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Justin Bieber

Are You Banging Selena???

Lawyer Demands Answer

3/14/2014 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber can run, but he can't hide -- the lawyer who deposed him last week wants to force the singer to answer the Selena Gomez questions he rudely dodged last week ... and then have Bieber punished for acting like a self-entitled jackass.

As we reported, Bieber stormed out of his Miami deposition stemming from his photog-beating lawsuit -- after the pap's attorney tried to ask if he's dating Selena. Bieber cut him off, saying, "Don't ask me about her! Do not ask me about her!" and took off.

The lawyer has now filed court docs, insisting he was entitled to ask Bieber about Selena -- because she was present during another alleged photog attack in 2012 ... and what transpired then is relevant to the current case because it shows Bieber has a pattern of aggression toward photogs.

But really, it appears the lawyer wants to establish Bieber and Selena are close -- in the event Selena tries to discredit the photog's case at a later deposition. If Selena and Justin are dating, Selena could be considered a biased witness ... and therefore not credible.

The lawyer wants a judge to force Bieber to answer his Selena questions.

He also wants the judge to fine Bieber for acting like a jerkoff during the deposition -- especially for cussing out the poor innocent court reporter.


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I LOVE this Facebook comment:

"Robyn S. Dawson · Top Commenter
See the problem here is, we have a selfish-very narcissistic little punk who believes he is entitled. He also believes the rules don't apply to him. He is smug, arrogant, and what he doesn't know is, the opposing attorney could get sanctions placed on Bieber along with his attorney. You don't behave the way he has during a deposition, period. No matter how ridiculous Bieber thinks the situation is. He's making a mockery of our judicial system. I hope this is used in future cases to show what he truly feels for our system in the US. I'm in total shocks at how " arrogant and dismissive" his attitude is for the USA's legal system. I'm appalled as being someone who has worked in the legal system all of my life. The opposing counsel has the right to ask him any question he deems fit. Bieber can't control this as much as he's trying. His attorney should be disbarred or a complaint should be filed against him for conduct unbecoming. He's certainly not advising this client competently. While I've NEVER cared for Bieber, because he wears many masks to cover up his dirty deeds..I really don't care for this terrible human being anymore..He's is a T-total TOOL and douche bag! These are not not close to what he really is in real life. This kid has a rude awakening coming soon. The whole world is about to see him take a fall. Bieber is a JOKE! I hope all of his fans watch these and run away from this little punk as fast as they can. This is not the way a young man who claims to have respect treats other people in life. I don't care HOW upset this situation makes him. If he treats the people asking him questions and the innocent staff this way..How is he truly treating others? You have to really ask yourself that!!"

FIrst off this idiot needs to look up the definition of "deposition" and secondly, JUST LIKE UP HERE IN CANADA, its the Legal System thats making a mockery of the legal system

What a ****ing tool

161 days ago

boo boo    

You want the TRUTH? You can't handle the truth!

161 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I do not see who Justin is or isn't banging any of this lawyer's business. What does this have to do with a guy getting his azz kicked by Justin's body guard? Isn't this between Justin, the guy, and Justin's body guard? Oh, and I am sure a lot of celebs talk about how they can't stand those people all up their faces all the time. This doesn't mean they tell or use their body guards as a hit man. If so, Mel Gibson would have paid to have a few azzholes that was up in his face to get their azz kicked a long time ago. LOL If you don't want to get your azz kicked by a paid person to guard someone, don't be an provoking little wise guy azzhole to start with.

161 days ago


Hope he gets locked up or banned from USA.

161 days ago


Whether Selena witnessed anything doesn't matter this has nothing to do with her. She wasn't the one in trouble Justin is. Their sex life also doesn't matter because again that's between those two. This lawyer is a real piece of work and if I were Justin I would sue him and get his job taken away for slander. Since it's evident that this lawyer has it out for Justin. The way he asked his questions make that also evident that he was trying to pull a smart card but Justin fell for it by acting harsh.

161 days ago


Justin may be a lot of things but he shouldn't have gotten himself into trouble. Then he wouldn't need to worry about questions lawyers ask. Either way that doesn't give the lawyer a right to attack Selena. And lawyers look for weak spots and now they found it.

161 days ago


Tmz you keep saying he stormed out, but in the video YOU posted, his lawyer ushered him out. He did have an attitude but I wouldn't answer those questions either, they were only asked to get a reaction out of him. At least he's staying out of new trouble as he attempts to wade through the existing legal mess...

161 days ago


Is it just me or is there anyone else who is SO worn out listening to the media go on and on and on and on about this stupid KID?!! I have zero clue about his music - but 3 minutes of listening to him and his immature behavior is such a turn-off why would any adult professional devote any attention to reporting on him? Every day this KID is on TMZ - lets expire the coverage.

161 days ago


I like this lawyer. I REALLY like him! Nail that little punk s~~thead to the wall!

161 days ago


The only thing that keeps him relevant now is TMZ, who are drooling for a sex tape to be leaked.

161 days ago


Haha the little boy won't answer a question about Selena and him. Poor thing can't admit he is the toy for his buddies!!! You know that won't jive with his "street cred"

161 days ago


I hope this little disrespectful sh**tbag gets in deep sh**t. He shouldn't even be in this country if he is going to break the law and treats people in our system like sh**t. Deport him already and let him take his dumba**ss gf Selena with him, along with his stupid brainless fans.

161 days ago


that is so ****d up just all lies

161 days ago


3...2...1...and beliebers take to the streets in angry protest, throwing juice boxes and tantrums. LOL

161 days ago



161 days ago
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