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Kim Kardashian

I Agree With Kanye

TMZ's Got Racial Issues

2/18/2014 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian just called TMZ out ... echoing Kanye West's complaint that TMZ goes after him because we're uncomfortable with interracial relationships.

Kim was leaving Barney's New York Tuesday afternoon when we asked her about her fiance's rant over the weekend at a concert, where he lobbed his criticism of TMZ and other media.

Kim proclaimed her blanket support for whatever Kanye says ... but it was clearly targeted at his criticism of TMZ.

Not to brag ... but we criticized Kanye long before he hooked up with Kim, like in 2008 after he attacked a photog at LAX, and after his Taylor Swift fiasco a year later.

BTW ... we've also liked De Niro.


No Avatar


She has TMZ mixed up with Fox News...WTFU Kim!

224 days ago


Couple problems that have nothing to do with race. These 2 fame mongers thrive on publicity but whine when the resulting public opinion isn't to their liking. You can't have it both ways. Further, these 2 are not bright, respectable or classy people. They also are selfish when it comes to their child. If they put Nori first, as decent parents would, they wouldn't create a future for her where she will be forever teased about the indiscretions and sexual antics of her parents who have become public pariahs.

224 days ago

Herkirmer Snerd    

Low self esteem

224 days ago


Ha ha....did she stop paying you guys?...How can you write **** about your queen. come on.

223 days ago


When is the wedding ?

223 days ago


He's quick to see racism in everything = Racist!

223 days ago


Tmz and everyone one on here is racist.

223 days ago


Stand by your man Kim. Holla. Bad Bitch.

223 days ago


Oh, bore off.

223 days ago

Mixed Chick    

Coming from a wanna be Caucasian female (YES she is, being 1/2 Armenian does not make you black, Armenians are Caucasian, Armenia, Caucasus mountains, etc.), that cakes on spray tan and makeup to look darker but often forgets her feet, ankles, hands, etc., leaving them pale and only *********s with black men, WHO has racial issues?

223 days ago

TMZ Lover    

After 500,000 a yr in makeup and plastic .... what would my beloved kim look like w out it...?

223 days ago


Kim, you are an ignorant peice of ghit, why do you even comment. One of the two most hated people on the planet, and they're getting married to each other... I can't wade until this woman with large economy sized can, tells Kanye that she wants a divorce. Please let me be present for that. LMBO

221 days ago


You agree with who? LMBO TMZ really has no race issues, they like every one don't care for you two. Being mixed up with you Kim, has been a bad thing for Kanye. So to make it so you can understand. No one really liked you to begin with... Kanye they were starting to like again, until he got tied up with your giant behind. If I were him, I'd try to get a hold of that baby, and leave you... Remember this, Kanyes family thinks your a whore, and that hurt the mans feelings. Why he stays with you is beyond most peoples reasoning. You got him in a fight recently with some teenager, that was making racial remarks. You should have just left, because you drug Kanye into it. I've had girlfriends like you, where I'd end up in a fight, just to please her. Once again don't expect things to get better. The Silent Majority doesn't like any of your family.

221 days ago


They are idiots, tmz would no business without the kardacrap and Kanye worthless. And the kimyecraps with have no life without us. Stop playing along.

221 days ago


The race issues are yours. You bring it on yourself. Go live your life and leave us the F alone. People stop flowing these egomaniacs and idiots, moron, creatins or whatever else you what to add.

221 days ago
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