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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Rehab Friends

Scared Straight

2/9/2014 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209_philip_seymour_hoffman_getty2A group of friends who were in treatment with Philip Seymour Hoffman are vowing to stay sober FOR GOOD following his death ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with a woman in rehab with PSH -- we kept her name confidential for obvious reasons -- and she says a bunch of people in rehab and Narcotics Anonymous with Hoffman made a pact after he died to not only stay sober from now on for themselves ... but also for Philip.

We're told his death was a "pivotal moment in their recovery" ... because they realized no one is invincible ... even rich celebrities.



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This is nothing new.... If someone has a heart attack, they're friends and family automatically start to feel their own mortality. If someone o.d.s they start to see their own mortality., in a similar sense...especially if they have any commonalities, i.e a heroin addiction. I hope the best for them, but that sense of thinking starts to fade after a while.

223 days ago

who cares    

Obviously TMZ is referencing his friends in Hollywood and not people he met in treatment. Movie starts don't go through treatment with common folk who are you trying to fool... Lets see how long the rest of hollywood can stay

223 days ago


What a bunch of weak self centered losers. They don't care how much they hurt their own family or friends. They are motivated to stay sober because they don't want to lose their life? Druggies are all the same. Self centered losers.

223 days ago


Everybody slows down after seeing an auto accident,,, Till it is a memory,,,then they speed up,,,,,

223 days ago

King Anton    

oh for god sakes, if this dude was black RACIST COMMENTS UP THE ass!! over him being a drug addict. but since he's white all of a sudden he should be praised?????? TMZ PEOPLE AREHUMAN GARBAGE

223 days ago


They should probably realize that if a big success like PSH died, then it makes no sense for losers like themselves to live. They're just taking up space. At least PSH did great things on break from being a selfish loser.

223 days ago


Maybe something good can be learned and it could be a caution to other celebrities - take note Johnny Depp! Also hoping it can increase understanding of addiction, that it affects all walks of life and we need to address treatment better. Current rates of recovery are not encouraging.

12 step programs work for some but may not be suitable or sufficient for all. Methadone is just another dependency and doesn't address the root of the addiction.

Ideally, prevention in the first place. But you never know, when you have a drink or prescribed pain pill, you might get addicted. Warning signs are trauma early in life and a family history of addiction. Maybe one day there will be a test to see if certain people are predisposed more than others.

Was shocked to see a Dr say that PSH loved drugs more than his family that's why he died. Unless you've experienced addiction yourself you have no idea what it is like to deal with. You have to want to get better for yourself. It's difficult and demanding but worth it. I am nearly 20 years clean but always mindful.

223 days ago


Really TMZ?! Scared straight? Don't you think seeing their other friends die would have scared them or being alienated by family and friends or hitting rock bottom?! Sorry but if that didn't 'scare them straight' I doubt his death would. By the way addicts, from knowing some don't get scared straight from the scared straight boogeyman. They follow thru with rehab.

223 days ago

Eric Cartman    

I'm watching The Breakfast Club

223 days ago


Thats what they all say!

223 days ago


The police report indicated that this junky was in the process of squeezing out a turd when they found him on the toilet with a needle in his arm. There was also a gay porno magazine on his lap. EMT's had to sever his log from his colon prior to transporting him to the morgue. Nobody will miss him. The world is still spinning and the sun is still rising. The only time I am reminded of this junky is when I turn to TMZ for entertainment.

223 days ago


I say that everytime I puke because I've drank too much, so does everybody else.

223 days ago

Truth bomb    

Unfortunately addicts can only take things one day at a time and cannot change for anyone but themselves.

223 days ago

Paul Bodnick    

Like that ever affected junkies before

223 days ago


I find it hard to believe that he is the first person his rehab friends know who has OD'd. A junkie doesn't stop being a junkie just because a a fellow junkie ODs. Each person will either find the strength within themselves to stop, or they won't. This is a matter of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, and nothing less.

223 days ago
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