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Kim Kardashian

I Agree With Kanye

TMZ's Got Racial Issues

2/18/2014 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian just called TMZ out ... echoing Kanye West's complaint that TMZ goes after him because we're uncomfortable with interracial relationships.

Kim was leaving Barney's New York Tuesday afternoon when we asked her about her fiance's rant over the weekend at a concert, where he lobbed his criticism of TMZ and other media.

Kim proclaimed her blanket support for whatever Kanye says ... but it was clearly targeted at his criticism of TMZ.

Not to brag ... but we criticized Kanye long before he hooked up with Kim, like in 2008 after he attacked a photog at LAX, and after his Taylor Swift fiasco a year later.

BTW ... we've also liked De Niro.


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If you really believe that, you should show them by NOT calling them ahead of time whenever you leave the house. Dare you.

215 days ago

my 2 cents    

Kim "agrees with everything Kanye says" - make note of that E!. You too Barbara Walters.

215 days ago


They go after him cuz he's an azz....

215 days ago


Wait almost all of her men are Black so why would TMZ wait for Kanye. Their both idiots, they deserve each other.

215 days ago

Kosher Harvey    

It would be anti semitic if you talked about Robert Deniro since he is Jewish like the rest of your staff

215 days ago


I still don't get it. Kim aren't you biracial already. What does that have to do with TMZ being raciest? Kim when was the last time you had sex with 100% Caucasian . You must be racist then. Damn the white!!! BBC all the way. LOL

215 days ago

The Truth    

Paid PR piece to keep the Kardashian name in the news.

TMZ posted a fake story about the Keeping Up with the Kardashians is going to get a new $40 million dollar contact. When in fact Kris was cancelled (TMZ said nothing) and KUWTK is being cancelled (not renewed)

TMZ posted it to try and spin the truth that the show is being cancelled.

No matter how hard Harvey and Mike try the Kardashians are done. TMZ keeps posting fake stores or non stores just to keep their name in the news.

The truth Hurts

215 days ago


forget about the interracial relationship.Where's the interracial baby?

215 days ago


Some people really believe the world revolves around them and their every move....They should go find an island and live amongst their egos.

215 days ago


stupid hoe

215 days ago


Stupid Kim, she shouldn't bite the hand that feeds her. Without tmz no one would know who she is. Wait a min../wtf tmz!!!

215 days ago


Kim Kardashian's tick word...."AMAZING"

215 days ago

I just wanted to comment    

The ONLY victim in all of this is their child. She has a weird celebrity name, she has goofy parents, even goofier extended family. Not to mention if Kris still hasnt kicked the bucket by then, North is gonna be the next heavily exploited person in that family. And its technically already started, remember, she tried to use North's picture to keep her failed show alive.

215 days ago


Well of course, Kimmykakes is going to agree with Kanye. How the hell else is she going to get on TMZ. It must be barn burner up her azz that Kanye is getting more press than her. Think about it, everything on TMZ about Kanye is negative, but at least he's getting the attention. Kimmykakes knows which side the bread is buttered on so naturally she's going to trash TMZ so she can get sixteen more posts today about this, that, and everything else.

215 days ago

Saltine Crackas    

tmz Is uncomfortable with anything that's NOT GAY. The whole staff is Fruity

215 days ago
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