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MMA Fighter Joe Torrez

911 Call In Fatal Fight

'They're Trying to Stab Him!!!!'

1/13/2014 1:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF



TMZ Sports has obtained the 911 call made when 4 men invaded the home of MMA fighter Joe Torrez ... and the panicked caller describes the dramatic moment Torrez fights for his life ... killing one of the intruders in the process.

The call was made by a woman in Joe's home -- and she tells the dispatcher a "car full of people" arrived to their New Mexico house on January 1 with violent intentions.

The caller says the intruders were breaking windows and attacking Joe while children were hiding in a back room.

The caller says one of the invaders was trying to attack Joe with a knife.

After Joe fought off the intruders, the caller tells the dispatcher, "There’s a guy in here laying on the floor ... he’s an enemy obviously ... he’s laying on the floor."

As we previously reported, one of the intruders died from wounds sustained in the attack -- another was hospitalized with extreme facial injuries. The other two men ran for their lives, but were later arrested.

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This is for a few of you illogical morons.
I'll address em, post by post (at least the posts you handful of knucklephucks put up:) 1: (and you're not a moron, you have a legitimate question) 911 calls are public record and as such, are public interest and new stories. That's just kinda how that works.

The rest of you idiots: (most posts seem to be related to this subject)

There were two calls and ALL information needs to be obtained. I guess some of you geniuses think the cops are just going to respond to " a fight" and expect no description of vehicles, persons, homes, etc.

These operators do what they are trained to do, and if any of you unemployed telemarketers with inbound, customer service experience think you can do a better job working 911, I'm sure a center near you is hiring- feel free to go apply with hopes of getting a job, so you can fix all wrongs with your superior call taking experience.

At least three sides to every story: Side 1. Side 2. The truth.


282 days ago


The operator sounds like a dumbass.. there are people invading your home with children in it.. what do you do say excuse me, and get there names..these people feared for their lives, and the lives if children. Thank God Joe Torrez was there to protect them. BOTTOM LINE! !

281 days ago


I do not find this stressful or scary. WTF is wrong with you people?

281 days ago


The call was not scary, but the operator was DUMB. I guess u don't have to have brains for the job, what's your emergency? what your location?, who ask do u know there names?

281 days ago


I just pray those would be assailants don't try to sue Joe Torrez for "getting hurt" on his property. In some states it's legal to sue the homeowner if you get injured on their property even if you're in the process of breaking the law...which is really sad.

281 days ago


glad to fool is dead. dont mess with a man and his family. Love wins, evil does not. Good job kid....stand your ground. those guys feel dumb, got there as ses handed to them

281 days ago


so if there's an intruder and you're fighting them, and they have criminal intent, the american law tells us to be careful in defending yourself until the police arrives? be careful not to hurt the bad guys because we're on our way. is that it? is it a video game that all you have to do is to defend until the time runs out? so the law says, chill out, that bad guy also has his rights, so do not hurt him, let the law send this bad guy to jail, NOT. kill it with fire or it will kill them and take their belongings.

281 days ago

jay mcgovern    


281 days ago


You don't bring a knife to an MMA fight.

281 days ago


Well his trainer now has some motivational tapes to play while he is training ,should tell him his opponent is out to break in his house and kill his family pow win win for him now

281 days ago


What you Monday morning quarterbacks don't understand is that while the 911 call taker is asking all those questions shes typing the info into her computer and that is going real-time to the dispatcher who is dispatching the call on the radio and updating the responding deputies and ambulance while they are in route to the call.
Part of the reason the suspects were caught so fast was because of that info gathered. Suspect & vehicle description, direction of travel, weapons being used, are all extremely important to keep the officers safe and catch the criminals quickly. Job WELL DONE!

281 days ago



281 days ago


Hello people if you actually listened to the whole 2 CALLS the dispatchers received you would understand what is taking place. You only heard 1 911 call there are 2!!!! The first 911 call the dispatcher is trying to gather information but does the 911 caller even know where she is at? NOOOO and the first 911 caller is calm them gets pissed off when the dispatcher asks questions. The caller says there are guns and the dispatcher asks ok what type of guns did you see them the the 911 caller says I don't know then the dispatcher again asks are there guns I need to know for my officer safety then the 911 caller says I don't know if there's guns bc the dispatcher asked what do the guns look like. You either see guns or you don't! So you can sit there and criticize a dispatcher all you want but I could bet that if you were on that side of the conversation you wouldn't know what the hell your doing. I feel bad for the dispatcher having to take criticism from people that don't realize what steps and procedures dispatchers have to deal with. They probably have a hard time with the officers asking them questions and the caller not giving them the right answers. PLUS .,,, the dispatcher was right for asking who the people in the house were!!! Hello if you have who are complaining in here why does it matter who they are HELLO IDIOTS suspect information DUH!!!!!!! If they leave before the officers get there they have some type of info to put out a BOLO on the vehicle and the suspects. COMMON SENSE MUST BE HARD IN CERTAIN PARTS OF THE US

281 days ago


And listen to both 911 calls here! Tmz only gave you about 5 or 6 minutes of the call when in actuality the call is almost 10 minutes long! http://www.lcsun-news.com/las_cruces-news/ci_24904459/911-audio-reveals-new-details-deadly-new-years

281 days ago


The plot thickens:


281 days ago
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