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Seth Rogen

Justin Bieber Is a 'Piece Of Sh*t'

1/23/2014 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Seth Rogen has spoken ... calling Justin Bieber a "piece of sh*t."

Rogen posted the message on Twitter -- and it immediately blew up, with people retweeting the comment more than 10,000 times.

Rogen and Bieber have actually hung out together in the past -- most notably at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, where they seemed like they were getting along in a pretty chummy way.

Apparently, a lot can change in 3 years.



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240 days ago


JB is a piece of poop on his way to the gutter

240 days ago

Sirius Master    

(yawn) Now Seth is popular for the next 24 hours again. Nice publicity. Maybe that post will get you another prestigious type casted role in another amazing movie!

240 days ago

Ronnie Jenkinson    

He is 'JUSTIN' alright, he is 'JUSTIN A SLOW MOTION TRAINWRECK' ( The Bieber Xpress ) His attempt at FAME using the Bad Boy method is SOOOOooooo Self Indulgent, He should be classified a Public Menace and Dealt with under Mental Health Laws. If he had been seriously injured by someone wielding a lump of Four by Two, causing Brain Injuries, he would have received Immediate Medical Attention because the injuries would have been Obvious. However, when someone has flown up themselves as FAST as Justin Bieber has, their arse hole Hits their Brain and they become Full of ****. Unfortunately, the Brain Damage takes much longer to become apparent. I strongly recommend an Ambulance take him to Hospital for Emergency Brain Surgery to have his Head removed from his Arse before it is FATAL.

240 days ago


c'mmon seth roger is such an ******* ... who is him to be criticizing

240 days ago


He said it how we all see it!

240 days ago

We can only hope his legacy ends like kurt cobain

240 days ago


To all those Justin Bieber haters. I have only one questions for all you f*a*g's. How much money did you have at his age? My guess is you can not compare money value so sip the lip.

240 days ago


come on harvy run him down in your TMZ short bus.

240 days ago


It appears that Justin is a classic case of too much fame and money too soon. I understand that his dad had very little contact with Justin when he was a little boy, and it was basically his mom raising him on her own, working minimum wage type jobs. He seems to be spiraling out of control and needs professional help or rehab before he ends up killing himself or someone else. Seth Rogan's comments seems typical of someone in middle school.

240 days ago


You Know why he is saying this right?? Because now AMericans are really getting pissed off at this Canadian douche and want him to f**ck off out of this country and back to his own. He his not repping Canadians well is he?? F*ckin wannabe white canadian punk.

240 days ago


not for nothing but someone could have gotten seriously injured or died. You dont drink and drive and on top of that race . With all the money he has, he could have easily closed racetrack like he did the ice skating ring and just hurt yourself and no one else. Since you want to do really really stupid and selfish acts.

240 days ago


He spit on his fans...the people that made him who he is...definite peice of ****. And his fans are retarded to support someone who is just complete disrespectful spoiled brat that has no idea what real struggle it.

240 days ago


I agree with Seth and good for him for speaking the truth.

240 days ago


He had a "stupor" look on his face THATS HOW HE LOOKS LIKE A DAM RETARD!!!!

240 days ago
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