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Justin Bieber

Are You Banging Selena???

Lawyer Demands Answer

3/14/2014 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber can run, but he can't hide -- the lawyer who deposed him last week wants to force the singer to answer the Selena Gomez questions he rudely dodged last week ... and then have Bieber punished for acting like a self-entitled jackass.

As we reported, Bieber stormed out of his Miami deposition stemming from his photog-beating lawsuit -- after the pap's attorney tried to ask if he's dating Selena. Bieber cut him off, saying, "Don't ask me about her! Do not ask me about her!" and took off.

The lawyer has now filed court docs, insisting he was entitled to ask Bieber about Selena -- because she was present during another alleged photog attack in 2012 ... and what transpired then is relevant to the current case because it shows Bieber has a pattern of aggression toward photogs.

But really, it appears the lawyer wants to establish Bieber and Selena are close -- in the event Selena tries to discredit the photog's case at a later deposition. If Selena and Justin are dating, Selena could be considered a biased witness ... and therefore not credible.

The lawyer wants a judge to force Bieber to answer his Selena questions.

He also wants the judge to fine Bieber for acting like a jerkoff during the deposition -- especially for cussing out the poor innocent court reporter.


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Its sad to see all the loosers here puttin Justin Bieber down. This kid has done more than all of you together. if you cant read between the lines about this tabloids selling crap all day. what bunch of morons you are !!

220 days ago


The bodyguard and Justin Bieber are innocent of all charges.
These Paparazzi media harassers deserve everything they get and more.
The courts should instead be charging the Paparazzi with harassment.
Justin Bieber treated the deposition hearing exactly right.
JB deserves an apology for the way he was treated.

220 days ago

chris ayres    

Is it just me or is the Bieber bashing getting old now i mean i like everyone else here absolutely hate JB,s music but come on just ignore the guy if you dont want to see him on your TV screens or on the Internet anymore just ignore him and stop going to his concerts and giving him attention because if we just keep bashing the guy it does him good because it gives him more attention if you get what i mean

220 days ago


5 Hours Ago Advice to Justin Bieber; If you want to do something positive that people will remember then help Todd Hoffman from the Tv Series Gold Rush. He lost all his money in Guyana and can't continue next season. He has no equipment leases & if you get involved in backing him & getting on the show, it could be. a NET POSITIVE.

219 days ago


You guys are so full of **** I've seen other videos from his deposition from other media outlets where he didn't act nothing like an ******* or a jerk off. Why don't you show those TMZ? He was being nice and calm more than he was being rude he only became rude when they asked uncalled for questions. Why don't y'all just stop. Nobody believes u except gullible people poor gullible people

219 days ago


Personally, we all know we love Selena! But, we all also know that the questions the lawyer asked Justin wasn't called for ! The questions should have been more serious, not personal. In journalism, the journalist know what to do and what not to do, and personal questions hints them that the interview isn't going to go well. We all have break ups and its natural, i mean who wants to talk about their ex, when they try to get over them? With this vlog I disagree with the technique the lawyer used to interrogate Justin, because he didn't look professional at all, and his sources for an interview wasn't wise ones.

218 days ago


****ing idiots how can you do this to Justin. You made a Justin That's not even exist. He is a good person. You only see the bad side. But he had did very good thing in his life. So please stop.

216 days ago

Nialija loves jeremiah    

His deposition was on my birthday

186 days ago


Justin sad you have a bright future an fame you worked hard to gain an instead of acting your age in a decent ,respectful way your throwing away a chance few get for bad popularity an it's funny Selena Gomez always seem to get with you when your in trouble must be the only way she can gain popularity again to Justin your mom must be sad the path you have taken make her proud again straighten out an grow up.

54 days ago
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