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Jamie Foxx

Trayvon Martin 2 Years Later

We Won't Forget

2/9/2014 7:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208-jamie-foxx-trayvon-martin-splashIt's been almost 2 years since Trayvon Martin was killed, and Jamie Foxx made it clear Saturday ... it's still fresh in his mind.

Foxx -- along with members of Trayvon's family -- attended a peace walk in Miami benefiting the foundation Martin's parents founded in their son's name back in 2012.

The 46-year-old actor has been outspoken about the shooting, and his campaign marches on ... Fox will be speaking at a remembrance dinner tonight -- just days after what would have been Martin's 19th birthday.

We're guessing he's happy the Zimmerman fight was 86'd.



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I am not a Zimmerman fan but think he should receive a reward. He saved Florida a lot of money for the inevitable future incarceration of that piece of trash he took out.

You just have to love that high class girl friend Trayvon had. Says volumes about him but the Trayvon lovers aren't listening.

257 days ago


He won't forget an unarmed teen, minding his own business at the time, was murdered by a POS who said "screw orders for me to remain in my vehicle, I can handle this better than the cops."
We won't forget GZ abuses women, asks for money and doesn't pay lawyers, cannot qualify for police academy, wants to fight a black person, tries to make stardom from his murder victim, and basically, is every bit a thug who smirks, even though a child was mercilessly killed. When the topic is about other crimes, we have comments. Today it is about Tray. Your opinions are yours, and like you, people are allowed to differ.

257 days ago


Does he wear that t-shirt in the new Spiderman movie that I'm now not going to see?

257 days ago

mo fo 329    

White people look past the fact he approached Trayvon against the advice of the police. Is Trayvons fault that Zimmerman started a fight and lost. He is not an officer of law. What gives him the right to approach someone? What did he do wrong anyway? White people stole a country. You got your way as usual.

257 days ago

Vic Creed    

If people judged everyone on an individual basis the world would be a much better place. I love every race and nothing will ever turn me into a miserable bigot. Raising your child to be intolerable of different races should be classified as a form of child abuse.

257 days ago

Mista steal yo hoe    

I used to like jayz and jamie foxx the game too, but ever since they all been crying wolf for trayvon ive boycotted them forever. I dont listen to shiit from any of them angmore. Zimmerman did his state a favor.

257 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Trayvon was a criminal. He was trying to kill Zimmerman by beating his head against the cement. He deserved to die.

257 days ago


Where's his outrage for white victims that were killed by blacks? The baby in the stroller that was shot in the head, because mom didn't have any money, old people getting sucker punched for fun and some of them dying after hitting their heads on curbs? His selective outrage speaks volumes about his own personal values.

257 days ago


Travon Who?

257 days ago


Why are people being so disrespectful? I mean let people mourn. It was a death involved.

257 days ago

Matt m    

Punk got what he deserved. Get over it foxx the world isnt gonna go crazy because you want it to

257 days ago

jack flash    

Don't bring skittles to a gun fight. What does gated community mean? Really. Tray tray got what he had coming. I wonder how much stuff is being stolen their now

257 days ago


And who speaks for the hundreds of black youths dying in Chicago? I guess that's not fashionable.

257 days ago


I think all of us white people who remember anyone they don't know getting killed by a black person should act the same way as these *******s do, and see how THAT goes over. Martin is dead because Zimmerman felt he was in danger. HE was cleared of those charges. Move on.

257 days ago


Why all the ugly awful arguments? One thing at a time I'm sure there's a lot of other killings and what not that go without justice like this dosent make any other one more or less important. What happened to Trayvon happens all the time, respect the fact that he's gone and don't drag his name in the dirt let him RIP. He was someone's child maybe when u all have kids u will see it differently. I feel for his parents seriously have some respect.

257 days ago
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