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Christina Aguilera

Thinned Down Just in Time

To Pork Up Again

2/21/2014 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Christina Aguilera pregnancy by Matt Rutler was no mistake ... it was precisely planned as the final domino in an elaborate plot!  

Her ultimate goal is still up for debate, but his goal's pretty obvious. Way to go, Matty!



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Karvey Kardashian    

Women don't have to pork up when pregnant, but obviously the little boy writing the story isn't aware of this fact. If morning sickness becomes morning, noon, and night sickness it can cause weight loss, and that is unhealthy for both mom and baby. Just as a side note, I am fairly certain that her weight gain occurred after her pregnancy, and it appeared to be caused from excessive alcohol consumption. She had the trademark alcoholic bloat face happening. I think her avoiding alcohol and performing onstage is what helped her to get her health back. Losing the weight and avoiding the alcohol are both beneficial to having a baby. Hopefully she doesn't go back to drinking after this pregnancy, but the misogynistic tool who wrote this story drinks mass amounts of alcohol, causing a weight gain of 40 pounds.

208 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Let's just hope their child doesn't get either of their noses. And why don't you guys apologize? You guys were forced to retract a story some years ago and publicly apologize...let's just say a real, CA state bar certified lawyer typed it up. Why not do the same here?

208 days ago


This is a bunch of sexist garbage. Women have babies, TMZ. They gain weight during pregnancy and it's not always easy to lose it. Women also naturally have more fat cells and our muscles aren't nearly as large as men's so it's harder for us to burn calories. Men should be more appreciative of women after all we have to go through to have your children! But instead you put women down and say she "porked up"? Shame on you.

208 days ago


B4U even look@comments I Have2say the title makes u all at .mz look like complete *****.I think she realized w/her1st pregnancy that the weight doesn't just fall off,she's a petite girl&every pound shows.ALSO she quit being a drunk which is all empty calories.I'm sure she will be more careful about her weight gain this time around because she knows how her body reacts to pregnancy.Happy for her.She seems like a good mom.

208 days ago


Are you kidding me? What a disgusting article! First making fun of her weight, then implying the only reason the guy is with her is for money? He's been in her and her son's life for 4 years now. Christina is a GORGEOUS woman who if she was even lower middle class, would have no problem snagging a man. How vile, immature and downright bullying. Was she not bullied enough for the last few years? Leave her alone. She's one of the only people in the music industry who can actually SANG and doesn't try to get media attention everyday. Can we save the nasty comments for the Kardashians? Oh're on their payroll.

208 days ago


See, Kim Kardashian. Now THIS is called being bullied for your weight. Not people calling you out for having a fake butt.

208 days ago


TMZ you guys are a bunch of bullies, leave the poor woman alone. I think that title is very cruel and mean. Pregnant woman gain weight it's natural, would you prefer if she starved herself and risk the life of her baby just be thin and please losers like you lot? Whether she's bigger or not it doesn't matter. Hope you have a great pregnancy Christina, wish you the best.

208 days ago


I bet you if christina was pregnant to her Jewish ex tmz would not have dared to come up with such a headline. It is not only wasps who are racist.

208 days ago

News Flash     

So, pregnant women are "porked up?"

208 days ago

News Flash     

Watch TMZ those 3 or 4 females that work there are going to give whoever wrote this an a$$ chew'n. Ya, why don't more females work there? It's like a bunch of drunk football fans. Woowooo. xo

208 days ago


MY theory is that they planned to get pregnant - and when she was round her hormones were out of control and it wasn't possible... she thinned down, hormones calmed down and she was able to become pregnant again. It happens a lot more often than you think, and your lack of understanding this just shows how empty you are in that office - I cannot believe the stupid faces you make, your reactions just show who you are. Have a nice day. And yes, the title is offensive!

208 days ago


TMZ thank yourselves for continuation of anorexia issues among women, you mysogynists.

208 days ago


Wow this is pretty disgusting and low, even for you TMZ.

208 days ago


Calling gaining baby weight " porking up", is such an insensitive bastardly thing to say about bringing life into the world- *******s!

208 days ago

V Cade    

What a disgusting thing for you to say. Perpetuating the insane roller coaster that women go through with their bodies and their self esteem. I usually enjoy your website and your sense of humour, but this crossed a line. Fyi women were not put on this earth to starve themselves for your visual pleasure. Grow up.

208 days ago
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