications.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Moving Forward With Caution ... Divided On Reopening

Plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills may have the green light to resume elective and cosmetic surgeries, but they're moving forward with caution ... and some aren't ready to reopen.

Dr. Rady Rahban tells TMZ ... his offices are reopening for everything from tummy tucks, nose jobs and breast-lifts to mommy makeovers, but there's gonna be some major precautions due to the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Rahban says people have been clamoring for surgeries during the outbreak, but appointments are now open and this week he's gonna start seeing patients again.

Among the new safety procedures at Dr. Rahban's practice -- the lobby will always be empty, patients will text when they arrive, wait and then head directly to a waiting room to ensure there is no contact between patients.

Face masks will be required for all of Dr. Rahban's patients and staff, and patients will have their temperatures checked upon arrival. There will also be a pre-screening over the phone, with questions about recent travel and exposure to the virus.

Dr. Joubin Gabbay tells us his practice is aiming to reopen May 15, but they're waiting for more guidelines on how to do so safely.

As we reported ... the Bev Hills city council voted last week to resume elective and cosmetic surgeries, setting the stage for plastic surgeons to operate on rich folks and celebs.

Dr. Gabbay has some reservations ... he says it's dangerous to open right now, even though patients have been calling since the lockdown started.

While Dr. Gabbay's been doing virtual consultations in the meantime -- liposuction is the most requested procedure -- his office will operate similarly to Dr. Rahban's when it opens again.

Dr. Gabbay says a COVID-19 test will be required for all patients and must be taken 5-to-7 days before surgery. Patients will be required to self-isolate and quarantine while awaiting results.

Surgeons at Dr. Gabbay's practice will also be required to take COVID-19 tests as needed and must test negative to continue working. If any staff is exposed to the virus, they will be quarantined and the entire practice may even be shut down.

Dr. Gabbay says patients must wear a mask and a face shield during operations.

Dr. Paul Nassif, who tells us he feels it is not safe to resume plastic surgeries and he won't open his practice until Governor Gavin Newsom gives the green light and provides details on how doctor's offices should safely operate.

The "Botched" star says clients are mostly seeking botox, nose-lifts and face-lifts ...  but whenever he reopens the practice, he will NOT be offering any operation related to the nose, mouth or lips, at least in the beginning.

Dr. Nassif says he wants to encourage patients to wear masks when they go under the knife, so those procedures are off the table for the immediate future.

The good doc also says he's going to focus on local patients whenever he opens back up, and he won't see patients who must travel to Bev Hills.

We spoke with Dr. Nassif's colleague, Dr. Terry Dubrow, on "TMZ Live" last Friday and he echoed the same sentiments, that plastic surgeons are fearing their own health and safety.


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