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Katy Perry

Britney Spears Concert

I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry

12/28/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Britney Spears blew everyone away during her Vegas debut last night ... everyone, but Katy Perry.

Katy was front and center for the "Piece of Me" show -- rubbing elbows with Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert -- and while Miley danced her ass off, Katy couldn't seem less interested.

True enough ... Britney's no John Mayer, but come on Katy -- she's a much better dancer than him.

As they say ... you can please some of the people all of the time ...



No Avatar


It's a train wreck.

263 days ago

(ಠ_ಠ) Jacko The Pretty Little Shemale ( . ) ( . )    

charging rhinos thighs.

263 days ago

woolly -Bear    

Truly F#CKING AWFUL. I meant come on that's horrendous . Hello Vegas - You guys Rock? F#cking rock are you kidding me, more like DISCO POP S#IT. Christ she's getting fat and out of sync like a one legged TRoll. And what the F#CK is she wearing the head set for?? Mark my words - She won't last a month before she snaps...... ;p :p ;(

263 days ago


Meanwhile, REAL talented musicians and bands with amazing voices and amazing LIVE shows ...such as INCUBUS get looked's just sickening what this country has become when it comes to TRUE talent, its just pathetic!

263 days ago

Mermaid Mallory    

I can't really understand why considering that Katy perry is a terrible performer. And for the people defending katy claiming Britney does not sing live can go look up the word hypocrite because Katy doesn't sing live either. I think Britney is amazing <3

263 days ago


nothing like a beautiful Saturday morning to bring out the trolls… Haters - take a walk, read a book, get a life!

I like a few of her songs but wouldn't call myself a fan - but even so no other singer I can think of gets criticism for having backing dancers who are more athletic than the singer is.

263 days ago


Most of these stars don't sing live...they are breathless from dancing and perforrming which will affect their singing...but Brittany have moves...she is a performer...Beyonce simply whine her waist and thrust her pelvic...Kate Perry has a beautiful voice but she needs help in the performing part...

263 days ago


Every yr, I think maybe BritBrit will finally be trained to sing and dance but it doesn't happen. That said, she is one of the first performers whose marketing (and nothing else) is what made her into a "pop icon" and what does that mean anyway? Wait, yes, she is kinda cute but so are lots of other girls in the biz.

263 days ago


Britney sure has made a lot progress getting her career and personal life back on track after her meltdown in 2007. She looks like she's in better physical shape now than she's ever been. She can still dance as well as she used to.

Britney sure wouldn't be the first big pop star to have problems handling the pressures of the spotlight. LOTS of rock stars and pop stars have had meltdowns. Whitney Houston sure did. Billy Joe Armstrong from "Green Day" had a temper tantrum meltdown in the middle of a concert and had to go to rehab soon after. Lots of them end up being drunks, drug addicts, bankrupt, etc. A few of them like rock star Kurt Cobain end up dead. Other ones die of drug overdoses.

Hat's off to Britney for hanging in there and doing what she needed to do. People like a good comeback story.

263 days ago


If she doesn't even sing, what's the point of wearing a mic, so she can occasionally yell out 'Hey, Las Vegas' ?!? How is this show any different than watching a drag show in a gay bar ?!? At least some of the drag queens do Britney better than Britney does Britney, and some of the drag queens actually SING !!!

263 days ago


Why is there so many comments calling her fat? there is nothing wrong with her body. What is my definition of fat. Kim karadashian is fat. Britney in this video looks fine and her legs look toned. Her face however is looking bit old. That would be due to past drug use.

263 days ago


Britney, you forgot to take off your fatsuit before going on stage!

263 days ago

Roberik 22    

This is sad. I'm glad Britney got it together. And Katy is entitled to her opinion. But she needs to a bit more kinder. Isn't she a Christian.? If nothing positive to say, then don't comment Just saying. Look who she married. And who she is dating. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

263 days ago


Let's face it, Britney is probably using "backing tracks" on most of her songs. She's singing along to her own singing voice. Beyonce does THE SAME THING all the time and people bow down to her and praise her as "Queen Bey" and all that. Beyonce even lip synced at Obama's inauguration right after Kelly Clarkson got up there and sang "live" really well. So much for Beyonce being this perfect singer that everyone is supposed to worship. Other than "All the Single Ladies", I cannot even think of one song she's done that is a massive worldwide hit like Madonna, Katy and Britney have had.

263 days ago

kitten roulaine    

That's mean Katy. Apparently your only purpose in going was to criticize her. I'm no Britney fan, but it's not as if you're some's your time now, and sooon it will be gone. So stop it.

263 days ago
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