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Katy Perry

Britney Spears Concert

I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry

12/28/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Britney Spears blew everyone away during her Vegas debut last night ... everyone, but Katy Perry.

Katy was front and center for the "Piece of Me" show -- rubbing elbows with Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert -- and while Miley danced her ass off, Katy couldn't seem less interested.

True enough ... Britney's no John Mayer, but come on Katy -- she's a much better dancer than him.

As they say ... you can please some of the people all of the time ...



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Just because Katy Perry wasn't jumping up and down looking cracked out like Miley doesn't mean she hated the show.

296 days ago


You guys don't usually post unfair comments like this - there is no reason for you to say this - it's mean, especially if Katy was really loving the concert and is a fan of Brittney's.

296 days ago


I really feel like she was not dancing at her full ability, but I mean, she is getting old, we can't stay in our 20's forever. Also in response to the other comments, where the hell is she fat?

296 days ago


Katy Perry is the most boring person ever. She doesnt have fans she just slept her way to a recording contract

296 days ago


"Omg, we have a pic of Katy perry STANDING! Oh the bs we can completely fabricate!!!" -tmz You know, guys it's really probably time to just shut down the site. These days, we only come to the site hoping you'll actually have a story, not some pathetic, desperate attempt at a story. There is celebrity news out there, your staff just doesn't have the skill to articulate that, so we get to read about Katy perry standing and that "somehow" equates to her not liking te show. I mean.. You guys reach all the time, but you've hit rock bottom. Study *listed and other successful, not simply made up, sites. You need help tmz. Fix yourselves or just shut down.

296 days ago


Her career is over???..why??..because she hasn't been releasing albums and doing concerts every single year?? that y some stars try their best to remain in the news??...britany is still young enough and she has a beautiful voice....Kate Perry and Miley also are talented singers......Jenifer Lopez and Beyonce can't sing....their voice is irritating and anoying...

296 days ago


TMZ makes it sound like Katy SAID that thing about paint drying. Just because Katy isn't jumping up and down like a cheerleader it doesn't mean she's not enjoying the concert.

Maybe she's just watching the show carefully in order to maybe get some ideas for her own tour coming up next year.

Maybe she's just hungover from the night before. Maybe she's sleep deprived because John Mayer kept her up all night. Maybe Miley Cyrus said some things to her that pissed her off and put her in a bad mood. Who knows?

296 days ago


Britney is talentless. She can't sing and couldn't dance her way out of a paper bag.

296 days ago

nick Kate Perry's a black woman singing parts of the chorus??....before I found out that it was a Kate Perry song I thought it was a black woman singing the chorus

296 days ago


The 1sst video was not clear but at least she was dancing. The video below it was NOT dancing.

296 days ago


The 1st video was not clear but at least she was dancing. The video below it was NOT dancing.

296 days ago


It's really not hating on someone filks.....but most of Beyonce song are trash.....yi don't understand y she is a sucessful singer.....did she really sell her soul for fame? Evans has such a beautiful voice.....she should have been a susessful singer.....y are the talentless ones successful??....the mother of notorious big kids....Faith evans

296 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

What does KP do just stand there with her snobama propaganda on, that's probably why her highschool boyfriend and russell brand dumped her because of non movement and being buttugly without makeup.

296 days ago


Britney Spears sucks...On, and off stage.

296 days ago


I don't even think it is mental illness that causes her to not be able to manage simple tasks. I honestly think she is extremely close to being mentally ret.arded. Have you ever watched her in an interview. WOW IS SHE DUMB.

296 days ago
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