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Miranda Barbour

No Evidence of Mass Murder in Alaska

2/19/2014 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's now hard evidence accused Craigslist murderer Miranda Barbour -- who claims to have killed between 22 and 100 people -- is making most of it up ... at least when it comes to Alaska.

Barbour told a reporter a number of the murders occurred in Alaska.  TMZ called police departments in Alaska that Barbour named in the interview, and here's what we found.

-- Palmer, AK: A police official tells TMZ, "We have no indication of any unsolved murders or missing persons cases involving her.  We are a small town of 7,000 and have no unsolved crimes [during her lifetime]."

-- Nome, AK: A police official tells us, "At this point, I have no information to correlate to any claims that have been published in the media. If information is obtained during debrief by the agencies that are in contact with her that indicates there is something I should look at, then we will take the appropriate action."

-- Wasilla, AK: A PD official says, "There is nothing unresolved or open that we are aware of that ties to her."

-- Anchorage, AK: An official tells TMZ, "There is nothing to connect her with any missing people or open cases.  We are not aware of any cults or satanic groups within the area and at this time there is nothing to legitimize her claims."

Short story ... there's significant evidence Barbour is lying about the mass murder claim.


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I'd take her buns up kneeling, or legs up squeeling.

214 days ago


I didn't believe it from the beginning. Once I read that she says she started killing at age 13. Guess her 15 minutes are up as long as tmz stops reporting on her. I live in PA on the edge of Philly. The news here hasn't been reporting it as much as tmz.

214 days ago


TMZ, mass murder is not the same as serial murder. Mass murder is something like Columbine or Sandy Hook, when someone kills 4 or more people at the same time. Serial murder, which is what she's claiming, is killing one or two people at one time then waiting days or weeks or months before killing the next person.

214 days ago


She is the lamest killer of all time, and the media outlets need to quit talking about this loser now

214 days ago


After each killing did she post about her deeds on the "Rants & Raves" section of Craigslist? Thanks in advance.

214 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Psycho bitch probably watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds. One of my theories is on her first time out she blew it, messed the whole thing up and got busted, so her whole serial killer career went bust. She likes the press though, and the bonus is she can try for insanity with all this.

214 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

By the way TMZ, it's usually pretty hard to hide mass murder. You know, "MASS" = a whole lot of bodies at one time. SERIAL = things that take place in a series or a number of episodes, but not en masse. You seem to have the morons working early this week. Are you getting ready for the weekend early?

214 days ago


I think she's doing this so she can later plead not guilty for being crazy. This is a ploy worked up by her lawyer.

214 days ago


OK, so she didn't commit murders in those 4 about others? How about Fairbanks and Juneau? Those are the #2 and #3 most populated cities in the state.

214 days ago


She looks like she could be related to Sarah Palin. If she is, should could definitely plead insanity.

214 days ago

The other guy    

lol everyone reported fake info on her and the town was ready to lynch her for wanting to kill people who were willing to molest someone underage!!!!

Not sure if I understand this rage against her

214 days ago


How many 12 year olds did you hire to write your articles this week, TMZ?

214 days ago


"Now" or "no"? Proofread your ****!

214 days ago


Mass Murder is an inappropriate label in this context. Mass Murder is : The killing of 4 or more persons in one location, or separate locations during the same event. (like your various school shooters etc.) Serial killer would be more accurate.

214 days ago


Not surprised at all! I found it very hard to believe that she did anything she claimed. She just wants attention.

214 days ago
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