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Judge Judy

You Have 'Stupid' On Your Forehead ... Stupid

3/12/2014 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Judge Judy
has filed her first lawsuit EVER -- seriously -- against a guy who is shamelessly using her image to chase personal injury clients.

The TV jurist is outraged John Haymond -- a P.I. lawyer in Hartford, CT. -- used clips from "Judge Judy" along with clips of him and his daughters to drum up business.

Judy is especially pissed because she says she's never endorsed a product or the services of anyone ... to maintain her independent reputation.

She says, "Without seeking my authorization or consent, Mr. Haymond has taken that choice away from me for his own personal gain.  I cannot tolerate that, and intend to hold Mr. Haymond financially responsible for his actions."

Judy scolds the barrister, saying, "Mr. Haymond is a lawyer and should know better."

We looked for the ads and, just like the litigants who appear on her show, it appears Judy scared the crap out of Haymond because they are nowhere to be found.

Herhonner is suing for more than $75K in damages ... or in Judy's world, lunch money.



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Good going, Judge Judy.

169 days ago


Before you write an article, you should learn how to spell.
Its not "Herhonner" she must have been talking to you when she said " You have stupid on your forehead"........

169 days ago


Why is it legal for these hack judges to degrade people in their courtrooms? They all seem to think they are above the law perched in their high and mighty judges chair overlooking the lowly average American citizens. Where in the Constitution gives these humans in black robes this right?

169 days ago


Meanwhile, Judge Judy's son, Adam Levy, is the District Attorney for our county (Putnam County, NY) and is in the middle of a steaming pile of trouble -- involving the rape of a 13 year old girl by his best friend/trainer/tenant/illegal employee, who Adam deliberately helped by not bringing up charges against him. It's a whole MESS - there are plenty of stories online about it...and it's ongoing and only getting more complex. We are all demanding he resign as our District Attorney, now he's hired his own PR person, total conflict of interest stuff, etc. Here's a link....

169 days ago


I'd just pay it and avoid the wrath of Judge Judy .

169 days ago

Mary Ann    

Love Judge Judy

169 days ago


Judge Judy is the Chuck Norris of the legal system. Mess with her and you're just plain stupid. Stupid.

169 days ago


Shes great.

169 days ago


Hey TMZ, you might want to spell check your posts before posting them. Not only is "Herhonner" not a word, when referring to a judge, the correct spelling is "honor" not "honner." Just makes you look REALLY stoooooooooopid!

169 days ago


Judge Judy is a total bitch. I appeared in front of her when being sued by my ex. I had pictures, police reports and much more evidence that she " could care less about" and didn't " feel any need to look at" What the hell kind of judge didn't want to look at ANY of the evidence. Her show is a total lie, 5 min in her court room is cut and spliced into a 20 min segment. The only real or honest thing you see on that show is she's as big a bitch when the cameras not rolling as she is when they are filming.

169 days ago


one more thing
to find out how the "real" judge judy lives HER life- just google her and her "china"purchase

169 days ago


judge judy why are you always involving yourself with lawsuits and suing people? are you not rich enough?
just sue him to stop doing what he is doing--do you need his money?
it seems you have this great life ,but, this is third time ive read you suing someone. why?
i cant wait till greediness is no longer accepted by people who watch tv. its seems all these "reality" stars are just greedy who sue , copy others , and act like they deserve it all.
for a judge who acts like she knows everything,and , is always telling people to shut up needs to follow the rules she puts on others-shut up!!!!!!

169 days ago


Last sentence: Herhonner? Does the writer mean "Her Honor?"

169 days ago


Judge Judy is a tiny, bead-eyed badger who has no manners or sense of decorum for the position of a judge. She pre-judges people before they even speak, interrupts them with a sharp ' shhhh' and is so busy making crude comments like somebody having the word stupid on their forehead, she is not interested in's all just a big show for her. God help her chldren and immediate family for being inflicted with her snippy ignorant self

169 days ago


If you ever watch the show you realize there are a lot of 'Stupid People" out there who should have "Stupid" on their forehead.

169 days ago
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