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Justin Bieber

Guzzles High Quality Sizzurp

1/19/2014 12:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber and his buddies drink the champagne of sizzurp ... and lots of it  -- TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ...  Justin is a fan of Actavis prometh with codeine cough syrup -- known in the lean community as top of the line.

Street value runs around $800 a pint ... the biggest size you can get.  It's not something you can buy over the counter at CVS for sure.  You can either get it with a prescription or get it somewhere outside the U.S.  We're told Bieber does the latter -- he has a connection that secures it in another country.

Our sources say when Justin is at his worst ... he downs between 8 and 12 ounces a day ... which is A LOT.

We broke the story ... Justin's people are urging him to go to rehab to tackle his drug problem ... but so far he's been resistant.


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who cares let him drink 12 bottles a day so he overdoses and dies.

279 days ago


Who cares, let him overdose on it

279 days ago


Hope he ODs

279 days ago


10 bucks he's dead before he's 30

279 days ago


More IMPORTANT,...BRONCOS all-the-way adios pats. only question now who will be the unfortunate team to play and lose against us in the big game?

Broncos AFC Div. Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

279 days ago


Drink up justin

279 days ago


My little brother also uses "Lean," I just have 1 question, WTF are you stupid fools thinking about when you take this ****. These younger people are idiots

279 days ago


guzzles high amounts of black jizz too. biebs and harvey go neck and neck when it comes to da black pp

279 days ago


God heavens, kids were doing this back in 1970s.

279 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

He probably administers it by enema. It hits the bloodstream quicker that way and he probably likes that better anyhow.

279 days ago


Need a refill Justin? Drink up

279 days ago

Marty G    

Junkie! No doubt about it........... Opiates are opiates. If he even tries to stop he will go into major withdrawals. IDIOT!

279 days ago


Here's some knowledge. It's amazing how when it comes to a great white person, there are concerns. The slang term is purple drank, lean, drank, purple jelly, barre, Texas Tea and Tsikuni. JB is untouchable no matter how you look at it. He's lucky because the "machine" wants him there and your some of you to continue to support him. If this story is true or not, he's got your attention.

Below is my enlightenment to you:

[Notable deaths from use]:

Purple drank is confirmed or suspected to have caused the deaths of several prominent users. Respiratory depression is a potentially serious or fatal adverse drug reaction associated with the use of codeine, but mainly the danger lies in the much more potent and CNS-depressing phenothiazine-related antihistamine promethazine. This depression is dose-related and is the mechanism for the potentially fatal consequences of overdose: respiratory or cardiac arrest. As with most CNS depressants, mixing with alcohol greatly increases the risk of respiratory failure and other complications.

DJ Screw, who popularized the codeine-based drink, died of a codeine-promethazine-alcohol overdose on November 16, 2000, several months after the video to Three 6 Mafia's single debuted.[8]

Big Moe, a DJ Screw protégé whose albums City of Syrup and Purple World were based on the drink and who has been described as having "rapped obsessively about the drug," died at age 33 on October 14, 2007, after suffering a heart attack one week earlier that left him in a coma. There was speculation that purple drank may have contributed to his death.

Pimp C, widely influential Port Arthur, Texas rapper and a member of rap duo UGK, was found dead on December 4, 2007, at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California. The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office reported that the rapper's death was "due to promethazine/codeine effects and other unestablished factors." Ed Winter, assistant chief of the Coroner's Office, said the levels of the medication were elevated, but not enough to deem the death an overdose. However, Pimp C had a history of sleep apnea, a condition that causes one to stop breathing for short periods during sleep. A spokesman for the coroner's office said that the combination of sleep apnea and cough medication probably suppressed Pimp C's breathing long enough to bring on his death.[

[Other notable incidents]:

In September 2006, Terrence Kiel, a San Diego Chargers player, was arrested during practice for the possession with intent to sell prescription cough syrup for use in making the drink. Kiel was caught trying to ship a case of syrup to a friend via FedEx. Kiel was charged with two felony counts of transporting a controlled substance and three counts of possession for sale of a controlled substance.

On July 8, 2008, Johnny Jolly, a Green Bay Packers player, was pulled over in his car for excessive music. The officers found a Dr Pepper bottle in a holder next to two Styrofoam cups containing soda and ice. The officers said the cups and the bottle all emitted "strong odors of codeine." The case was dismissed at first, but charges were refiled in December 2009 after the Houston Police Department's acquired new equipment that allowed the police to test the evidence again. Jolly faced a possible maximum sentence of up to 20 years in jail, but as a first time offender he would be eligible for probation.

On July 5, 2010, former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus (what a name) Russell was arrested at his home in Mobile, Alabama, for possession of codeine syrup without a prescription. He was arrested as part of an undercover narcotics investigation. Russell was booked into city jail and released soon afterwards after making his bail.

On March 15, 2013, Lil Wayne was hospitalized with seizures after a sizzurp binge.[24]

On June 11, 2013, just days after being robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco, rapper 2 Chainz was arrested at Los Angeles international airport on charges of possessing marijuana and promethazine and codeine, the primary ingredients of purple drank.

279 days ago


Thats what im talking about.. u only live once jb. Party up homie esp will all the girls u gett8ng aint better than being eff up and screwing all the b1c tch3s

279 days ago


Can he de deported for that? Please?

279 days ago
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