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Quentin Tarantino

Sues Gawker Over Leaked Script

You're Stealing My $$$$

1/27/2014 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0127_quentin-tarantino_tmzQuentin Tarantino isn't taking kindly to Gawker posting a link to his latest screenplay, "The Hateful Eight" -- which leaked online last week -- in fact, he just SUED the website ... accusing it of hitting him where it really hurts ... his wallet.

Tarantino's lawsuit reads, "Gawker Media has made a business of predatory journalism, violating people’s rights to make a buck ... This time they went too far."

Rather than reporting the story of the "Hateful Eight" screenplay leak, Tarantino claims Gawker went out of its way to publish the full script ... and even relished in it ... encouraging its audience to read the script illegally.

Tarantino is suing for copyright infringement.

Gawker's been down this road -- Hulk Hogan sued the site for $100 million last year for leaking part of his sex tape. And then there was the Lena Dunham book proposal leak, but Lena's the only one who cares about that.


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How come TMZ hasn't been sued for all the crap they publish?

Wait, let me screen shot this before it disappears?

267 days ago


Hey the man has a valid point, that is his work Gawker has no right to release it for public consumption. I say Tarantino is right in suing them and I hope he wins!

267 days ago


'This time' they went too far.

267 days ago


He should sue for whatnot would cost to make the film, and then make the film if he wins.

267 days ago


Ok, I'm all for this because I love Quintin's work. In fact, I feel like I should sue those jerks because I was robbed from the opportunity of seeing Quintin's magic. I love all his work. I really hope he wins.

267 days ago


Yeah, Gawker just up and posted a 146-page script in its entirety like it just owned the rights to do that.

267 days ago


Love Q.T.

One of the gutsiest dudes we've ever had out here.

Born from a lonely and desperate childhood - like me/us.

His only weakness is too trusting -

But s***bag-sites that steal from creative types.

Depriving artists of a living.

Are being shut down systematically - as will this site.

It's just a matter of time.

But we need the James Cameron's (who just won).

And the Quentin Tarantino's.

Who will win.

To take out various leeches.

That steal, exploit and plunder.

Our-most-gifted and most-talented.

Team Quentin all the way.

267 days ago


Gawker will go the way of all P2P and file-sharing sites.

We've only just begun.

To clean the internet up.

Gawker had a head-start but has officially hit bad road.

By taking on QT and his legion of fans.

267 days ago


The prediction is QT will shut Gawker down.

That's half-a-billion-dollar movie he just wrote.

Based on typical proceeds/receipts of his Worldwide pix.

Listen to the QT-Howard Stern interview on YT.

Gotta love this guy.

PULP FICTION the greatest movie ever made, period.

267 days ago


@ Deep-Sigh

"QT is getting dumber the older he gets. He was the one that said it was online in his whine to Deadline. Gawker just asked the question like others did, if it's out there where is it....and they found it and put links to those sites. It wasn't published on their site. If he knew they were out there he should have issued the take down order BEFORE his Deadline whine....dumbass."

11 minutes ago


I see "Gawker" has its' reps on the TMZ site - and to discredit QT anonymously ...adding insult to injury.

At least Harvey's name is on the stories Harvey publishes.

At least Harvey has some cayunes and grapefruits.

Now like the cowards deployed by Gawker.

267 days ago


What Post-Office-Box does "Gawker" do business outta?

I plan to go there and protest.

267 days ago


Go for it, Quentin. Damn, they published your whole damn script!

267 days ago


So the script was out there to read, so what? Isn't the script out there already for every book made into a movie? Seems to me they still do VERY well, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, LOTR

267 days ago


They stole his Royale . . . with Cheese.

267 days ago


Gawker is wrong here. It's copyrighted material.

267 days ago
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