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Waste Deep in

MJ DNA Stunt

3/8/2014 12:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Akon is SO part of the whole Michael Jackson "The-Kid-Really-Is-My-Son" DNA shenanigans.

We got him arriving at LAX Friday and he acted a tad skeptical ... that the freshly-touted B Howard, plain wrap DNA test proves he's MJ's long lost son.  But in the next breath Akon stokes the coals and says why he thinks it might be true.

Here's why we're calling BS.   Akon is in the studio with B Howard right now recording music. 

It's why they call it show BUSINESS, folks.


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Stella Lindsay    

Uh... that's "WAIST" deep, guys.

232 days ago


"Waste" deep?

232 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

You have got to be kidding me. This is ridiculous.

232 days ago


Where is he?? I just see teeth!!

232 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I'm hooked on Brandon's by the way. Regardless of all this fake crap. I'm glad I discovered that.

232 days ago

Thizz √$    

Vette guy is a punk

231 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

By George I think I've got it! This is a scheme to launch Brandon's career and everyone's in on it. We may have never heard of him before but looking back we now know that he has a very successful career behind the scenes in the music business. He's connected to Akon who is an even bigger powerhouse in the industry and the last person to work with Michael Jackson. He has close lifelong ties with the Jacksons. His unreleased music is of superior quality. The whole machine is behind launching his career. Sorta like when Frank Ocean came out right before his album dropped and went platinum and won a Grammy. I think the whole "Michael might be his dad" thing is a gimmick. Maybe even a real one like Frank's gayness, but a gimmick none the less like Frank's gayness. Time will tell. For now I'm tired of racking my brain over this crazy situation.

231 days ago


Hi Harvey :-) Nice campaign :-) When is the last time you spoke to Howard Weitzman? Really? You just got off the phone and he ordered more propaganda from you? LOL.

231 days ago


And I thought Akon was Michael's friend...

This makes me think of the lyrics to MJ's song "Money":

231 days ago

mj fan forever    

He's a nobody indeed!!! Anything for money as always!!!! I used to think that he was a friend of Michael Jackson but is just another money-grabber willing to say anything for money!!!

231 days ago

Gatta Jordan    

Brandon did not ask to be born he just wants the truth and he has every right to know. Would you not want to know who your father was. Think people everything is front of you and you just gotta look to see the truth. Augie Johnson WORKED for MJ during the time Brandon was conceived. The DNA Test is a HOAX but Brandon as MJ's son IS NOT. Brandon has looked like MJ since a child. Do you know why Brandon was born a HOWARD as the 1st child and his younger brother, Nicholas, was born a JOHNSON (Augie's last name). Brandon is NOT trying to be like MJ. He is NATURALLY like MJ cause it's in his GENES. Brandon can not help he LOOKS LIKE MJ AND SOUNDS LIKE HIM NATURALLY. Everyone notices it.

Have you even done research on his brother Nicholas Howard Johnson? Have you seen a picture of Brandon and his brother along side. Well there is a picture of Brandon and his brother on Instagram and you can clearly see that they look nothing alike. NIk looks so much like Augie and Brandon does not. Mikki is the key to all of this. Brandon is not claiming to be Michael Jackson Son and he is not going after the estate. Please search for the truth as the Jackson Family has many hidden secrets that the media for years trys to hush up.

Brandon and his Brother Nik:

Brandon with Mikki and Nicholas:

231 days ago


The entire Brandon Howard DNA scam is called manufactured media publicity for his upcoming song release. Brandon is part of the scam because he gave his DNA saliva to Alfi to use.

I wouldn't spend one penny on anything associated with Brandon Howard or Alfi. Alfi has destroyed Brandon's name in the industry.

231 days ago


I love Michael Jackson and his Jackson family. But anyone who thinks that Michael Jackson died a virgin or never had sex with a woman is simply delusional. I mean, Michael was a ver good looking guy, extremely rich and extremely successful. He traveled to every corner of the world, and was constantly surrounded by millions of women who would have gladly given themselves to him. Why is it so impossible to think that he could have had a child out of wedlock? And is that such a crime? I'd day the truth is better than a lie. Bring on a court released DNA test and may the truth come to light!

231 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

I believe it is really MJ's kid, but how they got the semen will remain a mystry. Didn't MJ used to ask other men's semen to make babies? If he could get it up in front of a woman, he wouldn't have to ask for other men's semen.

231 days ago





231 days ago
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