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AEG to Katherine Jackson


... Move On With Your Life!

12/26/2013 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1226-katherine-jackson-aeg-live-tmzKatherine Jackson is not only WASTING HER TIME by appealing the AEG wrongful death case ... she's also making a mockery of the legal system ... so says AEG.

AEG just responded to Katherine's request for a new trial -- after Katherine argued that jurors were bamboozled because the jury instructions blocked them from being able hold AEG responsible for Conrad Murray's actions AFTER he was hired to take care of Michael Jackson.

Katherine had claimed that even if Murray was competent when AEG hired him, they should still be liable because he proved reckless and irresponsible during the months leading up to Jackson's death, and AEG did nothing to stop it.

But AEG claims Katherine is simply grasping at straws ... and her appeal is a pathetic last ditch effort from a desperate woman. 

The entertainment giant also argues that the jury instructions were crystal clear and perfectly fair, taken directly from the California Civil Jury instruction guide book ... so too bad, so sad ... but that's the way the law works.

Ultimately, the judge will decide who's right on January 3rd ... when the case is due back in court.


No Avatar


omg, this woman is coming across as extremely desperate for money...has nothing to do with the death of her son....all she see's is dollar signs. Get lost you ole bat!

267 days ago


At the first trial with AEG I thought Katharine Jackson had no chance of winning. She was claiming she was looking for the truth, Now all the truth is she wants money that she will never get.

267 days ago


Hey mama jacko,


you can't have it both ways. You had no problem with "bamboozled" jurors when that jury reached a not guilty verdict for your pedophile son so MOVE ON.

267 days ago


What a dis functional family this is. The one that got me the most is when a Jackson married a woman and divorced and then that same woman married another Jackson brother. Wtf is going on in that family smh

267 days ago


She argues that AEG should have known Murray was being negligent...why didn't his very own familyknow? His family sure turned their backs on his drug use.

267 days ago


She should have to pay all court cost and lawyer fees if she goes ahead and loses again.

267 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

AEG, Sue the money grubbing bitch for the cost of litigation!

267 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

this black mother acted like black mother africa, she allowed he son to be sold so she could have money, now she blames any one but her self, she allowed her son to be tortured by her husband so she could get money,

267 days ago


If he was reckless and irresponsible during the months leading up to his death why didn't mama Jackson step up then? was it because he was still alive? take some responsibility and stop blaming other people.

267 days ago


She gets a huge amount each month.... geez let it go..

267 days ago


Does this woman have the IQ to understand it's over?? Seriously. Now, she's just looking like a money hungry whore. Someone needs to sit her down and explain reality to her. But it can't be one of the Jackson family, because at this point,, they all look like they are picking over any possible bone of their dead brother.

267 days ago


Die you old bag.

267 days ago


Light one & put it in the air

267 days ago


Greedy why not try extorting some money from Janet o wait she's smart enough to realize your just a money hungry old lady that doesn't deserve a penny

267 days ago


I feel bad for Katherine, but not for this. Lady please put the memory of your son to rest.

267 days ago
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