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Miley Cyrus

Beatles Fans ...

Prepare to Be Offended

3/16/2014 8:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-miley-cyrus-instagram-02Picture yourself on a boat on a river ... listening to Miley Cyrus cover one of the most legendary songs of all time -- and try to not cringe.

Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne released a disturbing pic Saturday night of he and Miley in the studio recording their own take on the  Beatles'  "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds."

He also snapped a shot of he and Miley getting "high as f**" this weekend before a recording sesh.

The girl with kaleidescope red eyes.


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Wow Miley u r so cool...pretty pathetic that the only way she can stay in the news is by doing all these "shock factor" stunts. If she had real talent and appeal then she wouldn't need to do it.

219 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

She still looks like Justin Bieber's twin sister/ or brother.

219 days ago


The only thing more cringeworthy than the song is TMZ's grammar.

"Of he and Miley?" Really? Wayne released a picture of HE? I bet Mike wrote this, right?

"Of him and Miley" would be better, but the correct way to phrase it would be "of Miley and him." TMZ is too big and too respectable to be making these kinds of grammar mistakes over and over again.

219 days ago


Coincidence or nah? Miley, who always has her tongue hanging out of her mouth 'recording' with a group callthe Flaming Lips. LOL

219 days ago


Pathetic little twit!! Mommy and daddy must be so proud....

219 days ago


How are Beatles fans going to be offended? John Lennon, upon hitting the U.S. for the first time with his band said in an interview "We're more popular than Jesus Christ". And if ANYONE thinks Lennon didn't think he was a GOD and bigger than the "Father, son and the Holy Ghost" just look what he became after leaving the Beatles. To believe you and your WHORE MISTRESS that you left your loving wife and child for and assumed doing protests left and right that you'd make a difference or set a standard, um yeah, that got you what....Oh, t hat's right, shot five times going into your NYC Penthouse by some loser with a gun.

219 days ago


Ya so long as you keep you long tongue in your mouth please!

219 days ago

JAG II    

Pot who ****in cares!

219 days ago


She's so ugly, annoying and revolting.

219 days ago

boo boo    

If she and Justin Beaver had triplets, they would look like Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

219 days ago

justine gonzalez    

You people are dumb. Talking **** on her for living her own life. I suppose you all are perfect right ha pathetic you rock miley:)

219 days ago


I hate what she has become. She used to be a good positive role model for young girls. Now she is a dirty tramp. Drug user. All these people who are like " she's just living her life." She chose her career and should know the responsibilities that go with it. That kids look up to her. Just wreckless and such a waste of talent. She does have a good voice and is talented. She ruins it with her shameful behavior. She must have no self esteem at all. Just plain sad.

219 days ago


Who cares. Miley seems to chill I'd hang out with her :)

219 days ago


only immature little twits think it's cool to get ship faced and post pictures. What are you, 16? yay, you smoke weed. big freakin' deal. what a loser.

219 days ago


u no think i think no body cares if miley kills self all guys do make fun her and then put one line

219 days ago
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