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AEG to Katherine Jackson


... Move On With Your Life!

12/26/2013 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1226-katherine-jackson-aeg-live-tmzKatherine Jackson is not only WASTING HER TIME by appealing the AEG wrongful death case ... she's also making a mockery of the legal system ... so says AEG.

AEG just responded to Katherine's request for a new trial -- after Katherine argued that jurors were bamboozled because the jury instructions blocked them from being able hold AEG responsible for Conrad Murray's actions AFTER he was hired to take care of Michael Jackson.

Katherine had claimed that even if Murray was competent when AEG hired him, they should still be liable because he proved reckless and irresponsible during the months leading up to Jackson's death, and AEG did nothing to stop it.

But AEG claims Katherine is simply grasping at straws ... and her appeal is a pathetic last ditch effort from a desperate woman. 

The entertainment giant also argues that the jury instructions were crystal clear and perfectly fair, taken directly from the California Civil Jury instruction guide book ... so too bad, so sad ... but that's the way the law works.

Ultimately, the judge will decide who's right on January 3rd ... when the case is due back in court.


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Come on Katherine - even Katie Holmes' knee vagina thinks you should move on.

300 days ago

john flynn    

Katherine Jackson and the whole Jackson family are disgusting money hungry pigs they will never move on if they could make a dime on Micheal name

300 days ago


she needs to sit her old ass down and knit something

300 days ago


I say Gooooooo Gooooo Jackson's if the drug's inflict you are not to quite !!!!! Get em ...

300 days ago


She really should listen to AEG. She's getting old. Instead of being so mad enjoy the last days of your life.

300 days ago


Sorry ``` Ma Jackson
Yo son was a junkie``` plain and simple!
Now move on ```` cause Michael has!!

300 days ago


Its not her but her greedy azz lawyers who are taking advantage of her age and family's greed. They know mega retainer $$$ will continue to roll even if they NEVER make it to court. She could be in a corner drooling for all anybody knows.

300 days ago


Right on AEG

300 days ago


Catherin Jackson should STFU since she did NOTHING to stop the abuse (I believe sexual) onto her family. Which kids still talk to their nasty father??

300 days ago


Ho' family of dead drug addict child rapist want more money.

300 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

If Katherine thought the jury instructions were wrong why didn't her attorneys being up that matter from the beginning

300 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Wise up, Katherine. You and Michael's children are set for life in a lifestyle few will ever know. It was not Michael's intention or obligation to support the entire Jackson clan for the rest of their they would like. Be grateful he did so much for all of them for so many decades.

300 days ago



Your GRAVY TRAIN left the DOCK when your son died.

Get a clue...

Hey.... why not ask your OTHER Sons to 'Kick into the Kitty' huh?

Oh yea, they're all worthless.

Oh well....
Social Security anyone??

Get off the stage, your looking like a MONEY WHORE instead of a son loving mother.

Take those Jerry Curl loving worthless bags of flesh you call sons with ya!

300 days ago


Somewhere (probably Las Vegas) Papa Joe Jackson is laughing.

300 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Well, God knows all, so I wouldn't say Mrs. Jackson lost so fast. their is one more Judge (top Judge) that AEG has to stand before. If you had anything to do with this quack doctor killing Michael, God already knows, so no excuse in the world will get pass God on Judgement Day.

300 days ago
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