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Kevin Sorbo

Republican 'PUSSIES' Better Step Up Their Game

2/22/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Sorbo says the Republican party better find a real-life Hercules before 2016 ... because the GOP is filled with a "bunch of pussies" who are standing by while the country falls apart.

Sorbo calls himself an Independent -- says he voted for Reagan and Clinton -- but based on what he said at LAX ... will definitely NOT be voting Republican anytime soon.

Kevin explains America has a serious Beyonce problem ... watch the clip, it's not what you think.

Agree or disagree ... Sorbo's easier on the eyes than anyone on "Meet The Press."


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Way to go,Kev! Let those d-bag conservatives know what time it is.

151 days ago


The gop has become the loony party.

151 days ago


Who? I thought TMZ covered celebrities.

151 days ago


210% agree with Sorbo. One by one I watched family and friends lose their health care plans, which they could afford and liked... and try for weeks to sign up for Obamacare only to get sticker price shocked. 2 of them aren't getting any insurance right now because the plans they have been offered to replace what they lost are way too expensive and they make too much to qualify for state help. The economy isn't as great as the administration wants you to believe... I look in the paper on a daily basis and there are no jobs, no one's hiring, not like they use to. I still see lots and lots of people in the paper requesting jobs... every day... not being hired. You know why the jobless rate has gone down? Ask the millions of people who have quit looking for jobs and have gone on Obama's favorite: The welfare program. They no longer count as "jobless". Only those ACTIVELY Looking for a job count as jobless... so those who gave up no longer are counted, which makes it appear as if the numbers have gone down. And the Republicans are really sitting on their hands and trying to look moderate by fighting with the tea party and kissing Obama's ass. They are a bunch of pu$$ies. Sorbo is right. We need a REAL candidate or we'll have Hillary in 2016... you know... the one who got all the requests for extra security in Benghazi and ignored them all then said "what does it matter now"... then KNEW it was a terrorist attack from day one but helped perpetuate the lie that it was a video tape... that Hillary Clinton, the same Hillary who wanted the same Health Care Program when her hubby was president, that is proving to be a flipping disaster now... like she won't help fvck the country up more than it already is. So we need a non-pu$$y anti-party person to run for the PEOPLE. NO MORE CELEBRITIES!! NO MORE "HISTORIC" PRESIDENTS. Well la dee Fvcking da we had the first black president. worked out great for everyone didn't it.. We need a real president to get us out of this mess.

151 days ago


The Republican party is dead if they don't get rid of people like Rand Paul , Ted Cruz, Boenher, and the likes.

151 days ago

mad stan     

Seem like everone has taken the blue pill

151 days ago

Nobody Special    

He is voting Republican. Anyone can see that in the clip.

Any person who pays taxes will be voting Republican in the next elections.

The Obamascare insurance scam will ruin the US, it's not about insurance, it';s about control of your entire life cradle to grave.

Never before has the Gov been able to have all your info in one database, banking, phone records, insurance records, GPS tracking on your phones, soon a gun ownership database, and on and on. So many rights were stripped away under 0webama.

History will show the truth, the US got duped.
Wait until people who sign up for 0webamacare have the Doctor say, no more meds for you, try meditation. Or some other crazy thing. The Gov in control of Health Care is the worst thing for the US.

151 days ago


I love when your relevant has beens try to make a bold brash statement to get their name in the news! Who cares what a D list actor thinks or an A list for that matter.

151 days ago


Washed up D-lister trying to be relevant.

151 days ago


Easier on the eyes? Whose whack off fantasy have we interrupted? The liberals have already destroyed the country. It's PC hell now.

151 days ago


words 'o' wisdom from the same man who not all that long ago called all americans who did not support going into iraq to rid the world of wmd's "unamerican." even after the world discovered there were NO wmd's! SO how is that acting career of yours going anyway? low iq, zero talent hack in his withered old man husk of a meat sack.

151 days ago

News Flash     

Independent is just a cop out. Just floating around in political la la land.

151 days ago

News Flash     

Now that's a "PORKER!"

151 days ago

News Flash     

The video isn't working on iPad . "Server error try again."

151 days ago

News Flash     

He's embarrassed to say who he really voted for. Ha ha I didn't see Obamas name.

151 days ago
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